Monday, December 25, 2017

Economic Opportunities through Resolving the Women Menstruation Problem... Series 2

In continuation of my previous article on Menstruation, I have depicted the true picture about the problems of the women and how the society remains ignorant across the globe without proper facilities. As an economist, I find immense growth opportunities for resolving this women problem. Government and capitalisms both need to resolve this issue through a judicious mix of exploration of opportunities. It’s well clear that superstition and no proper facility for the women have been created for this worldwide most common problem. This menstruation can be an economic growth contributor provided the vision is changed by the society.   The biggest economic reason is that irrespective of any economic condition in any country this menstruation will never end, hence government and capitalist minds need to come together to explore opportunities. The biggest barrier to adoption of quality sanitary napkins in any country turned out to be "affordability and accessibility".Low cost of production and application of cost management strategies could be a game changer for promoting entrepreneurship for production of sanitary napkins. We will discuss on this topic later on. The profession of cost management can be of great help for women.

The health and life loss is a big issue which remains unheard and silent until mass people are affected. Health-related awareness has remained restricted only to few specific days. This is a major problem. Building awareness is not sufficient enough as the availability of the same product at a cheap price is the ultimate end point for the solution of the problem.

Every economy suffers huge loss due to the unhygienic treatment of menstruation. Cervical cancer a disease born from unhygienic ways of menstruation management kills around 72,000 women in India every year, more than 26% of the 275,000 deaths worldwide. Cervical cancer is common among women worldwide. It kills more women in India than anywhere else in the world. India women die from cervical cancer than women of any other country, according to a new report that warns deaths from this preventable disease will rise unless attitudes to women change. Most of the adolescent girls in villages use rags and old clothes during menstruation. India has one-fourth of the world's burden of cancer of the cervix with nearly 132,000 women being diagnosed every year. Of the 355 million menstruating women in India, only 12 percent use sanitary napkins. Its next to negligible.

All economies should make sanitary napkins free of any tax.  This is will reduce the prices and should make the product available to anyone across any country.  Health and hygiene could only be maintained when the product becomes cheap and could be made easily affordable.  This industry should always be classified under Small and Medium Enterprise as this will drive growth and employment for the economies. Making the product available at the mass level and also with a never-ending demand is one of the biggest opportunities for the economic growth.  A mass number of entrepreneurship could come up to facilitate this gap between demand and supply and also the high prices. 

Entrepreneurship promotions should be promoted so that tax sops and other incentives make the product cheap and available for the mass of people. This law should be universal and should be promoted on a universal basis since the Menstruation is not restricted to any particular economy.  The economic benefits would be a creation of employment and ancillary product demand. The biggest benefit is that despite any economic condition either recession or vice versa this problem and demand for the product will never end. Today we all know that as prices are high for sanitary napkins in many countries women prefer to use unhygienic methods to save money. The government can easily give sops to promote this industry where women will get hygienic products and living style.

The pain of ignorance is that as women use traditional and unhealthy ways of managing this problem the risk related to various diseases increase over the time.

Preparation and availability of women-specific toilets, where these sanitary napkins are provided at free or at a cheap price, through automated vending machines. Now we often find that women related toilets are less in number or there is a considerable distance between two destinations of toilets. Hence the number of toilets is required.  In the rural part of many countries, they don’t have proper facilities like women toilet. For these places having an advanced level of the women-centric toilet is a distant dream. My point is that creating women-centric toilets where minimum maintenance and a higher level of facilities are provided. Availability of Napkins will make women freer from carrying the bundle in their bags. While traveling on highways and long distance we need these toilets since only nature knows its own call.

These toilets can be a business opportunity as many tax benefits as well as many new generation entrepreneurs will come up to develop these toilets. Hygiene education and removing the traditional thought process for menstruation should be removed and the best way to depart this education is massive training in schools and through other health activities. But mere education will not solve the problem. Making the availability of the same is more important. Every school should have free sanitary napkins to take the things way forward.  

Coming to India it has to take a pledge like remove polio type of mission where to remove the traditional use of sanitary napkins should be the oath. Unless the ratio Of the 355 million menstruating women in India, only 12 percent use sanitary napkins are being converted into 100% use of sanitary napkins no country should ignore this huge opportunity. Every country has to take a pledge of saving the women as their death is a loss to the economic growth and also their health-related issues is a loss for the insurance companies. Pledge to make sanitary napkins use more should be the mission till 2025.

Friday, December 15, 2017


Menstruation a global thing which happens to women and men are not affected by the same hence not much discussion about the same and why to bother about it. Menstruation has no religion, no cast, no color of the skin of difference between black and white. Its natures call but treated in many countries as shit. Across the globe, it's being found that superstition and high level of closed mindset are spoiling and damaging the society. Women are suffering and the world is rejoicing with men dominated scriptures. Women have to live behind closed doors during Menstruation and live a life during those days just like animals. This is prevalent in the world. This article is the 1st step towards raising the voice of changeover and also how the economic loss could be avoided and subsequently a new frame of global business opportunity could be encashed for the development of the society.

It’s not restricted to humans. It happens to all living animals on earth. As almost every mammal on the planet operates on a cycle, from the tiniest fruit bat to the great blue whale herself.  On the other hand, one of the biggest threats of Menstruation to a girl is that she becomes property to men when her 1st cycles begin in her life. Yes, we live in a society where discuss Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and climate change but we hardly celebrate a day called women period day in a year.

Men’s can masturbate, in that case, it is being taken as nature call but what about the women when they get their nature call.  The economic effect of closed society restriction and mindset is huge and also there is opportunity across the globe to create exclusive women menstruation centric toilets, pads and disposable equipment.  We will get into the capitalist and economic loss due to menstruation later on as we need to open the eye of the society to have a deep understanding of the subject.

Every month, every date, every hour, every minute, a woman bleeds due to Menstruation across the globe.   The society of the world is divided and dominated by men social restrictions as well as women restriction on the menstruation cycles.  It has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude women from many aspects of socio-cultural life. In India, the topic has been a taboo until date. Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women's emotional state, mentality and lifestyle and most importantly, health.

We are ashamed to speak on the subject but that is the place from where life comes into the earth. It is a myth which keeps the subject at abeyance. Our society has converted this nature’s call into shame. The PADS are wrapped in papers and are sold so that no one sees them, Its nature calls and our society is so uneducated across the globe that we treat women as unsafe humans during the menstruation cycles.

