Way the elections have been won by BJP its well clear that state elections of the individual states would be another key game changer for the Indian economic growth. The ways UPA & Alliances have been defeated and the short time they have to make turnaround is going to be challenging factor for the state governments of their own constituency and Alliances. Growth and immediate policy actions would be the key factor for making BJP sole game winner in every state election.

We are forgetting that today Indian states are not individual states they are all well connected. Migration and interchange of labors into other states and weak performance and development of individual states where UPA & Alliance were having rule are the prime reason behind the fall of UPA & Alliances and its Alliances. We will witness new approach towards the economic development where every state and every political party has to compete with work and development and not through traditional emotional messages. In short they cannot fool people. People have completely ruled out state governments statements. This is the prime reason why BJP has own with such a huge margin. I find state government elections to be in trouble.  

Further BJP would eliminate all those ones who will not support or come together with them since BJP has clear mindset of winning for 2019 and further. The rules of the game are clear from 16th May 2014, develop and bring growth within the economy and people and demand your vote accordingly. The verdict of BJP winning has passed clear message to the world economy who were aggressively praying that India don’t get a stable government. Since if India got stable government and that’s too with a PM like Modi then exploitation of Indian economic resources would not be possible. During the UPA we all are aware that India did import of those things which could have been produced in India itself. Inflation and NREAGS were something which played immense role for black marketers to grow.  The next 100 days would be key for the BJP government regarding the policy reforms they do. Modi will require very fast policy reforms which are the bottle necks for the economic growth of India.