Friday, May 23, 2014

Invisible capital: For Cost Accountants & Company Secretaries in Practice – PART 4

I got couple of queries regarding my previous articles where I was asked that why only cover cost accountants and not company secretaries.  Well my practising articles are applicable for both the professions and I have full support and patronage towards both the practising communities. In continuation to my previous articles about Invisible capital : For Cost Accountants in Practice – PART 3

I have found we do certain mistakes in the initial days when we start planning about the practising. The biggest mistake we do is that we take the decision of starting the same alone. This is the biggest mistake in the initial process we commit due to which we keep on creating mistakes one after the another. We should always begin practising business with multiple or group of qualified or semi-qualified members/candidates. The biggest advantages to this point are that you get many young brains from where you get energy as well as motivation followed ideas to move the wheels of the practising. Remember business with multiple founders’ works best since it creates value proposition from all angles. 

I find that while starting practising we don’t focus on the segment of clients we need to cater. We move blindly and try to tap every client without having a specific target. This is the biggest mistake. When we commit these types of mistakes we get frustrated easily later on since we don’t have clear map regarding the segment of client we should focus. We always make a comparison with others while starting the practice and we dream that we will be able to create a replica of the same. This is the point of birth of disaster. We need to understand that their business models, their clients, their services and quality of delivery are different and we cannot copy the same on a overnight basis. I repeated several times that don’t try to copy or get into the shoes of someone else. Every business has its own process and expertise of growing and developing. Hence you must try and work hard to understand the clients of you want to acquire and you have acquired. This is the inflection point of creating the difference and your practising business.

Now in order to understand your clients you need to create a profile file for your clients where you will record all the brief details about the clients business and its process. This would work as a bible for developing your advisory business where you will provide cost management business strategic expertise to the client. You need to document all the hardcore facts and brief details about the clients business and read that several times so that you can create value proposition for your client. This also helps you to understand several inter linked business models associated with your clients. You networking would get new shape since as you keep on understanding your clients business you will be keen to develop networks related to his business where you can link up those networks and create difference for the clients. This is the process of creating invisible capital.

This is process through which you create value and competitive advantage. When you have the documented text with yourself where you don’t include any finance or tax related document but only business profile and its process matters you get a clear understanding of the business process. This will work as reference book for you even when you escalate your business of practising to new heights. I have found that we discuss in small groups about the professional draw backs and our limited area of scope and about our competitors. Our biggest challenge is that we are competitors of our own and not of any other. The earlier we adopt and change the attitude of creating a different identification and signature we will be able to create a strong practising business model. We need to understand that we are sating limited scope of practising by getting into the eyes of someone else and not from out of the box. We need to think out of the box and create new avenues for the practising profession of Cost Accountants and Company Secretariats.

Last time I was discussing about value and ethical values which are linked with your Invisible capital. You all must have heard about Sarad Scam and now Rose Valley Corporation. I don’t need to explain further about them. The point here is that you will get many companies like this in the form opportunity where you can make extensive amount of money if you get attached to them. They might be short term windfall gainers but the long term heads only towards spoiling the practising business and spending sleepless nights. Hence avoid these lucrative opportunities which are non- other than death traps. This is the prime reason why I persisted on ethics and high moral values to be part of the Invisible Capital. Your invisible capital would save you from death traps as well as also increases your business opportunities and improvises your quality of service. Remember if you don’t compromise with yourself neither will be your practising.  Try to increase the moral values then automatically you will find incremental increase in the cost accounting profession and within the competitors.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

(Big DATA Analysis) Invisible capital : For Cost Accountants in Practice – PART 3

In my last article which I wrote about Developing Invisible capital : For Cost Accountants in Practice – PART 2  I discussed about process of practising and developing the process for the same. I am continuing that  series into the segment of use of technology in the profession of Cost Accounting and practising which will create a competitive advantage for practising . We all know that what we mean by big data analysis but as cost accountants we need to get a better hand regarding the subject. In my previous articles I have been discussing about use of technology to improve either cost accounting or the profession of practising. Over here I will depict both the pictures. I will breaking the process into several articles so that it doesn't get confusing at the same time you can adopt different angles of the Big Data Analysis in the profession. 


