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Rural healthcare facility is one of the weakest part across the globe. In my recent research I have found that among the BRIC nations there is stupendous opportunity for the SME and budding new entrepreneurs to come together to form innovative healthcare facilities. Today I will be discussing about how Brazil and India can come together in health care facilities to improvise the rural healthcare structure.

 I don’t want to accentuate on the problems but rather I would focus on the dramatic change that can be introduced by the budding entrepreneurs where control of diseases and better health care facility can be provided. We are all aware about the better health care facility but how does disease control can be done. Well both the above objective can be implemented with negligible cost. Rural people have low education about healthcare and also have fear of approaching the doctor. Now if we both the countries develop a system where the doctor comes to know of your diseases and comes before hand. That’s game changing health care facility which I will be discussing.

A drop of blood is used to test about all complexity of diseases comprising form diabetes to even a heart block stage. Blood test centers are very few or might be at long distance form the patient’s vicinity. Often diseases happen and spread like viral before the health team reaches with its instruments to diagnosis the diseases and its birth. Before the health care facilities come into picture thousands have already died.
Now the place where India and Brazil can come together in catching up the gap of time of measuring the decease is working jointly on Information technology platform. Everyone has Smart phone which connects the global economy and its respective citizens. Social apps and business app connect the globe and significant trade and business opportunities happen which is quite difficult to measures accurately. The larger picture is that the volume of business is still growing and is infinite. Now, if we jointly develop an app and phone this can be used as measurement process of the blood samples. Now through that app when the drop of blood is measured on a strip connected to the phone and via the app the details of all blood test gets into report and the same is being circulated to the research institutes as well as to the nearby health care facilities. WIFI facilities are mostly getting free and hence the same can be used judiciously to improvise health care facilities.
Just imagine a disease like ebola can easily be detected and a early alarm of spreading of the same can be informed then governments of both countries could easily take necessary steps to control the spread of the same. This system works like earthquake alarm measure where Tsunami alerts come before hand. Now in most rural areas electricity is a problem. Now if these smart phones come up with solar technology based battery system then power related problems get resolved. Government expenditure on health care facilities gets new shape and process where unnecessary cost is eliminated and key emergency wards are created for treatment.
Through the above smart phone based blood test both Brazil and India can get stupendous benefits as well as SME and Entrepreneurs both would find significant opportunities for growth:

  •  Low cost of accessing diseases.
  • Early detection and control saves government revenues and also insurance company’s loss.
  • Without incurring cost diagnostic centers where providing remote access is problem.
  • SME’s could easily come up with mobile health care facilities.
  • Research Institutes gets early information about break of deadly diseases.
  • Direct auto SMS facility of the blood test results quick flow of information to the government doctors and improvises the health care delay cost and loss related to the same.
  • Routine doctor visit charges also get reduced and people also feel less fear to consult a doctor.
  • Reduces cost of the patients for unnecessary huge tests and etc which is also one of the key reason to avoid doctors and clinical support.
It has been found that poor knowledge of health care results to significant life and property damage. Information technology can help to reduce the same. When a child takes birth then the hospital authorities should use the personal data of the patient and synchronise the same with health care facilities where diseases like polio and other infant diseases. Connected health has the potential to profoundly reshape the healthcare and life sciences industries, creating many new opportunities. SMS Text about HIV spreading etc also improvises the health care awareness.

 India and Brazil both can use these data of healthcare to create improvised health care medicines which can be utilized by the manufactures of drugs. The research and development cost of the pharma companies gets more accurate measurement of the upcoming diseases. Both the countries should come together to explore  the creation of mobile medical devices that collect data and can take the place of, or complement, equipment now used in hospitals, doctors’ offices and laboratories.  Remember we are focusing on two key areas of health care 1) Control and 2) Early Detection. Indian and Brazil SME and entrepreneurs should come together to create these type of models where data sharing leads significant improvement in health care.


We all think that India is poor country. But I have something surprising to disclose that developed economies are also the member of the poor country club. Recession has created more depletion of financial assets and has degraded the living culture of these economies.  On the other hand it has been found that entrepreneurs are being highly focused towards resolving the social in-equalities in various segments and hence their cost of service is very low. But the problems which are being faced by them are access to capital to start the business. Well Corporate Social Responsibility can be used judiciously to alleviate these poverty problems through the entrepreneurs. Further CSR would reduce the government burden and Entrepreneurs would replace the negligence of the capitalist towards the poverty line of people.