Above all superstition has a big famous role to play during women Menstruation cycle. In many places women are not allowed to go near plants or trees and touch them as they might die, they are not allowed to attend wedding, one  should not touch pickles, one should not  keep her  hair open, Keeping iron materials close to body otherwise evil spirits will touch you, You are not allowed to enter the kitchen even you are dying in hunger, even you are not allowed to touch anything, no one will drink water from your hand and many more. This is the smart age and AI-based world we are going to live going ahead.

Hygiene factor and health factor of the women are often ignored and the outlook towards the menstruation cycle of the society is that it is one of the curses on the women.  The funniest part is that the same girl is being worshiped as a daughter, mother and when the cycles begin the are being cornered in one room. Yes, the pain of menstruation of each month is beyond breaking bones. Only a woman knows the pain and the biological effect of the same on the body of women.

One of the most surprising parts is that in many countries strange myths rule them about women menstruation cycles. During menstruation, in many countries, women avoid washing their vaginas because they are told it can lead to infertility.
A strip of cloth is being often used as sanitary napkins price is too high. Most of the women across the globe hold off on washing them until nightfall to keep it a secret. Well, condom price is less.   Menstruation cycles are kept secret but when pornography is such a huge business then why not live shows and direct demonstration of videos of menstruation cannot be shown.

We are talking about smart cities and developing AI-based cities but where is the proper infrastructure for disposing of sanitary napkins. These disposed of napkins lie on the road or end up in the waterways and dogs are eating them.  Solid waste management is big problem and threat to the society. In many countries menstrual blood is being treated as so dangerous it can cause diseases like cancer if it’s mixed in with other trash. They are forced to reuse the same pads every month.  Buying pads is another experience when it comes to men. Men’s can go and buy condom but not sanitary napkins. In a country like India, the situation is worst.
The challenge, of addressing the socio-cultural taboos and beliefs in menstruation, is further compounded by the low girls’ knowledge levels and understandings of puberty, menstruation, and reproductive health. Lack of knowledge and blockage of building confidence that it’s not holy shit but nature’s call. Girls often are plunged into the grief of menstruation cycles when it happens. Few of the grey areas being covered where lack of education and awareness amplifies problems further by the family people for their own girls and women:
•    No, awareness about it by the parents till you don’t get it.  They are ashamed to speak about the same to the girl.
•    People are ashamed to discuss in public or with each other about menstruation cycle
•    It’s a taboo to discuss openly especially in front of men’s
•    When you hit  puberty people behavior change
•   There myths where it says take shower immediately once your cycle starts as it is compulsory irrespective of your health condition and climate condition.
•    Do not Wash your hair on the first day  
•    Do not pray, Not allowed to enter into Temple etc.
•    You are not allowed to enter the kitchen even you are dying of hunger
•    They will make you sit in the corner of a room just like an idol and not supposed to touch anything within the room.
•    During the menstruations period, your utensils are different.
•    You are not supposed to exercise or do any physical activity
•    Unnecessary Diet restriction particularly when the flow of blood and wastage is more and the body needs immediate replenishment of the same.
•    Women’s are not allowed to wear new clothes at the same time

People fail to understand that shedding is a natural process and lack awareness about it. It is not impure. It a reproductory. Adult women may themselves not be aware of the biological facts or good hygienic practices, instead of passing on cultural taboos and restrictions to be observed. The society across the globe is blind. They worship women GOD but hate to discuss the problems and solve them accordingly Hygiene factor has a big role to play. But we are so much blinded by our introvert nature of living that we today failed to develop a quality sanitary system and providing solutions for the women in terms of the proper pad and other support.  We are not going to end here but we will share more suggestions insights about making the society to be aware of the same. We will share new insights about the new business opportunity from this huge women-centric problem.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


School plays a vital role in the economic growth over the long term. School education plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of an economy and also makes a country competitive compared to others. If proper monitoring is not being implemented at school levels then there will be a huge impact on the future of an economy.  Based upon this segment it's being found that School dropout is a serious matter concern for an economy.

Education dropout has been a huge burden on the global economy costing trillions of dollars beyond calculation. The subject might sound new but it has a huge responsibility for any economy to stop the same. Now before we dig further into the subject we need to figure out what it means by drop out education. Many students don’t attain full education as they might be influenced by many factors like poor family backgrounds, the death of the bread earner, addiction to drugs or other such practices and mostly not able to cope up with the current education system. The last one is one of the most powerful reasons behind such an act of education drop out. Innovative minds are slaughtered under the traditional teaching methodologies which converts a dormant mind into barren land. Children’s are the biggest innovators as they have the innovative mindset which they apply to get an economy on a growth path in the long term.

A child has the biggest gift of learning by of its own. Its innovative mind is the biggest gift to the society.  Its nature of learning process is often dominated by the school's process and education system prevailing within the society. School dropout is a problem which is less addressed but has a huge impact on the society and government. 
Child molestation and abuse have also been found one of the key reasons which spread fear for drop out.  Schools are no longer safe and teachers are no longer those old guru types.  Sexual abuse and other mental tortures by teachers provoke students to drop out from schools.

Drop out Education leads to create any impact on the society are as follows:

•    Income inequality 
•    Growth of Crime 
•    Rising Social benefits for the government
•    Increase of poverty lines within the society 
•    Passage of legacy from one generation to another due to weak base of parents
•    Growth of Prostitution

In all together it can be said that school education drop has a huge impact on social inequality.  Most of the governments where social benefits are passed on are more of this school education drop out. These people don’t get the job properly and hence over a period of time social benefits a burden for the government. 

The reason behind the dropouts is not purely on the side of the students. It happens since no one cares about these students and the current education system passes the blame to the students only. This is one of the prime reasons that negligence at the junior level leads to a massive problem for the society and government later on. The current education system leads to a problem of not being able to cope up with the changes within student mind. A barren land is never barren until it’s watered. Once that land is watered flowers or grass blossom out of the same and makes it fertile land. The innovative mind is prevalent among the children from the time of their birth. Now, this innovative mind is killed and dragged with the traditional school syllabus followed with the death of that innovative culture of education.

In many countries, a combination of discrimination, social attitudes, poverty, lack of political will, and poor quality of human and material resources leave children with disabilities more vulnerable to being excluded from education. It is essential that societies adapt their education systems to ensure that these children can enjoy their basic human right without discrimination of any kind.