Big data analysis helps cost management decision making to new heights. In this article I would focus more on linking the analytical part with the better cost management tools which would help the mid level and senior level professionals to develop better decision making. We often eliminate products which don’t find a significant market and hence the product reaches the end of the life cycle. This leads to a substantial loss of business and brand equity of an organization.  

The extensive research and development cost associated with the product development also gets into toss and finally the company becomes desperate to prove its brand value to the end user through desperate moves of a new product launch. This is one of the most problems of every company across every economy. Big Data analysis helps to identify the drop of product sales and also saves the product from getting into the trap of ending life cycle very early.  It has been found that life cycle of a product can be saved if proper metrics and analytical skills are being deployed. First we need to create set of questions based upon which the process of data analysis should travel.
  • When the sales growth pricked up?
  • What offerings were offered during the product launch?
  • When those offerings and promotion schemes were withdrawn?
  • What type of pattern regarding the season, age segment of consumer buying the product?
  •  Analyses the process of promotion and the affect thereto.
Based on these when we develop the process of the data analysis we get many interesting facts figures regarding the product life cycles. The biggest advantage of BIG data analysis in these cases is that the concept of planned obsolescence, where products are intentionally designed with a short lifespan, will no longer benefit a company or its bottom line gets exposed. The organization process and foul plays of the competitor are exposed. Coming back to the story, big data analysis identifies the rationales with logical reasoning’s behind the product life cycle failures and raises above the assumption theories. Longevity of the product is the key focus and requirement of data analysis involvement in this process. Big data analysis can lead to creation of better target costing and better pricing of products increasing revenue for the organization.  Improvement in supply chain management through deployment of big data analysis which would reduce the inventory cycle and also block the loopholes of abnormal loss can increase the efficiency of the raw material pricing which finally increases the better pricing of the product. Cost Accounting and Cost Accountants can create revolution in the efficiency of the organization through Big Data Analysis.

In our earlier case where we figured out the failure behind product life cycle coming to an quick end, the same could find out the target consumers for the product and combining big data analysis report for better raw material prices, the end product could be made more efficient in terms of pricing. This combination would lead to revival and efficient product life cycle.

Big data analysis is now going to be the next level for academic education and I find that schools and colleges should introduce compulsory courses on statistical analysis and other areas where the level of knowledge of the student and future executives are empowered for making and developing better decision and products and process. Cost Accountants should adopt Big Data Analysis in their practising field since this will improvise the advisory business module and would create a competitive advantage of the same.

In my research I find that in many foreign universities like Harvard university one of the prestigious universities has already launched course in data science which last year attracted  400 students, from the schools of law, business, government, design, and medicine, as well from the College, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and even MIT. Further the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) will introduce a new master’s program in computational biology and quantitative genetics next year, likely a precursor to a Ph.D. program. In SEAS, there is talk of organizing a master’s in data science. 

This is place where I repeatedly discuss about learning and hence we need to learn the Big Data Analysis. We cost accountants needs to do some courses on statistical which would give us the edge for understanding the subject as well as get into the BIG DATA Analysis. We need to learn and adopt technological innovation and create break through cycles in profession as well as in practising.Big Data would create revolution to the profession of Cost Accounting if implemented. So dont be the late to catch on but be the first to strike the difference.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Developing the Invisible capital….Practising Cost Accountants

In my first article on Invisible capital: For Cost Accountants in Practice  I tried my best to give a clear picture about the practising insights for the new young Cost Accountants. In this series I would like to focus on the key areas where we all go wrong and get into the battle of frustration after starting the practising segment. This is the place where we upgrade the Invisible capital for the development of our practising profession. We need to adopt the culture of lean management through which we can get in to the inch of professionalisms. We need to reduce our wastage of time and focus more on efficient utilization of the time. We need a discipline approach and fixed routine unless we get the routine in to habit.  We need to focus on those areas where time and resources are not wasted. We often create the list of what to do. Well in practising we need to create the list of what not to do.  I have discussed about networking in the last article but this time I would like to help you further about the process of networking. Try to figure out the were of these questions and use them always when you are moving ahead in any direction in practising.