Before that lets figure the poverty level of the world’s two Biggest Developed economies:
In US its being found
  • In 2013, the official poverty rate was 14.5 percent, down from 15.0 percent in 2012. This was the first decrease in the poverty rate since 2006.
  • In 2013, there were 45.3 million people in poverty. For the third consecutive year, the number of people in poverty at the national level was not statistically different from the previous year’s estimate.
In Europe its being found

  • 17.0 % of the population in the EU-28 at risk of income poverty.
  • The highest at-risk-of-poverty rates were observed in Greece and Romania (23.1 % and 22.6 % respectively), Spain (22.2 %) and Bulgaria (21.2 %), and the lowest in the Czech Republic (9.6 %), the Netherlands (10.1 %), Denmark (13.1 %), Finland and Slovakia (both 13.2 %).
What we find from here is opportunities for the entrepreneurs to start their business and uplift and bridge the gap of living style in-equality. We find that entrepreneurs who are in the category of zero profits or marginal profits and more on the NGO format are the best people to develop the business model for these poverty based markets.CSR and entrepreneurs can come together to create value and change the culture of living for these poverty based people.

Corporate social responsibility plays a pivotal role on the development of the social structure. Now if we develop the CSR spending for designing products with zero compromise on quality but on design and other areas we can create sufficient satisfaction to these poverty based customers.
For example those who are in poverty brackets unable to have a sustainable house for them construction cost and other cost such as sewage, water cooking etc can be divided up to define each and every cost component. When it’s being divided we can design the cost where cost will be shared and will be much lower as compared to the individual construction. A common Bathroom, a common water supply, a common cooking area, restricted electricity supply and only one room per family. Providing such facilities also helps to create demand for other goods and services as civilized process of living comes into picture. CSR can help the entrepreneurs to develop and connect the problems and design the process of delivery which leads to development of the society.

Providing health baby food to the infants is another way of developing and resolving the malnutrition problems. Those families who cannot afford to have baby food –for them changing the container of packing and reducing the cost of transportation can significantly reduce the cost part and further as CSR is a part of the same cost will be negligible.

Entrepreneurs are the ideal candidate for these projects since they look for long term and their business model is always focused towards mass and linked with social causes. Entrepreneurs simply cut down on the cost part since they keep their margins and keep the volume numbers to scale the business. CSR alone will not be possible since for these type of poverty alleviation programme they have to recruit a separate team and salary based people would be less keen to join this bandwagon. Providing drinking facility and access to water at cheap price is only possible through entrepreneurs who set up a plant and they easily resolve the cost factor of safe drinking water. Further in these types of activities and projects rural employment also takes an identity and this also reduces the government social benefits.  CSR linked with entrepreneurs can create wonders.

So how do the entrepreneurs come together with CSR. We need entrepreneurship to grow in semi urban colleges where the young generation is completing their management level degrees. Idea is no ones monopoly hence you need to understand that connecting with this semi urban- students you get quick access to the problems and also resolve them based on real time experience of the problems. This activity expedites the poverty alleviation process and also entrepreneurs are encouraged to solve these type of problems as they are well acknowledged with the real problems. The world needs more entrepreneurs so that the growing in-equalities of the societies can be bridged.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Indian GDP growth projections are now roaming on the streets of India and any Tom, Dick; Harry has become a market analyst. Thanks we economist are saved as few understands the subject. Well Indian GDP growth is dependent on the policy reforms and the mother of policy reforms is the Parliament and its majority size of supporters. Recently BJP have been winning across many states apart from Delhi.  BJP is looking aggressively for getting major presence in state elections. This is highly required since majority in the Loksabha (LS) would not be sufficient enough to pass the reform policies. I hope I am clear to my readers in one short about why BJP is looking aggressively for state election wins. Rajaya sabha (RS) has been set back for the government as it failed to pass many reform bills. The biggest challenges would be GST bill. The growth of the Indian economy is now a political driven game which every individual political parties wants to have a pie. If BJP gets easy passage of the reform then BJP government would be one of the most successful governments which will create history on the Indian economy and it would be quite difficult for the other political parties to get back their lost positions.