 Taking care of Drop out of students should be monitored on a genuine basis and also proper measures should be adopted to identify the loopholes in the education system so that dropouts are reduced. Teachers should also be groomed from time to time so that they could also update and manage the emotional aspects and work pressure. Monotonous school activities and also low motivational activities within Teachers and students will lead to amplification of dropouts from schools. 

Every school should have a department to cater and monitor the school dropout activities so that they can get into the root cause of such activities and can take appropriate actions.  One must understand the school is the prime place where the future of the economy gets nourished.  If the same school neglects these things then ultimately the economy of a country has to suffer. 

Monday, November 27, 2017


Freedom of women is based on education and earning power. Being dependent is no longer an option. Even a household wife has a capacity to earn and make a decent living for his family. But it’s easier said than done. The society is still struggling with weak mindset even within well-educated families or life partners.  My wife should not work after marriage. This is one of the most killing statements before at the time of marriages. We cannot think of women independence unless we find the society where girls birth ends up with throwing them in the dustbin. Yes, this is the country where we are still discussing women empowerment.

In India, we find that even if the bride family accepts that the bridegrooms request and just looks for the opportunity after marriage to kill the aspiration of the bride either through restrictions and torture or through getting them early pregnant. Yes, this is the fatal fate of the Indian women.  Don’t get to the conclusion that this story is prevalent in Rural India and not in Urban India. In fact, Urban India is the roadmap for the rural India in terms of women restriction and killing of aspiration.

The value of education towards getting freedom in later life has not been fully recognized. One of my friend born and bought up in Mumbai faces a similar life story where due to the restriction of higher education and more focus on marriage lead her still now struggling in the career. Thanks to the God for keeping the fire of aspiration alive and finally she has made a route to getting an MBA degree very soon. Aspiration is the most important part of one's life. Families of girls need to understand that getting married and having a family is not the end or neither the prime agenda of life.

I knew gentlemen called Mr. Siddhartha Sen Ex-director of ICWAI research wing. He was asked one day by one of his friends that when he is getting his two daughters married. The revert I still remember and keep on repeating the same among others also that giving education and getting the daughters well established is the key and prime agenda of life and not getting them married. Marriage they can decide on their own. A revert by an educated father keeping the long-term horizon in mind. The point is that education mere cannot be on books or papers or certificates. The family thought the process needs to be educated enough to give a clear vision of where they want to get their daughters to the forefront.

 Women empowerment cannot happen unless we are empowered to think independently and capable enough to foresee the long-term journey and growth of girls within the society.  An independent aspiration and thinking ability should prevail in a family before we get into the story of women empowerment. We are not at all empowered in our thinking process and that’s why we are struggling with getting women empowered.

Marriage has been a devastation for the Indian society over the last century since we all know that from Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar to Raja Rammohan Roy all fought for the women independence from the tyranny of the society.  Education within society has never been in there and that the prime reason why we are all still ignorant.

Those who are fearful about the changes of the society would always restrict and destroy the growth of knowledge within the society. Settling for less is not the option. Development of the society cannot be done by males. It lies with women only. In one of my colleague family called Vishal Shah I found that there have been always been a war at home between his wife and mother since the wife earned more than the husband and they mother in law wanted a share of the same earning. Independence is capped at every step. This the place where I say that not men but women need to be more educated and they can only bring change. I don’t know how many of you will agree but I open the forum for your debate.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Where we are heading with Emotions: Women

Emotions have dried down within the society. The struggle of keeping the faith of trust and emotion is a challenge in today’s world. Respect for women was never there in the society irrespective you are married or not. My great grandmother has 23 children’s and my grandmother had 13 children’s. Thank god I was single. The above journey of women speaks clearly that women are nothing but a pound of flesh for enjoyment. A vagina is not some important compared to the ocean of emotion within a women heart. A women heart is such strange thing on this earth that no one ever dared to name it among the 7th wonders of the world. Women are gifted by God with the ocean of emotion and they have the strength of managing the flood within the same. We men play with this treasure for the sake of Lust and not love.  Today we still find the same story when we come to know those 14 years, 15 years girls are getting married to any age person.

Rape has become challenge game and making pornography of intimate times is the new promotional activity within the society. Breaking heart is easy, breaking trust is easy, breaking a relationship is easy but maintaining all of them makes a complete man. Every lady or women search for a complete man. No one knows the definition of the same. Men’s always play with women emotion for centuries and that’s why we have created today new generation women who are turning out to be emotionless.  Those days of love-driven motivation have dried down which used to rule the world once upon a time. Love emotion is the world’s biggest weapon to create a new world. Everything is not capitalism.

Emotions got to play a huge role. Walking down the side of Juhu Beach or Marine drive is an act of heaven since mechanical life has destroyed our feelings. Rather than having a wild kiss and standing over the skywalk in dark light, it's better to catch a hand and sit together and watch the sunset. We have used Smartphone for watching pornography but we have left the love aspect dried down. We make friends with girls to sleep by the side of them having two flesh activities lasting for an hour. We are have lost love, affection, emotion, senses, feeling the smell of each other etc. In today’s time, we don’t listen to each other heartbeat. We don’t try to feel the emotions. We plan trips and vacations to make sex tapes and enjoy sex rather than building the trust of faith of traveling. Lust has replaced love and trust is replaced with fear.
Now young unmarried couples like to hold hands in dark places as they are scared of sunlight. Relationships have become such that the society now stares at couples sitting together in bus or anywhere. Lust is everywhere and love has evaporated. Sex has become a matter of enjoyment in daily routine. While traveling on a train or in buses we find pornography have become the most open discussion. People have shameless.  Its lust and not love. Feeling and emotions have become cheap.

Friends are no longer trustable. The word trust is neither available for sale in today’s life as it is hardly available. Earlier there used to be a time when parents used to be happy and secure that my child is with his friends. Now we are more scared when they are among their friends. Trust is no longer available. Closed door video games have become the best friend.\

Emotion keeps many lives alive and saves us from becoming mechanical. Thanks to my life and few people who motivate me to get my heart out. Respect for women is not limited to motherhood or sister. Even a girlfriend needs to be respected. Breaking heart is easy, breaking trust is easy, breaking a relationship is easy but maintaining all of them makes a complete man.

If tomorrow women become emotionless then the whole society would go for a toss. Men’s always play with women emotion for centuries and that’s why we have created today new generation women who are turning out to be emotionless. Love is in the air. Respect women and love them emotionally will get your dreams come true. Catch your lover's hand and say I love you placing the hand on heart is the best emotion of the world.