  •        Where to go alone and where to partner some one?
  •        Whether and when to invest in process for formulation and planning process?
  •        When and how to scale business?
  •         Which resources needs time to nurture and grow?
 One of the ways to include staff from cheap sources is employ the intermediate passed students so that they would also learn the process and they might turn out to be gems for your practising firms. Moreover with a young energy level remain on the top and any new venture can easily be cracked since young minds are the innovation hubs. In my research I have found that we find excuses when the going gets tough in practising. Over here I would suggest use the technique of validated learning where hiding story of failures and making story of failures are being avoided. In validate learning process you start discussing about the facts and figures and you find reasoning behind the failures and learn it into the process. It’s the opposite of blame game. This process is more important than the traditional process of speculative business approach. You make yourself and your team ready to read the facts and plan accordingly.
Well in order to read and hear the facts we need to have couple of questions handy which will guide your practising business.
  •       What should we build and for whom?
  •       What market could we enter and dominate the same?
  •       How could we create durable value that would not be subject to erosion by competition?
Remember the above questions needs to be grilled when one starts planning for the practising segment. All the above queries would lead to better networking and focused networking. I find many practising members who are new are shy and having negative mindset regarding how they will present themselves. Look if you stand in corner and glare at the people it will be of no use. Hence change the attitude and be the first to move and introduce you. If you are too nervous make introduction speech of yourself and just throw that to the networking. Rest will move as per normal discussion. In practising more than getting work and building network its important to have high moral values about your profession and high quality regarding your service, quality of delivery and work ethics. Remember smart people always would test you giving wrong proposals in order to test your ethical values and levels.  
Be careful of these traps. As a start up you will have pressure on your price negotiation for your services. Well don’t be afraid of the 1st deal. If you deliver the work with quality and high ethical values then next time you are best choice for the client. Since the client always knows better than you that from whom he can get what type of services. Remember today people value quality over price. More importantly try to design the process of the work delivery in such a way that next time you get referral from the client of another client. This is the best way of improving and keeping tab over the quality of work delivery over the time. Develop feedback system from you client. Many of my friends would say that client always ask more at cheap. Well that’s the cutting edge of killing competition and surviving.  Many feed backs may not be of any use but still it might throw some idea to create your practising unique. I am giving thrust more on cost accountants practising work since the Indian GDP is just going to enter in to huge growth phase. As cost accountant, try to figure out value creating activities and the ones which are wasteful and takes away much of your resources.
One question might come up that how to create values for the clients apart from the routine business. This is the place of creating competitive advantage. Try to understand the business of your client and offer him free advice about improving his business starting from process to revenue. When you advise them and develop strategies for growth you getting extra edge and the client gets you into notice and relationship start getting building. We often here that we should build relationship but we don’t know how to build the relationship other than work in hand. Hence we need to take an extra mileage for getting into the field of advisory.
We study the subject of strategic cost management but how many of us use the same in the advisory business model of practising. This is the place where we need to learn but after little struggle in practising we drop learning from our process and we become focus towards getting revenues and business profits to run the practising. This is the place where competition eats you and you narrow yourself down the time. You need to read, attain classes and learn strategic business management which will give you the edge of creating business value to your clients. Use your networking to connect the dots of the business growth for your clients. Like if your client is looking for a change in its suppliers of raw material help him to connect with someone in your network. 
This will automatically increase your practising value from both ends of the clients and also you networking gets strong relationship. This is the reason why I asked you all in the above lines diverse and be focused towards networking. This is process of developing firm and creating values for your business. Never compromise on values and ethics since the day you do some one will eat your business and you will be out of the market.  

Friday, May 16, 2014


Way the elections have been won by BJP its well clear that state elections of the individual states would be another key game changer for the Indian economic growth. The ways UPA & Alliances have been defeated and the short time they have to make turnaround is going to be challenging factor for the state governments of their own constituency and Alliances. Growth and immediate policy actions would be the key factor for making BJP sole game winner in every state election.