The few of the bill which got clearance from LS but got stuck in RS:
·         Coal Mines (Special Provision) Bill
·         Companies Amendment Bill
·         Regional Rural Banks
·         Payment & Settlement System (Amendment)  Bill
·         GST
The GDP growth is dependent on the Rajaya sabha and less on the current government. The level of low education is clearly reflected within the Indian politicians and political parties. We don’t want Indian economic growth but we want politicians and their political parties’ growth. The Indian history have been one of the biggest example where its being found that low level of education of the politicians has resulted stupendous loss to the economy and to the generation of job seekers. Politicians make promises but how much they are contributing to the national growth. States like West Bengal,Assam, Kerela & Tamil Nadu are having their elections in the pipeline.

Further Delhi and Bihar elections are going to be another drama show for the Indian parliament and Indian economy.  The political parties forget that if they approve the bills in RS then obviously business and economic growth will also happen in their states. But I am sorry we don’t understand the same and we are busier to show our strength in our own states rather coming forward for development of India. The RS has created problems for the Indian economic growth. If the politicians with the blessing of GOD understands the same then we would be finding significant jump in economic growth.

Now the GDP growth of 10% is also achievable by 2016 if RS comes ahead to support and pass the bills which would create reform policies for the Indian economy resulting investment growth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Development of India is not possible unless individual states come over form the traditional thought process of politics and focuses on state development. If India dream to achieve 10% GDP growth then individual states needs to be part of the same. Well today I will be discussing about the opportunities of Infrastructure developments in India.We focus on overseas migration of Indians for search of quality job, education and better life style. But did we ever focus on migration of interstate within India which reflects the story of poor state developments in India. Quality of Education, Better job prospects and healthy living style has created stupendous migration of people within states.

The below chart depicts the picture of interstate migration of people. Now an argument might open up that rural people have shifted to Urban which has leaded this increase. Well that migration is also included within states.

This shift clearly states that growth of population in individual states reflects the slow growth and poor development of other states. The states were highest migration has happened has been due to better job prospects, efficient infrastructure development and efficient business process which has pushed people to get into these states.   The data itself speaks that Southern part of India’s development in terms of IT and Manufacturing and services has spooked the growth. States where we find good numbers of migration reflects the business opportunities were also very supportive as compared to their states. The best examples are Bangalore, Hyderabad and Surat-the land of Diamond Merchants.

This data gives immense opportunity for those states where migrations are low to grow and develop. Further we must understand that overcrowded position of the high migration states are facing stupendous problem for infrastructure shortages. Mumbai is one of them where daily commuters on Train are more than 70 lakh people travel each day in train. So just imagine the pressure it has to take on the infrastructure. This itself gives birth to the opportunity on both sides of the Indian economy where infrastructure development is required is where migration is high and where migration is low.
We are not running a balanced economy and that’s why economic growth is volatile in an any economic situation. We cannot blame the central government for every failure of infrastructure development. If we take the case of Kolkata we find that East –West Metro is still pending despite of starting the project in the last 5 years. There will be reasons but we need to overcome the same. Migration of inter-states is a serious matter which reflects the false promises of the state political candidates/ministers. High migration is further pushing down the education level, job quality and entrepreneurship infrastructure in the weak states as demand is coming down.

There are several questions in mind about how to resolve and get a balanced growth. Well I leave the answere to my readers to think.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


My Friend died. Well my head has been be-headed and blood is flowing like stream and my body is feeling intense pain. Through my eyes which are about to get closed can see the body lying in the pool of blood. On another day when the bullet hit my heart I was just remembering the face of the children and beloved wife as I will never be able to see them ever. Well these words belongs to me but the sense and the feeling belong to those who died just by doing their duty.  But our fate is so bad and the world is becoming so miserable that when I was dying Video was being taken and after my death their were 10 million visitors of the same on You-tube. But doe any on listen to the cry of the journalist who does the work with such high integrity.  We journalist are being targeted across the globe.  These words are not meant for teasing any one. These are the words which remains unheard to the world’s during death of my fellow friends across the globe. The strangest part is that when a political figure faces this type of death immediate actions are being taken but when a journalist dies why only words are written and no action. Our only sin is that we hold the responsibility of disclosing the truth to the world. Well the recent and past attacks on the journalist proved one thing that Pen is really mightier than the Sword. But will my death kill journalism-no. Will it destroy the path of journalism-no it will just get more strengthen. 

