School plays a vital role in the economic growth over the long term. School education plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of an economy and also makes a country competitive compared to others. If proper monitoring is not being implemented at school levels then there will be a huge impact on the future of an economy.  Based upon this segment it's being found that School dropout is a serious matter concern for an economy.

Education dropout has been a huge burden on the global economy costing trillions of dollars beyond calculation. The subject might sound new but it has a huge responsibility for any economy to stop the same. Now before we dig further into the subject we need to figure out what it means by drop out education. Many students don’t attain full education as they might be influenced by many factors like poor family backgrounds, the death of the bread earner, addiction to drugs or other such practices and mostly not able to cope up with the current education system. The last one is one of the most powerful reasons behind such an act of education drop out. Innovative minds are slaughtered under the traditional teaching methodologies which converts a dormant mind into barren land. Children’s are the biggest innovators as they have the innovative mindset which they apply to get an economy on a growth path in the long term.

A child has the biggest gift of learning by of its own. Its innovative mind is the biggest gift to the society.  Its nature of learning process is often dominated by the school's process and education system prevailing within the society. School dropout is a problem which is less addressed but has a huge impact on the society and government. 
Child molestation and abuse have also been found one of the key reasons which spread fear for drop out.  Schools are no longer safe and teachers are no longer those old guru types.  Sexual abuse and other mental tortures by teachers provoke students to drop out from schools.

Drop out Education leads to create any impact on the society are as follows:

•    Income inequality 
•    Growth of Crime 
•    Rising Social benefits for the government
•    Increase of poverty lines within the society 
•    Passage of legacy from one generation to another due to weak base of parents
•    Growth of Prostitution

In all together it can be said that school education drop has a huge impact on social inequality.  Most of the governments where social benefits are passed on are more of this school education drop out. These people don’t get the job properly and hence over a period of time social benefits a burden for the government. 

The reason behind the dropouts is not purely on the side of the students. It happens since no one cares about these students and the current education system passes the blame to the students only. This is one of the prime reasons that negligence at the junior level leads to a massive problem for the society and government later on. The current education system leads to a problem of not being able to cope up with the changes within student mind. A barren land is never barren until it’s watered. Once that land is watered flowers or grass blossom out of the same and makes it fertile land. The innovative mind is prevalent among the children from the time of their birth. Now, this innovative mind is killed and dragged with the traditional school syllabus followed with the death of that innovative culture of education.

In many countries, a combination of discrimination, social attitudes, poverty, lack of political will, and poor quality of human and material resources leave children with disabilities more vulnerable to being excluded from education. It is essential that societies adapt their education systems to ensure that these children can enjoy their basic human right without discrimination of any kind.

 Taking care of Drop out of students should be monitored on a genuine basis and also proper measures should be adopted to identify the loopholes in the education system so that dropouts are reduced. Teachers should also be groomed from time to time so that they could also update and manage the emotional aspects and work pressure. Monotonous school activities and also low motivational activities within Teachers and students will lead to amplification of dropouts from schools. 

Every school should have a department to cater and monitor the school dropout activities so that they can get into the root cause of such activities and can take appropriate actions.  One must understand the school is the prime place where the future of the economy gets nourished.  If the same school neglects these things then ultimately the economy of a country has to suffer.