We are forgetting that today Indian states are not individual states they are all well connected. Migration and interchange of labors into other states and weak performance and development of individual states where UPA & Alliance were having rule are the prime reason behind the fall of UPA & Alliances and its Alliances. We will witness new approach towards the economic development where every state and every political party has to compete with work and development and not through traditional emotional messages. In short they cannot fool people. People have completely ruled out state governments statements. This is the prime reason why BJP has own with such a huge margin. I find state government elections to be in trouble.  

Further BJP would eliminate all those ones who will not support or come together with them since BJP has clear mindset of winning for 2019 and further. The rules of the game are clear from 16th May 2014, develop and bring growth within the economy and people and demand your vote accordingly. The verdict of BJP winning has passed clear message to the world economy who were aggressively praying that India don’t get a stable government. Since if India got stable government and that’s too with a PM like Modi then exploitation of Indian economic resources would not be possible. During the UPA we all are aware that India did import of those things which could have been produced in India itself. Inflation and NREAGS were something which played immense role for black marketers to grow.  The next 100 days would be key for the BJP government regarding the policy reforms they do. Modi will require very fast policy reforms which are the bottle necks for the economic growth of India.

Community Assets…Senior Cost Accountants to Build

In continuation to my previous article on Invisible capital ….For Cost Practising Community assets are the values and power which are being created through synergy of knowledge and Age. Cost Accountants are currently reeling under the pressure from all professional angles. In these situation its better to create community values by joining hands with young practising members and indulging them with new ventures of exploring business opportunities for the practising and for the members.

The biggest benefit of this would be the profession itself. I know that many members or rather most of the members would come with the view that why one should share his business secretes with another young inexperienced fellow. Well you help him and guide to explore the world opportunities rather than sharing your business profiles. Its like enhancing the business opportunities with the deployment of human capital and social capital which creates community assets in the forms of strengthening the profession of cost accountants. Senior cost accountants should come with legal enforcement with young practising members. The professional development should be like a society which is acting in small parts to develop the profession which is the civilization. Senior Cost Accountants must understand that cultivating practising is the key for the growth of the profession and not employment.

 In my research I have found that the prime factor behind holding back not to get associated with young practising member is the blind practice of mutual trusting which often might lead to a loss of business. Hence its prudent to get into a legal binding where data protection is legally protected so that joining hands should turn out to be productive. We don’t need more practising members, we need better trained entrepreneurs. We do not lack the entrepreneurial vigour and creativity in this country; it’s abundant.  But, the ones that have the greatest energy and orientation to pursue full time entrepreneurship are not properly prepared. And unfortunately, that is particularly more likely the case for entrepreneurs who do not hail from broadly privileged backgrounds.

The senior members should promote practising since the development and recognition of a profession is not dependent on the jobs market. The more practising members come and open up the new areas of operation the more space of operation increases. We need to come out from the traditional practising areas and become competent to thrive internationally. Unless we think big we can’t create difference. In my previous article I told that attitude is the key changer. I repeat the same here for the senior cost accountants that we need change in our attitude.    It being found that before we qualify we develop a attitude that we will go for service. The reason behind is that lack of proper guidance and support of the experienced people in the system.

Today all these senior and mid level practising cost accountants are working hard to survive their profession making efforts to reach out to others with these values. But I am deeply dejected at heart to say that we are not doing it with proper mechanism. We need to understand that we need team work to grow the business. As a young practising fellow or rather an entrepreneur I find that we possess all the equipments like proper team structure, good personnel, a strong vision for the future, and an appetite for risk taking but we miss the fire. The fire is nothing but process for converting the raw materials of innovation into real-world breakthrough successes. This is the area where the senior practising members can come together with the young practising members to build the community assets for the profession.

Drop Lethargy and Become Aggressive Cost Accountants in the next 5 years.

In continuation to my previous article now it’s the time to think for the next 5 years. I am not here to discuss about the probable growth prospects of the Indian economy. Today I would rather focus on what is going happen in next 5 years from now and also how to brace oneself for growth of the Indian economy in the next 5 years and what should be the course of action for cost accountants.