Monday, October 16, 2017


A father lost his son, A mother her son and a Wife Lost his all dreams. For a moment forget about the late SI Amitava Malik  who passed away. Many might think that people are trying to attract sympathy and create a sentimental revolution. I better get into asking few thoughts within the readers mind. According to Time of India The recoveries made by the police following the pre-dawn encounter at Bengal-Sikkim border on Friday and consequent raids across the Hills suggest that the Bimal Gurung brigade has stockpiled huge arms and explosives from the Northeast to challenge the state's might. If he is leader then why he has to use weapons. Who funded these weapons and who has given the money to buy the arms and huge weapons?

Those who are supporting particularly the NGO’s and University and college students do they know that their leader has purchased arms and ammunition to create war like situation where they might kill common people of Darjeeling. These are those people who came up on the streets of Darjeeling for demanding Gorkhland. Does Bimal Gurung needs Gorkhaland for creating a arm smuggling business for the adjoining countries and trying to create mass destruction within India. If he is leader did he really need arms and ammunitions? Did any historical leader for demand of land and separate state did assembly of arm and ammunition assembly   

Those who are instigated to support Bimal Gurung about the Gorkhaland demand should be aware about the quality of their leader they are supporting.

Further I heard that many people raised the point that Police went to catch them without wearing bullet proof jacket or neither having helmet.  Well Police did not have any idea that the Bimal Gurung is now having huge mass storage of arms and ammunition. The police might have thought that they have gone to catch a normal leader.

Gorkhaland demand was planned demand to create problem for the Present West Bengal Government. Well when BJP came up in several states it does not mean that every state before 2014 was under doldrums. The act of BJP in instigating several matters in West Bengal in the last 8 months reveals many stories. The Hindu Muslim Riot in Bashirhat was planned game of them. Finally the father had to die for saving his son who shared the FB post. Now this Gorkhaland demand was a planned strategy of getting West  Bengal defamed. Bimal Gurung has been victim who has been planted to access the depth of the present Government of West Bengal’s strength.  

Among all these incidents noble Police officer passed away since they did not might have the information that Bimal Gurung is now next stage of Terrorist. Well Terrorist only store mass weapons for destruction. The opposition parties must understand that each state is not like Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. The honorable chief minister has fought at huge extent to build west Bengal. Opposition parties are no doubt jealous not only about the West Bengal growth but more about the visionary of growth.  
pposition parties are no doubt jealous not only about the West Bengal growth but more about the visionary of growth.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017


MFID2 the name might sound like Nuclear weapon but for financial markets it’s going to be something of that kind. January 3rd 2018 the European market will witness one of the biggest reforms in the financial market. The recession of 2008 gave birth to many new norms to save guard the investors. MFID2 is a similar policy governing many segments of European financial markets going ahead.  The bond market which is one of the biggest markets followed with complex products are going to take a huge toll on the product manufacturers. In Simple terms MFID 2 means transparency in non equity product trading which is herculean task for the EU product manufacturers. At present, there is little data produced on how individual securities trade, leaving many market participants in the dark. The new norm requires publish information on the liquidity classification of financial instruments and the sizes large in scale compared to normal market size and the size specific to the instrument . European bond market will face the heat while selling bonds in 2018.

 Asian and Emerging markets Bonds Demand  to Grow.

After MFID2 is implemented Asian bond markets will become attractive as outflow of capital will increase. Emerging markets bonds will also become attractive and hence inflows will increase in debt instrument. Infrastructure bonds and other bonds will soon find huge demand for the Asian markets in the coming 2018. Corporate bonds and other masala bonds will become more attractive going ahead and also low CAD of India makes it more lucrative followed with stable currency,l ow inflation rates ,high level of reform polices and domestic growth drivers. Data show that the average daily corporate bond investments have been consistently rising since December 2016 and have achieved an approximate 42.3% increase as on date. In mid-September, the percentage utilisation of the limit for foreign portfolio investment in corporate bonds reached 99.99% indicating foreign investors’ confidence in the Indian market.

Very recently RBI shifted masala bonds from being part of FPI limits in corporate bonds to being subject to External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) limits. The additional 18% headroom created will be available for further investments by FPIs over the next two quarters.Currently the Indian bond market raised  of Rs. 6.7 lakh crore in FY17, a 36% jump over the preceding year’s figures.

If you remember recently there have been some hybrid bonds which have been traded and offered to investors and investments were also done. These bonds were of high quality complicated bonds of hybrid nature where the bond indenture was never explained in full to the clients. MFID2 will help to have a very clear transparency about the holding of the same and the liquidity aspect of the same. Investors will be better informed about these non equity based products. Green bonds will be under huge threat as the parameter for the investors in these bonds are expected to be socially strong in terms of credentials.  Another key area which will get exposed is inter -bank hedging which till now remained in closed doors. After MFID2 is implemented all these hedging details will need to be exposed.

Selling bonds will be difficult in the next year and this would affect currency and investors as many of them will flock for redemption out of panic.

The biggest pain will be for those investors who will not be able to withdraw from the small self-administered scheme in January unless their scheme has met Mifid II rules. Penison schemes will be under pressure if they don’t comply with MFID 2. Hence the problem is going to create simply panic before and during that time frame. The client has to wait until the trustees have applied to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for the document and the scheme has been registered. The catch point is that in between if markets have fallen in the intervening period, the scheme could lose money if the trustee carries out the trade in a down market.

Buyers of the non equity products will have an open option to buy research or not which earlier used to be part of the product in gamut. Transparency is the key. US banks and its other financial arms that are holding these bonds as well as looking ahead to buy such products in future will face one of the toughest days coming ahead. It’s about unbundling the products and this will lead to quality research output as well as many shops will be shut down and many research segments to upgrade their works.

Data will be public and European bonds will be under huge pressure going ahead as closed doors transactions and other gimmicks comes to an end going ahead. From January 3 2018, one of the EU’s most ambitious, packages of financial reforms will be rolled out. Monopoly of the bond players and exchanges will come to an end through this new law.

