Medical treatment facility has collapsed in Kolkata despite of CM intervention in the matter. The latest issue is enough to bring tears when you see the snaps of a 3 months child undergoing 3 operations. Calcutta Medical Research Institute is the name of the hospital - Address: No 7/2, Diamond Harbour Road, Ekbalpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027.The doctor name under whom he was admitted and the operation was done is Mr. Biswajit  Bhadhuri. The 1stOperation was done on 3rd April and the next operation was executed on 12th July where the doctor did some mistake and finally another operation was done on 17th July. 3 month old child and 3 operations. The parents was proper treatment from the hospital as they can provide the same but the Hospital Authority are ill behaving and not taking proper care for the child and demanding the parents to take discharge. The parents don’t want to take any discharge. They demand proper treatment. Please raise the voice and look that the child gets proper treatment.

The above snaps of the operation speaks how they patient is being handled by the doctors and hospital.. Please I request WHO and other medical institutes to come forward to save this child and get a proper treatment. These FIR and police case will not lead to solve the problem. I request CM special intervention to save this child irrespective of cast and creed.

I am enclosing other documents related to FIR copy and medical documents.

The medical condition has deteriorated and doctors are busy in playing their game. I am enclosing a copy of the FIR which have been lodged but till now its of great pain for the family and more for the child to suffer due to foul treatment of the doctors. If anything happens to the child who will be blamed.  It seems like Kolkata doctors have become butchers and their only option is making money out of living patients till converting them into dead bed.

I know we are all busy with our own life and we don’t have any botheration for this family and neither are they related to me. But as human being and looking at the child’s face I want all of you to raise and share this matter about the continuous failure of the medical facility in Kolkata. Its not about any political party he is representing neither any cast. Look at the child face and the images before you go ahead with your strictures.

I want the society, police and the west Bengal government to come forward to save the child and get proper justice for the family. For the sake human mankind and for the sake of child please do something so that the child gets good treatment and is being saved.