Last 5 years have been devastating. There have been scams and slowdowns. But now we need to gear up and change our attitude and become aggressive. According to me there is huge opportunity for all professionals and particularly for the cost accountants to become more aggressive in their business operation and focus more on various segments of the industries where we can create values and growth. Remember the next 5 years will be the years where Ideas, Innovation, New Strategies would be the game changers. We cost Accountants need to be very aggressive and have to be very quick in adopting changes in the various segments like DTC,GST, Valuations norms etc. We need to drop the lethargy which we have gained in the last 5 years and become visionary of our own business then only the Indian economy would grow. If we are late in our approach then rivals would take over us and we will remain in the laggards. We members need to be aggressive in our business and more importantly to become fearless. I have found that fear often drags us from success. We need to drop that and become hard working. We need to be fast enough in our approach. Forget the lethargy of the last 5 years. In the next 5 years cost accountants would be getting huge opportunities from diverse segments hence we all need to be prepared to garb it. Just become aggressive. We need to stop the blame game and become aggressive. We need to take the charge of our individual towards the profession and move ahead.

Make very clear vision regarding what are your visions and mission. The knowledge and thought process of the society is about take radical change since this is the main factor behind which we vote BJP. Be prepared that we will get new opportunities and not challenges. The days of challenges are over now its no one’s monopoly and we need to move ahead very fast so that we can be contributor to the Indian economic growth. I know that many of my friends would say that the council member needs to be aggressive. Well every member has responsibility towards the profession. Gone are the day when you depend on someone else for their activities. We need to take the charge and move ahead. Remember that what we have lost in the last 5 years we can create double of that in the next 5 years.

The level of knowledge of the people and of the society would increase more by the next 5 years around 2019. Technology would be the key player behind the same. Just try understanding that in the current scenario BJP made a outstanding use of technology through social web sites and through tools like whats app.  His interviews and his thought were so much provoking and were focused towards development that we Indian picked up the development choices and not the traditional old mistakes. In the next 5 years Indian economic intelligence and social knowledge would increase which would create challenge for the opposition government to place their own points. What I am trying to say is that this voting process of us through which we gave clear verdict to BJP would be more precise and clean in the next 2019. Hence we will be entering into knowledge driven society in the next 5 years where Ides, Innovation, Thoughts, New Ventures, Strategies will be key players. Hence my Cost Accountants gear for the rally. Those who are waiting for the finals or in the finals try to pass out quickly since its time for you which were being awaited for long time. We need students and members to jointly move ahead. We have failed in the last several years but now if we fail we will lose a big opportunity and rivals would take part into that. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Invisible capital ….For Cost Practising

 We dream to start something of our own and in that process we dream to get into profession similar to doctors where they start practising and gain knowledge and independent recognition. Cost Accountancy is one of the professions where students pursuing finance domain studies can become independent professionals. But many fellow members would say that starting a practising work is not easy since you need ability to move head when you search for work and you don’t get. But the time has changed with the introduction of New Companies act and wide opportunities from globalization.

I have found in my research that capital is being given the highest priority for forming any individual venture or business opportunity. Well this is one of the traditional conceptions about starting a new venture. Today in the Age of Smart Phone and Technological revolution in my research I find invisible capital playing a bigger role for the practising or entrepreneur growth.  Of Invisible capital is the tool kit of our skills, knowledge, languages, networks and experiences. The most part of a practising business is developing an attitude since this attitude is going to be the key motivator for doing the struggle. Human capital is the one which we own and develop over the years in terms of knowledge and experiences but we need work hard to develop strong social capital which is networking’s. It might seem that its easier said than done that develops networking but the biggest question is how to develop networking. We need to attain the seminars arranged by the various business houses.

This will lead to increase of human capital as well as social capital. This also helps to develop the intellectual acumens which is required to bring success and speed within the practising business. Today the cost accountants profession is no longer limited to accounts and taxation and vat audit and excise audits. Today if practising cost accountants wants to practice as a value in that case he needs to have the human capital but how he is going to develop the social capital of networking. Meet with the bank people and make an introduction of yourself. Develop a process note of how you will carry out the process of valuation from the point getting file and ending up to proving the financial requirements of the clients. One cost accountant needs to develop the network of venture capitalist and private equity financiers since this will build your knowledge about their business process and valuation perspectives. Networking of banks would help you to manage the cases regarding debt syndication etc. But for all these you need a attitude to move ahead and not to get nervous.