The last 2 years European banks have been riding rough ride based on profitability issues and liquidity injection where some banks came up with bond issues to save the banks. Most of these bonds were invested by those who knew little about the Hybrid aspect of the bonds. From banks to institutional investors, exchanges, brokers, hedge funds and high-frequency traders all will come under the transparency guideline and hence many of the bonds will face hard times as institutions will have to report more information about most trades immediately, including price and volume.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cost Accountants save them from becoming Auto Rickshaw Drivers.. Varanasi Weavers

In continuation to my previous article on APPLY STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT TO TAKE BENEFIT OF GST I am happy to share an opportunity for the Cost Accountants and its chapters to come up and save the problems of an Indian tradition which is on the path of getting depleted.  In my previous article I accentuated on the B2B network and its huge opportunity for companies to come forward and reap the gains from this unorganised players who are about to leave various industries due to GST. Cost Accountants and cost chapters can play a huge role to save the industry and its players and workers from the sudden death of GST related gaps. From the problem mentioned throughout in the article one will get clear idea and ABC and efficient cost allocation is not at ll followed which has lead to this sudden death of an industry growing from 16th century.

Currently Indian textile industry is under immense threat due to GST related issues. India’s biggest market of sari weaving is Varanasi.  The sari business in the city that has a textile tradition which goes back to at least the 16th century. We all know the Varanasi Sari demand and its quality over the last several decades. GST related issues have ripped the business by 50% and most of the weavers are leaving the profession and heading for Auto Rickshaw drivers etc where they can earn better. Banarasi silk saris rates has fallen to less than half of the Rs 800-Rs 1,000 a week which one used to get  making in September last year. In Varanasi’s Jaitpura-Chhora colony of weavers have abandoned their craft. This segment of sari is an export denominated market where we all know the demand and the price at which they are sold.

GST related issues are placing brakes on then growth of this industry. Most of the weavers and players cannot figure out when to generate bills, how much GST will be applicable and whom to charge.GST regulations require these enterprises to file three returns per month along with all documents on sales, purchases and tax levied and paid which turns out to be a massive problem for these traders and weavers who have little knowledge of the organised mode of business. This segment is highly unorganised and creates immense opportunity for the companies who are larger in this industry to employ or rather develop business relationship with these dying weavers to grow their business. A win-win proposition for both. Access of larger markets and sudden evaporation of middlemen within the industry have left these weavers under no business opportunity.
In my previous article I depicted the picture of creating direct contact with the unorganised players to create new markets and opportunities by educating and developing technological dependent opportunities to remove the traditional barriers. Cost Accountants across India can find huge practicing opportunity at lesser fee but with huge long term loyalty of clients by educating and working together with the weavers.
 The cost accountants can bridge these gaps through their existing business partners or through their clients who can get in direct touch with these weavers or unorganised players to create new opportunities. Around  90%  of the business is in the unorganised sector employing large numbers of weavers who are uneducated and unable to handle the technicalities of GST. Hence  cost accountants and the chapters can come up and get huge batch of client tale who might not be able to pay huge fee but a moderate fee and technical support can make huge opportunity to explore.

Till July, they did not charge any tax at all from customers, choosing to absorb the cost themselves. Efficient costing methods like ABC and target costing can help these weavers to make substantial profit without even increasing the price.  I find this one of the best example and opportunity for the cost Accountancy profession to support not only Varanasi weavers but other weavers placed in different location.

Efficient cost management will help the industry to offer healthy credit facility without making jaw dropping business outlook for the long term. Efficient cost management and working capital management will lead to compilation of GST related invoicing deadlines and also growth of the industry.  Suppliers of raw material such as fibres and zari  (gold or silver thread)  have  stopped giving weavers material on credit and started insisting on immediate payment. They simply don’t have money in their pockets. This is gray area since cost accounting tools are being avoided and hence due to no knowledge of the subject working capital shortage has turned into a anaconda swallowing up such a huge Rs 5000cr  market.

Most of the weavers and players cannot figure out when to generate bills, how much GST will be applicable and whom to charge. They are unable to figure out how much GST to charge for a sari in which they have used both polyester and cotton – a popular combination for cheaper power loom saris. 

Its an huge opportunity for the practicing community of cost accountants and their clients to create a new market opportunity for these weavers who are shifting into become Auto Rickshaw drivers.Its an opportunity for the profession to convert an unorganised market into organised players with efficient capital and cost managmenet.


GST has started playing its tune and the benefits of the music in healing the economic gaps will be witnessed after a year almost. Among these I find that there is an immense opportunity for the industry to take opportunity of expanding their business and developing new frontiers particularly into B2B segment which earlier used to work as only commission agents between the agency networks. Strategic cost management application will help to increase market share and revenue from a ready available market through the blessing of GST. This article depicts the road map for creating unorganized players into organized segment and making companies to win new market of new B2B players in those areas.   It’s a first mover’s advantage and always remembers the unorganized will be completely eliminated but certain fraction will be out. Unorganized players are currently in search of some avenue to save from GST affects and this is the right time to strike chord for growth of business.  The rest will be required to nurture to tap the potential of new market frontiers for sale of products. Remember these unorganized players cannot afford to sit at home for the sake for GST hence come ahead to create new B2B frontiers.  
Indian companies needs to think and apply strategic cost management tools to create new markets and frontiers from the current GST issues.

Developing new markets and reducing Branch fixed compliance cost under GST is the key success road map. This segment can be capitalized to convert into a main stream B2B network. This segment is about to evaporate as GST as increased the compliance cost and they are the ones who are under the unorganized segment of the market. This B2B of unorganized segment can be converted into organized provided the company applies the strategic cost management to grow the business network. They are less cost consuming and looking for some extra income apart from their mainstream business/profession line.

B2B expansion under this category will be faster as one is getting a ready distributor with zero cost of acquisition and converting the same into the main stream business line. B2B is one of the most efficient ways of increasing revenue without incurring any fixed cost to sale your products. B2B market expansion will be easier under the current circumstances as one will get ready well trained and well ready market. A company need its product development team to educate about the products and sales team needs to train these new B2B players about where and how to pitch. Hence less cost of acquisition, less gestation period for revenue generation and the best time for an opportunity as the GST have been implemented. Most of the companies will lose sight or will be compelled for entertaining any more non GST complaint middlemen who used to be ruling any product market.

Current GST rates might make few products less attractive and some people out of employment. This is the key for B2B market development. Those companies who are planning to expand can come ahead and educate and train about GST and replace these people with product where margins of revenue will affect the cost of operating for these B2B players.

