My Friend died. Well my head has been be-headed and blood is flowing like stream and my body is feeling intense pain. Through my eyes which are about to get closed can see the body lying in the pool of blood. On another day when the bullet hit my heart I was just remembering the face of the children and beloved wife as I will never be able to see them ever. Well these words belongs to me but the sense and the feeling belong to those who died just by doing their duty.  But our fate is so bad and the world is becoming so miserable that when I was dying Video was being taken and after my death their were 10 million visitors of the same on You-tube. But doe any on listen to the cry of the journalist who does the work with such high integrity.  We journalist are being targeted across the globe.  These words are not meant for teasing any one. These are the words which remains unheard to the world’s during death of my fellow friends across the globe. The strangest part is that when a political figure faces this type of death immediate actions are being taken but when a journalist dies why only words are written and no action. Our only sin is that we hold the responsibility of disclosing the truth to the world. Well the recent and past attacks on the journalist proved one thing that Pen is really mightier than the Sword. But will my death kill journalism-no. Will it destroy the path of journalism-no it will just get more strengthen. 

We are killed and every day we are killed and in continuation with the executions of hostages in 2014, ISIS has executed another hostage this week. Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. Last week they killed the first Japanese hostage, Haruna Yukawa.

  • People executed by ISIS group (excluding non-foreigners) in 2014/15:
  • Jim Foley: 40 year old US journalist, died Aug 2014
  • Steve Sotloff: 31 year old US/Israeli journalist, died Sep 2014.
  • David Haines: 44 year old British aid worker, died Sep 2014.
  • Alan Henning: 47 year old British taxi driver/aid worker, Oct 2014.
  • Peter Kassig: 26 year old US aid worker, Nov 2014.
  • Haruna Yukawa: 42 year old Japanese contractor, died Jan 2015.
  • Kenji Goto: 47 year old Japanese journalist, died Jan 2015.

We don’t know how long we will die like this and who will come to save us.  In the past decade, his wife had died of cancer and his business had failed, forcing him to lose his home. He was bullied as a child and had apparently attempted suicide in adulthood. All his miseries came to an end and I am having tears in my eyes to say that now he meets his wife in the other world and I pray next time if you take birth try to born in a world free of Terrorism.

The world says that we cook news and we present it to the world. Well my death and brutality of death is not cooking. My pains of cry in the jail for my family are not a cooked story. I pray to the God that next time give me the sense of   truth and lie. Since if I get the sense of truth then again in my next birth I will become a journalist or reporter. 

Every economy & country is looking ahead to snatch away our voices and make it a deaf place. Terrorism is silently teaching the world to become heartless to the world. History reveals that there are many Journalists across the globe that has gone missing or they are living in one of the darkest underground jails of an country. The one who died, he only came to know to the world but the one who went missing is only known to the mother, wife or his/her children’s.  If today some one finds the video of World War 1 or 2 that’s because of journalist. If your find the video of the 1st man on the moon it was due to journalist. If million people die in flood or draught journalist brings the truth to the world. If science and civilization has improved that’s due to the reporters and journalist who brought the information to the world.

Did anyone ever think that the ones who got Nobel prize-the did hard work but how the world came to know about their hard work. If, there were neither reporter, nor any journalist then, how the world came to know about them. The darkest truth is that we from different countries know one thing that our friends who are held captive and tortured over the several years in jail in our own country but know no government come ahead to release them. We float with the promises of the governments year after year and new hopes of growth and development are being heard but no one sings the songs for the lost name of the journalist or reporters. From the discovery of Theory of Gravity to till date we are leaving for so many years. We die but we come back again and again as we are members of the family of truth which is small in size.

We follow ethics to the highest dignity as we are not in the business of getting bribe and that’s why I am killed. My little son ask me what should I do-should I join Journalisms or join military so that he can be called martyr.  Well our death is just of no rewards of gallantry only a couple of words where as death of an soldier is of pride and reward. Truth is feared and that’s why the bearers of the same are slaughtered. I remember one of the says of ‘A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first’. Can any government across the globe has the guts to free the captive journalist.  Before you vote next time please ask for our life to be set free.

Well after my death who will take care of my son who is just 2 years old. He is eagerly waiting to take him in my arms. He ask me should be follow the path of lie or remain with truth.Well please answere him as I have no answere to him.