 One must remember that once the Indian economy is back on track their will stupendous growth in Merger & Acquisitions followed with various types of corporate financing and debt syndication business opportunities. As a Cost Accountant having in-depth knowledge about valuation one should take full advantage of the growth of this economy. All we need is to come out of the cocoon of traditional beliefs and thoughts.  Invisible capital is the biggest strength for a cost accountant to start practising. One needs to identify and acknowledge the invisible capital. Invisible capital should always look out for expansion and growth.   We often do mistake that we think that to start practising we need to start with big. This is completely wrong. Most of the successful business on the earth has been started from a small platform. You don’t need to many contacts or networking from large group of segment. All you need is focused approach towards the area of your operation and moving into that direction. At the same time keep collecting the pebbles since you don’t know when you wash the pebbles they might turn out to be jewels.

In my research I have found that many of us feel nervous by adopting this thought that we are new to the field of practising and we don’t have much information and knowledge about the business. Well we need to understand two point over here 1) if you don’t move first some would move and you will be the last.2) don’t be afraid of failures. Market always open door for the new ones since new opportunities only come through them.

As a practising fellow the first mistake we do is that by copying other business operation and their strengths and weakness as ours own and not identifying the alternative paths. Well there are always alternative paths. The success of practising comes from the speed with which one chase multiple things at time. Since according to the mathematical probability theory if you throw a dice there are several chances of different outcomes. Learn from seniors but don’t copy them. This is a death trap from not having the practising segment to grow.  One needs to focus more on social capital and also on the core values of the new markets. We cost accountants should develop and search for creativity in our field where traditional practising areas and operations needs to be changed. Another area where cost accountants fail is efficient use of technology and cheap process but highly efficient and sophisticated technological operations mode.  Only mere knowing email and word and excel would not be sufficient. We need sophisticated mailing process where use of words and expression of communication is professionally designed.  You need to have a great attitude and open mind towards all technological information. For example using Skype for video calling so that long distance projects can be easily picked up and also it helps to develop networkings. This saves the cost travelling and other necessary costing. Using social platforms for developing business network.  Above all I can say that its only the mental attitude which is born in the wombs of our social back ground which pulls us away from the success of practising.

In my research I further find that Senior and junior cost Accountants needs to come together and create community assets for the development of the practising and invisible capital. I will be covering this aspect of the topic in my next article.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cross Divisional Interview a Experience

Last month I went for an interview where I had a very good experience about corporate illiteracy blindness prevailing in system where cross department interview is being executed to select a candidate. I went to an organization/bank which is opening up the segment of wealth management and looking for a someone to head the department. I went for the same position and my first 3 rounds of interview which went with the Head of the Retail Department, all Indian Branch Head and the Department Head of the concerned department to whom I will be reporting. The interview was quite good and interactive and more focused just like reorganization about the present work process and the operation process and qualification of mine. They interview was good and went very positively. But the real foolish approach of the system was cross department interview. This cross department interview is that where some departmental person would be taking interview of you to judge your capability and suitability to the desired post.

Well I explain it in details, it’s a interview where a legal fellow of the legal department would take interview of finance guy and would judge him through his level of knowledge whether that fellow is capable or not. How can cross departmental fellow could access the INS & outs of another department and that too for an position of higher level. Cross divisional interview are just like that I am having diabetes and you are asking me how many spoon of sugars you consume in your tea. And finally you are telling me that I am having Diabetes.

Management fellows how have created this system or process has thousand justifications to give behind developing this system. But tell me how one fellow from another department can could access the ability of the candidate for the desired post. In my case the fellow did not have the CV of mine of whom he is taking the interview. The funniest part was that when he did not get any proper questions to ask he immediately asked his new joinee to interview me. Moreover in the full session I could find out that both the cross divisional ones were more interested to understand the business process of my organization from where I belong. This is what happens when you create something with different purpose in your mind and the outcome is far stranger than the word fiction itself. Cross divisional interview are just like that I am having diabetes and you are asking me how many spoon of sugars you consume in your tea. And finally you are telling me that I am having Diabetes.