We all know that in FMCG industry building the distributor business is the key aspect for saving fixed cost of having a branch etc.   This key area can be utilized again under GST as many companies will find huge compliance cost aspect under GST from multiple branches hence developing the B2B network is the best way to reduce fixed compliance cost for the companies as well as increasing a business network and revenue for the company.

Technology can be used judiciously to replace and educate these new B2B networks to increase business and reduce own fixed cost. The one who used to work in unorganized market segment can be easily attracted towards organized provided the products changes where margins makes sustainability of the B2B network praise worthy.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Brexit have been keen focus area for the global economy in order to get an idea about the opportunities and deaths of opportunities arising from the same. EU is totally under a mixed bag scenario where the latest election win by Merkel is also under intense pressure as her chair is having 4 different collation parties support. Among all these doldrums I find France is going to be the biggest growth contributor for the EU and particularly a strong supporter for Merkel in his policy frame works in the long term. France is going to be the biggest growth opportunity market for the EU after Brexit and its preparing itself for the same. President Emmanuel Macron’s reform policies are going to be huge contributor for the economic growth of France over the next decade. 39 years old President is having enough oxygen in his blood to pump up the France Economy and became a strong contributor to the EU on the large picture.

The president is pushing technological shifts and adoption at rapid space which will change the traditional industries of France in the long term. These changes will create new job opportunities and attraction for VC funds in his country.  Innovation have been given huge thrust followed with entrepreneurship so as to adopt technology and make massive restructuring in its economy followed with Tax cuts, converting wealth tax into property tax adoption of Artificial Intelligence in its business and services creating huge flow of opportunities for many countries to invest in France.   Reform measures have been going good till now and one of the biggest achievements have been the Labour reform measures in France which plays pivotal role for the industrial investments to grow in France. Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data  are being highly applied and adopted in the industries in France. Service industry will get huge boost up as technology will smoothen the process and innovation cult will play the tunes of growth for France.

France auto industry is coming up in big way with innovate technological driven products in the coming years very soon. Young French graduates are increasingly trying their luck with startups. The step towards reducing the corporate tax rate from 33% to 25% over five years plays pivotal role to push up the climate of investments in his country. The President is committed to improve not only the GDP but also to become a close alia of Germany.  A huge focus has been deployed to improve the education and qualification of France so as to match the demand for the global economy.  The whole of EU and Germany will support France in all respect after Brexit since France is  a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a nuclear power, will be the EU’s only member with military muscle.

French venture capital funds have raised €2.7 billion (£2.4 billion) from investors so far this year, compared with €2.3 billion in the UK, the first time France has raised more venture capital money. In the area of education its being found that by the age of 15, 40% of French pupils from poorer backgrounds are “in difficulty”, a figure six percentage points above the OECD average. French schools, with their demanding academic content and testing, do well by the brightest children, but often fail those at the bottom.  This is the key place where they are working to make over the traditional education polices. This will uplift the quality of education and manpower in the long term.

The Recent trouble of NATO and Paris Climate issues keeps France as strong supporter for the EU to stand together. Brexit and Merkel’s current condition creates immense opportunity for thr new President to negotiate and get the best for his country. The way the economic growth factors are being looked upon by the President its well clear that in coming months we will witness some healthy growth numbers from France and many countries of EU involved in this growth journey.

Those looking for investment opportunities can look towards France and be rest assured that the adversities of EU will be beneficial for the France followed with a strong support from Merkel who in her last term have to play lot of music. Neither France nor EU will get second chance to turn around the whole of the economy from the collapse faced in this decade.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Chinese economy has changed a lot and its behavioral financial outlook is also changing dramatically. The country set to become the next island for innovation for the global economy. Its economic growth engines are getting changed and one needs to be aware of the same.It might take few more couple of years before the show of innovation attracts the world but the platform is currently under construction. A population itself is a big opportunity for making billions in china and connecting the dots with the untapped market of china. China is shifting from made in china to innovate by china and will create many disruptive business-to-consumer technologies in the coming decade. When china is shifting from export to service then a land of smart phone along with internet will create revolution in the coming decade for service industry.

China is no longer a copy cat market any more. They are now turning into creators of the upcoming technologic booms in the coming decade. Well the proof of the pudding is that around $77bn of venture-capital (VC) investment poured into Chinese firms from 2014 to 2016, up from $12bn between 2011 and 2013. Don’t forget that there are 609 billionaires in China compared with 552 in America. This number speaks of many things where inflow of capital for new startups and innovation is ample and not dependent on any slowdown affecting any part of the global economy. Smartphone and internet has been a boom for the economy and this key area makes china to be more valuable for innovation and startups. China has gone to cash less economy but not to the fullest extent till now. The volume of mobile payments shot up almost fourfold last year, to $8.6trn, compared with just $112bn in America.

Many innovate segments are opening up and which are huge opportunity for the Chinese economy to fill up the gaps and head towards a huge growth. These growths are technologically dependent and don’t require traditional business strategies and other modes. Innovation is at the heart of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), which sets the aims to become an “innovation nation” by 2020, an international leader in innovation by 2030, and a world powerhouse in scientific and technological innovation by 2050. Chinese manufacturing plants are getting to production enhancement where environment friendly and service based modules are being adopted. This it creates Chinese economy to be more opportunistic for growth and investments in the coming years. In house technology and creation of employment have been one of the key demands for the economy which can be easily achieved through the current changing geometry of the industries in china.

China’s expenditure on research and development accounted for 1.42 percent of GDP in 2006 and the ratio increased to 2.1 percent in 2016. In 2016, China had over 1.1 million patents for inventions, ranking third after the United States and Japan. The latest Global Innovation Index showed China rose three places to 22nd on the list of the world’s most innovative nations in 2017, the only middle-income country to join the top 25 innovative economies.

Cash less and online business opportunities have created Alibaba which is valued around $60 billion.  More Alibaba is on the way across various industries and segments.  China is shifting from made in china to innovation by china. This will save the Chinese economy from any type of futuristic trade restriction by countries like US etc. In house job creation and opportunities to reduce the gap of development within Chinese various states is the key to success. With a consumer market of 1.3 billion people china has immense opportunities at home to grow and create opportunities of its economic growth in the coming decade. The only time it takes is to create and transform the economic gaps within china’s own state.