We are killed and every day we are killed and in continuation with the executions of hostages in 2014, ISIS has executed another hostage this week. Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. Last week they killed the first Japanese hostage, Haruna Yukawa.

  • People executed by ISIS group (excluding non-foreigners) in 2014/15:
  • Jim Foley: 40 year old US journalist, died Aug 2014
  • Steve Sotloff: 31 year old US/Israeli journalist, died Sep 2014.
  • David Haines: 44 year old British aid worker, died Sep 2014.
  • Alan Henning: 47 year old British taxi driver/aid worker, Oct 2014.
  • Peter Kassig: 26 year old US aid worker, Nov 2014.
  • Haruna Yukawa: 42 year old Japanese contractor, died Jan 2015.
  • Kenji Goto: 47 year old Japanese journalist, died Jan 2015.

We don’t know how long we will die like this and who will come to save us.  In the past decade, his wife had died of cancer and his business had failed, forcing him to lose his home. He was bullied as a child and had apparently attempted suicide in adulthood. All his miseries came to an end and I am having tears in my eyes to say that now he meets his wife in the other world and I pray next time if you take birth try to born in a world free of Terrorism.

The world says that we cook news and we present it to the world. Well my death and brutality of death is not cooking. My pains of cry in the jail for my family are not a cooked story. I pray to the God that next time give me the sense of   truth and lie. Since if I get the sense of truth then again in my next birth I will become a journalist or reporter. 

Every economy & country is looking ahead to snatch away our voices and make it a deaf place. Terrorism is silently teaching the world to become heartless to the world. History reveals that there are many Journalists across the globe that has gone missing or they are living in one of the darkest underground jails of an country. The one who died, he only came to know to the world but the one who went missing is only known to the mother, wife or his/her children’s.  If today some one finds the video of World War 1 or 2 that’s because of journalist. If your find the video of the 1st man on the moon it was due to journalist. If million people die in flood or draught journalist brings the truth to the world. If science and civilization has improved that’s due to the reporters and journalist who brought the information to the world.

Did anyone ever think that the ones who got Nobel prize-the did hard work but how the world came to know about their hard work. If, there were neither reporter, nor any journalist then, how the world came to know about them. The darkest truth is that we from different countries know one thing that our friends who are held captive and tortured over the several years in jail in our own country but know no government come ahead to release them. We float with the promises of the governments year after year and new hopes of growth and development are being heard but no one sings the songs for the lost name of the journalist or reporters. From the discovery of Theory of Gravity to till date we are leaving for so many years. We die but we come back again and again as we are members of the family of truth which is small in size.

We follow ethics to the highest dignity as we are not in the business of getting bribe and that’s why I am killed. My little son ask me what should I do-should I join Journalisms or join military so that he can be called martyr.  Well our death is just of no rewards of gallantry only a couple of words where as death of an soldier is of pride and reward. Truth is feared and that’s why the bearers of the same are slaughtered. I remember one of the says of ‘A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first’. Can any government across the globe has the guts to free the captive journalist.  Before you vote next time please ask for our life to be set free.

Well after my death who will take care of my son who is just 2 years old. He is eagerly waiting to take him in my arms. He ask me should be follow the path of lie or remain with truth.Well please answere him as I have no answere to him.


The Indian equity markets are currently in the all time high zone and are aggressively discounting every bad news across any part of the economy. Investors are also very confident regarding the investments in these market conditions. I am not going to discuss about the market outlook and the next level of Nifty. I am going to discuss the second part of the story of Investors Behavior and its mistakes in investments. The time has come when investor friends would be either friends or would become enemies .Well surprised to read the same that how friends in investments becomes enemies. Well that is what is called behavioral finance and that’s what I will discuss today.  The time is back when we are entering into the phenomena of sleepless nights and I will be discussing about few of the pitfalls we are committing.