 Why companies are more focused to complicate their process and also complicate the process of selection of candidates for the jobs. Why can’t they keep the door open and make the process simple. Why cant they accept that the whole industry from every sector is learning process and this learning process leads to growth of an organsation. Today we all know that HUL generated one of the biggest brands of tope level executives across the globe. When the same people joined the organization they were only sales reps. Now over the last 10 to 15 years they are in the top executive brackets either of HUL or of some other company but belongs to the same industry. Why does the companies don’t built the culture where outsiders would bet their life to join the organization. Why cross divisional interviews are required when the departmental heads have already made a clear understanding of the purpose of the candidate being selected.   Arguments would come up that cross divisional interviews are being done to filter the right candidate for the right position. Great if that the logic then what the ability of the concerned department heads. In other words the organization itself is saying that our departmental heads are nuts so cross divisional ones are the best person.
These cross divisional interviews clearly indicates that the organization itself has wrong culture and the process of selection of candidate is wrong. It reveals that the departmental heads of the concerned department have no power and at the same time you are asking the candidate to become Jack of all trades and you don’t want a specialist of and the particular field. I keep this topic open so that I can learn more from readers about the various reasoning’s they have on the same so that I enrich my learning further.   


At the age of 53 Mr. Rahul Gandhi is preparing for the elections and this time he is having some clear vision reading the Indian economy. He dreams to become the prime minister of India.He is more sensible and more matured to drive the economic wheels of India. In between his party is now having many young faces who are matured and having knowledge about execution of the work. They party is free from the white haired segment of politicians but Rahul Gandhi have come up to the age of 53 and he lost his position over the last 10 years to become the young prime minister of India. He lost the battle in 2014 but technically he lost the battle when he stayed away from contesting himself and forwarding Mr.Manmohan singh in 2009.  Well many of my readers are surprised to read the above lines but what I have written is perfectly correct matching with the scenario of today. The winning of BJP and more of Mr.Narendra Modi is going to eradicate congress and its white haired people from the system over the next 10 years (2014-2024). The above lines and the description is the projection of the situation in 2024 when congress will get a another chance to get back in position. Once BJP wins it would be quite difficult for the next 10 years for congress to get back its position. BJP knows that if they want to create a difference and wants to win a clear majority in 2018 they have to work hard and develop India within the next 5 years. Moreover Narendra Modi is more focused to create a land mark on the history of the Indian political system. This itself will drag Rahul Gandhi to dream at the age of 53 to contest and win for prime minister position.

Its well clear that the poll results and the thoughts of the people in the age of Smart Phone has created a revolution for the Indian election and its voters. The minds are very clear and the verdict is loud enough we want someone who will change the Indian economic climate from the ages of the past 66 years of Independence. BJP will not only create a history for the Indian economic growth but its being expected that this would change the thought process and way of working of every citizen of India where idea generation and entrepreneurship and  would rule the Indian economy. The Indian economy needs growth,we don’t want to hear that we are developing economy. We need the emblem of developed economy so that India could become the 2nd largest economy in the world. It might sound like a dream but we need some one to start journey towards the dream.

If we heard the speech of elections being given by congress in its various rallies its clearly signifies that more of an emotional and primitive though process based words are being used to provoke people. They have forgotten that their growth white hair has also increased the number of young generation over the years. This is the age of Smart Phone and WIFI based internet connectivity.A simple mathematics would be sufficient enough to clear the quality of voters India had in 2014 and way it will head over the next decade. The growth of the literacy rates in India has increased, in 1990 it was 35% and now its around 68% in 2014. This growth followed with technological growth where smart phones, face book, twitter and many other social platforms have improvised the level of knowledge of the society and people. Hence the strategy of fooling common people is over. But at the same time BJP needs to be cautioned that if they fail in their promises then the same tide will turn on their side over the period of time. In 2024 when Rahul Gandhi will be at the age of 53 by that time he will clearly understand that congress required a dramatic change in its primitive thought process.

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