The speed of innovation in china speaks rest of the story. 
  • Chinese scientists completed all the experiments designed for the world's first quantum satellite a year ahead of schedule, laying the foundation for a hack-proof global quantum communication network.
  • China's supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight, have been named as the world's fastest computer at both the 2016 and 2017 International Supercomputing Conferences held in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • China have developed a search for alternative clean energy sources by completing a 60-day trial of mining gas hydrates, commonly known as combustible ice, in the South China Sea.
  • China launched its first X-ray space telescope to observe black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts.
  • Well these scientific researchers have nothing to do for many people but it reflects the volume of capital injected within segments and the volume of returns and growth achieved from different sectors in china and how it will contributes over the coming decade to an investor. Big data analytics are being use to revive the weak social aspects within the Chinese economy.

Venture capitalist in china are backing up the innovators who are not from any industry background and willing to start from scratch. This is a big challenge and threat for the global investors as they will be thrown out of the window.  In gamut china is now becoming self reliant economy slowly and gradually. Intellectual property rights have been war fare in china and global companies are not lead alone to grow but through JV. Chinese economy is making a slow but steady sea change in its economic growth engines which will be more clear when the slowdown of the global economy will not affect china more as home grown demand of its services are far more bigger than any recession numbers.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017


What they want to say and what we want to hear? Many of us might have forgotten that Iceland faced a hard time when its banks went for toss and Norway SWF too the bet much before in these banks at the time of collapse. Norway’s shorting of Icelandic bonds particularly in anticipation of the weak ,over leveraged Icelandic financial meltdown lead an opportunity for SWF to hedge against an for a country that already which had significant exposure to that particular industry. By the way don’t forget George Soros too. In 1992 international investor George Soros famously “broke” the Bank of England by shorting more than US$10 billion worth of pounds, pocketing more than US$1 billion in the process and forcing the Bank of England to withdraw from the European exchange rate mechanism (ERM).

History repeats but the cleavers are the ones who identify the history and takes immense opportunity from the same. In 2008 recession the SWF took around billions of pledges mostly in advance through various financial instruments among those who were used to Claimed As Too BIG TO FAIL. The trend of taking opportunity is the key direction for understanding the long term repercussion of the act.The below data reflects when the SWF took exposure and how much information they carried for the collapse of 2008 financial collapse. This raises the eyebrow for finding the trend and understanding the pattern.

SWF lost million to when the invested between November 2007 to 2008 but the made many times of what they lost. The below stake holding details will make the subject more clear. Chaos theory says patterns needs to be followed which gives indication of the upcoming trends of events.

Identification of opportunity for SWF is clearly shows when on January 15th 2008 much before the Lehman Brothers collapse in September 15th 2008, the governments of Singapore, Kuwait and South Korea provided much of a $21 billion lifeline to Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, two banks that have lost fortunes in America's credit crisis. They invested and saved the banks and later on standing at 2017 please calculate the returns these SWF made from the stake they hold. Buy back of Shares was the Boon funded by QE. SWF In 2008, accounted for 28 percent of the deals, worth 75 percent of the total value ($96.2 billion).

Currently the world largest SWF Norways officially known as the Government Pension Fund of Norway,  which stands at $1 trillion has changed its strategy towards equity where it increased its equity exposure to 70% from 60% and cuts down on corporate bonds and only exposure towards government bonds. Further is will invest in dollar, pound and not yen as yen liquidity is a problem. Further might face problem of North Korea related problems later on. Brexit is an opportunity for the pound and hence its bet keeping the long term vision.

These changes indicates many aspect but as per my limited thought a short position on global equities and also buying at low levels leads to increase of asset allocation towards equities. a 2ndly government bond tends to be a safe bet when equities and economic warfare comes into game. Currently the SWF has about $80bn — was in corporate bonds. They will slowly liquidate and wait for the maturity and more over they will not take additional exposure.

The top 10 holdings of the fund, as of August 2017:
·         Apple
·         Nestle
·         Alphabet
·         Royal Dutch Shell
·         Microsoft
·         Novartis
·         Roche Holding
·         Amazon
·         HSBC
·         Johnson & Johnson
Crude as an asset class is no longer a viable multiplier of returns now hence equities are the best to play with. With some $6.5 trillion in assets, sovereign investors already account for 19 per cent of capital committed to private equity. By the end of 2016, 61 per cent of SWFs had allocations to private equity, a record high, and 63 per cent to real estate. When assessing maturity, NBIM said a set limit of no greater than 10 years would allow for more consistent returns across countries, increased stability and increased immunity to the impact of adjustments by non-price-sensitive players. Technological shifts and uncertain economic growth have leas SWF to think in this pattern.

Are we heading for a collapse may be since valuations and growth in prices gap are widening and hence the essence of reliability is weaning. Geo-political tension is another headache which can turn the wieners into losers.  Every economy of a country cannot grow simultaneously when ground realities says  gap is widening.  SWF change of pattern indicates silently many things which we need to read and understand .

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Infertility and low Sperm count is big issue in today’s life style diseases. My readers will be surprised that how suddenly from economics and finance I Came into these subjects. Well these subjects are social matters which are followed with life style irregularities are the prime reason behind the declining sperm count.  But most of the families pass the blame of delay in having child to the women. For a male dominated society it’s quite difficult for them to accept that they have problem in their sperm count or quality.

This problem has grown stupendously in India and in those countries where pollution have played a vicious role. Increasing infertility rates are based on the lifestyle changes resulting in stress and obesity caused by lack of physical exercise, changes in eating habits and pollution accompanied by medical disorders like diabetes. Most common problems men face are low sperm count, morphology abnormalities and low motility of sperm. The problems are no longer restricted to close doors as crime against women and the growing torture have increased stupendously arising from this segment.
This is prime reason behind household turbulence and other issues arising from the problems of infertility. Men’s changed life styles have created a huge problem.

 In urban areas we find that most of them are joining GYM to increase the hormones, gets routine in terms of balanced diet and also to get the toxins out of the body to increase the sperm quality and fertility rates. After its being found that once the family gets the desired outcome the men’s leave the GYM and get back to the old norms.

If you notice the habits of the people in the GYM we will witness this trend of people more. Families which are conservative in mind pass the blame and other violence related activities over the women. Divorce second marriages are the ones who rule in these cases where the families are conservative in kind in accepting the problems. One more thing which is being observed is the impotency trend which is driving frustration among the males dominated society which leads to various type of sexual abusive activities. I find pornography being one of the most important devils for this type of abusive behavior. Discussion on sex and display of excessive pornography on social media has lead to a significant threat for the society.  Excessive Masturbation leads to change in the behavior and on social values towards the society.