It’s being found that we all lack investment objectives and we are all running at the back of herd for beating the market. We lack investments goals and we are more focused towards following others in investments. We feel pride and status while doing investments without accessing risk levels as we take the same as being part of herd community of investors. We follow it as practice status rather than the hard core realty of investments. Be confident but not over confident since over confidence makes us blind. We have found that when the markets are creating new heights the societies of investors are divided into two segments 1) Over confidence and 2) Cautious outlook. The 2nd class of investors are often criticized that they lose opportunities being cautious. Well loosing and opportunity is much better than losing the hard earned money of the investors. Over confidence is more driven by the fear of not acknowledging that loss in evident and more of making profit. The game of finding investments with profits higher than risks is tempting, even when we know that it is difficult to win. Yes this game of winning and the boost of steroids injected by the brokers and community of investors become the blind cover to realize the current position of investments.

Overconfident investors overestimate their ability to evaluate a company as a potential investment. Overconfident investors overestimate the probability that their personal assessments of a security’s value are more accurate than the assessments offered by others. But I can’t impose the whole of the blame on them alone. The brokers, dealers and friend circle are all involved in the same game.Overconfident investors, especially those who are prone to prediction overconfidence, tend to underestimate downside risks. They are so confident in their predictions that they do not fully consider the likelihood of incurring losses in their portfolios.

Before investments we discuss of asset allocation, risk taking capacities etc. Once the bulls get into the nerves of our blood we forget all these basics and we join the herd of uneducated players who bet on their luck for making returns for investments. We pledge more and more to save the and not to acknowledge the losses and we keep on betting. Tell me one thing, did you ever find any broker, dealer or advisor advising you to maintain your asset allocation and risk profile level when the markets are in the top level.

 No we don’t find any one advising use, rather we find brokers, dealers, friends, herd of investors community busy in injecting more steroids of doing investments. Further brokers, dealers and advisors fear that if they ask the client to reduce their position and liquidate and stay in the sidelines they might lose the money from coming back to them.  They fear that if money gets out of equity asset class the investor might park the same in some other asset class .Hence low level of knowledge is being shared with them during these times and more investment focus driven stories are floated in the market.We discount risk, leverage and efficient advisory.

When we suffer a loss we are immediately asked to invest more and recoup the same with average out. This average out story continues until we die completely. In fact when we were bought up by our parents we were told to cut down on losses but never told to cut down on profits. But when the vibration of the market comes we forget both. The reason behind we can’t accept losses and we can’t take of loss among the community of investors or herd of investors. The smile of discussing winning stories with a raised collar stops us form booking profits and also loses. We don’t book profit as others are not doing the same-means if others are donkeys I also become one of them as I part of the community of them.

Often its being found that mental accounting of profit and loss bearing becomes a killer in these type of situations. We do not need to acknowledge our loss fully because it is only a paper loss. We do not realize the loss yet by selling the stock. The mental account containing the stock is still open, keeping alive the hope that losses will turn into gains. Hence we keep wearing the jacket of overconfidence despite of loses. We think and dream that bull rally of the market will recover the losess. We start searching similar peoples and stories where we match our mind set in these situations. In short we search for overconfidence and the brokers, dealers and financial players inject the same equally among the investors.

Well another part of the story is that when tow investor friend become jealous of each other. This happens when one investor books profits and is happy with 5% return on his investments depending upon his own satisfaction level where as the other one stays invested and either ends up with -5% return or 10% gain.  The difference here is that level of expectation and the control over the greed by calculating the risk being taken by the investor. Control over the greed and following the basics at any level is the key to success in investments. One gets saved from the overconfidence and also from the grips of pride and failure to accept the losess.

We seek for TIPs in investments which is nothing but the greed to beat the one another. This beat the market kills our thought process and the same is being exploited by the financial players in the market. Overconfident investors decrease their expected utilities by trading too much; they hold unrealistic beliefs about how high their returns will be and how precisely these returns can be estimated; and, they expend too many resources obtaining investment information.


Underestimating downside risk, trading too frequently and/or trading in pursuit of the “next hot stock,” and holding an under diversified portfolio all pose serious threat to the investments. Follow the basics and follow asset allocation strategy. Book profits but also book loses so that loses don’t extend further. Don’t be over confident and don’t be greedy. Avoid herds and avoid seeking tips and information which is detrimental to your investment objectives. Be confident but not over confident. Don’t add investments into your status quo since that become more painful as you are unable to exit loses. Learn the pitfalls before you invest since that saves you from having sleepless nights.

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