This excessive and unusual masturbation leads to crime and unusual matters. Its being found that those who are having their families in rural areas and have come to Urban for earning are under the severe threat of these imbalances. Not having proper education and low values towards the women towards the society have lead to crimes such as sexual abuse, rape, child rape and many such activities.  

Sexual demand is not wrong. It’s a very important part of life but the problem begins with detachment with families either by compulsion or by family based issues of keeping the wife at village as servant to take care of old age parents. Social imbalances create huge problem for the society which many of us don’t learn and later on this creates problem.

Sexual discussion often has lead to change in hormones which leads to frustration and stress and often this stress is diluted through rape and child abuse.  The root cause is not having proper education about excessive sex and pornography related issues and how it can destroy one’s life and family.  The society needs to develop certain session where these type of issues should be discussed and conveyed to the people. NGO’s can easily come forward to depart the harmfulness of these matters. If we can distribute condoms for safe sex then we need to convey and educate people about the harmful effects of these excessive pornography and sexual related discussion. One to one session opportunities will be big boon as many of them will come for seeking proper advice to resolve the imbalances taking birth in mind and eliminate them from their itself.

Families who are facing the issues of the infertility should be more opening minded and various social media can be utilized in general sense to show the path of resolving these issues. Most of the families and people who are conservative in mind should will not come forward in case of fertility related issues. The social media broadcasting of these issues will lead many men’s to understand and come forward for treatment rather torturing women for the same. I find many families come up with this opine that our great grand fathers used to have 10 to 15 children in their life time and hence how the fertility of the 3rd of 4th generation can low. Well for them I would like to accentuate that our great grand fathers did not have so much pesticides related food items and neither so much pollution. They used to be involved in social activities, sports etc where the current generation is glued with social media and electronic devises. Hence there is heaven and hell difference between with our great grandfather life and ours life style.

Departing education and solution will only remove the dark Knight days of superstition etc. Superstitious has become a big business and most of the cases which heads towards superstitious is not having child at home despite of several years of marriage. These superstitious businesses have grown many folds by fooling people. We must understand that excessive smoking, Gutkha, unhealthy food habits, alcohol, and stressful life with no exercise are prime reasons behind such low fertility rates. Superstition has no place in all these things as they cannot help you to get into proper life style. Having a proper life style and managing the same is the key factor behind improving the hormones and sperm quality.

Families should be more supportive and should not torture the women just acting blindly on the subject. Women’s are being tortured for not having child should be stopped. 

Friday, September 1, 2017


In continuation to my previous article on early marriage between the age of 19 to 22 I find that we men’s are the real reasons behind the early marriage. We tease, we pass comments we create a threatening atmosphere by acid attacks which kills the dream of the girls for higher education. We men’s are uneducated at home and even after getting basic schooling. We think that by dominating someone we will prove our strength.  This is education of dominating have been passed as legacy by the uneducated traditional education departed from our grand fathers to us. Our grand fathers used to treat women just item for sex  and that’s why they used to have 12 to 15 even 21 children. Now please don’t blame that there were nothing as entertainment hence sex was the only entertainment. Well our grandfathers should have understood that how much pain it takes for a child to take birth which is being born by women. Hence 12 15 or 21 are not numbers they are pains for 9 months with many cases of death and even post delivery medical complications.

Now our fore fathers taught as eye for an eye and that’s what has been passed as legacy to the mens society. The torture on women is not restricted to women now. Yes the funniest part of the education taught by our forefather right from the school days that eye for eye has lead to the birth of ragging in today’s society. Just imagine how much pain your children who are also men face when they go through the path of ragging. Does nay one knows from where this ragging concept came up. Its nothing. It has come up from that same dominating education where eye for eye was taught. Now men’s have gone beyond women and have started killing their own masculine.

The education of domination and males are the sole powerful animal of the society have lead to killing of young generation from small incidents which often happen on Street. One family saw his father bitting her wife, then the legacy passed to son and he did also the same thing and later the grandchild also walked on the footsteps of the grandfather and father and he also started the same with his wife. Now   when this type of education is departed then one fine morning the father or the grand father is thrown out of the house. Yes ill treatment legacy passes to everyone and it cannot be stopped now. The generation has taught only humiliation and no love and affection. Eye for eye does not mention or define which eye to be plucked off. Many of my friends will come up with strong strictures that this type of education has not been passed to everyone. Well I am talking of the ones who bite their wife, engaged in the profession of ragging and ones who throw acid on acid on women who do don’t accept love or sex proposal.

We men’s have messed up and we are directionless regarding eye for an eye. We need to understand and accept what our grandfathers did or taught were wrong. Well not all wrong but at the same time not all right also.

Our attitude towards women and society is so much dominating that we are throwing   acid on our own daughters . We have destroyed the society.  That 12 to 15 children used to be from our own wife but the matter is not of child’s but of sex being treated as birth right from women. Now they legacy of sex passed on but with a different lesson that have sex from any one you wish. The perception got changed that sex is proof of the masculine.  Treating women as object for sex enjoyment lead to negligible emotional attachment to the women’s lead to a devastation. 

Now in a society where women are dominated and tortured they also grow the mentality of dominance and torture over the period time as the legacy of the same passes slowly and infects a noble heart also. Now when that woman gets power in hand in the form of Mother In law the devil of Dominance dominates and kills the girl after who is newly married. Either you face the same torture and abide the Mother In laws Brutality or get burnt or killed by the In laws Yes this the legacy we have created and passed through the mindset of masculine dominance.

I find education is the prime reason behind this social imbalance and masculine mindset. Primitive education is just like the primitive ways of communication. We not only need smart cities , smart phone but also smart well educated mind set where completion within family or within husband and wife is zeroed. We need a society of understanding that dominating each other don’t lead to growth of one’s life. Eye for an eye has lead to the birth of ragging, acid attack and many more such incidents.

Even in Urban society we find this primitive mind set. Masculine domination is eradicating our next generations. 

Even I find that there are many TV serials where this masculine domination is being telecasted which is giving a wrong lesson to the this generation which will further amplify into eye for an eye. Today you throw acid on someone face on the other day someone else will throw on your family member. You need to understand that Brutality has now future. Accepting life and making a progressive mindset is the ideal masculine mindset. Innovation should never be in closed doors. It should always be open.

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