Monday, November 27, 2017


Freedom of women is based on education and earning power. Being dependent is no longer an option. Even a household wife has a capacity to earn and make a decent living for his family. But it’s easier said than done. The society is still struggling with weak mindset even within well-educated families or life partners.  My wife should not work after marriage. This is one of the most killing statements before at the time of marriages. We cannot think of women independence unless we find the society where girls birth ends up with throwing them in the dustbin. Yes, this is the country where we are still discussing women empowerment.

In India, we find that even if the bride family accepts that the bridegrooms request and just looks for the opportunity after marriage to kill the aspiration of the bride either through restrictions and torture or through getting them early pregnant. Yes, this is the fatal fate of the Indian women.  Don’t get to the conclusion that this story is prevalent in Rural India and not in Urban India. In fact, Urban India is the roadmap for the rural India in terms of women restriction and killing of aspiration.

The value of education towards getting freedom in later life has not been fully recognized. One of my friend born and bought up in Mumbai faces a similar life story where due to the restriction of higher education and more focus on marriage lead her still now struggling in the career. Thanks to the God for keeping the fire of aspiration alive and finally she has made a route to getting an MBA degree very soon. Aspiration is the most important part of one's life. Families of girls need to understand that getting married and having a family is not the end or neither the prime agenda of life.

I knew gentlemen called Mr. Siddhartha Sen Ex-director of ICWAI research wing. He was asked one day by one of his friends that when he is getting his two daughters married. The revert I still remember and keep on repeating the same among others also that giving education and getting the daughters well established is the key and prime agenda of life and not getting them married. Marriage they can decide on their own. A revert by an educated father keeping the long-term horizon in mind. The point is that education mere cannot be on books or papers or certificates. The family thought the process needs to be educated enough to give a clear vision of where they want to get their daughters to the forefront.

 Women empowerment cannot happen unless we are empowered to think independently and capable enough to foresee the long-term journey and growth of girls within the society.  An independent aspiration and thinking ability should prevail in a family before we get into the story of women empowerment. We are not at all empowered in our thinking process and that’s why we are struggling with getting women empowered.

Marriage has been a devastation for the Indian society over the last century since we all know that from Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar to Raja Rammohan Roy all fought for the women independence from the tyranny of the society.  Education within society has never been in there and that the prime reason why we are all still ignorant.

Those who are fearful about the changes of the society would always restrict and destroy the growth of knowledge within the society. Settling for less is not the option. Development of the society cannot be done by males. It lies with women only. In one of my colleague family called Vishal Shah I found that there have been always been a war at home between his wife and mother since the wife earned more than the husband and they mother in law wanted a share of the same earning. Independence is capped at every step. This the place where I say that not men but women need to be more educated and they can only bring change. I don’t know how many of you will agree but I open the forum for your debate.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Where we are heading with Emotions: Women

Emotions have dried down within the society. The struggle of keeping the faith of trust and emotion is a challenge in today’s world. Respect for women was never there in the society irrespective you are married or not. My great grandmother has 23 children’s and my grandmother had 13 children’s. Thank god I was single. The above journey of women speaks clearly that women are nothing but a pound of flesh for enjoyment. A vagina is not some important compared to the ocean of emotion within a women heart. A women heart is such strange thing on this earth that no one ever dared to name it among the 7th wonders of the world. Women are gifted by God with the ocean of emotion and they have the strength of managing the flood within the same. We men play with this treasure for the sake of Lust and not love.  Today we still find the same story when we come to know those 14 years, 15 years girls are getting married to any age person.

Rape has become challenge game and making pornography of intimate times is the new promotional activity within the society. Breaking heart is easy, breaking trust is easy, breaking a relationship is easy but maintaining all of them makes a complete man. Every lady or women search for a complete man. No one knows the definition of the same. Men’s always play with women emotion for centuries and that’s why we have created today new generation women who are turning out to be emotionless.  Those days of love-driven motivation have dried down which used to rule the world once upon a time. Love emotion is the world’s biggest weapon to create a new world. Everything is not capitalism.

Emotions got to play a huge role. Walking down the side of Juhu Beach or Marine drive is an act of heaven since mechanical life has destroyed our feelings. Rather than having a wild kiss and standing over the skywalk in dark light, it's better to catch a hand and sit together and watch the sunset. We have used Smartphone for watching pornography but we have left the love aspect dried down. We make friends with girls to sleep by the side of them having two flesh activities lasting for an hour. We are have lost love, affection, emotion, senses, feeling the smell of each other etc. In today’s time, we don’t listen to each other heartbeat. We don’t try to feel the emotions. We plan trips and vacations to make sex tapes and enjoy sex rather than building the trust of faith of traveling. Lust has replaced love and trust is replaced with fear.
Now young unmarried couples like to hold hands in dark places as they are scared of sunlight. Relationships have become such that the society now stares at couples sitting together in bus or anywhere. Lust is everywhere and love has evaporated. Sex has become a matter of enjoyment in daily routine. While traveling on a train or in buses we find pornography have become the most open discussion. People have shameless.  Its lust and not love. Feeling and emotions have become cheap.

Friends are no longer trustable. The word trust is neither available for sale in today’s life as it is hardly available. Earlier there used to be a time when parents used to be happy and secure that my child is with his friends. Now we are more scared when they are among their friends. Trust is no longer available. Closed door video games have become the best friend.\

Emotion keeps many lives alive and saves us from becoming mechanical. Thanks to my life and few people who motivate me to get my heart out. Respect for women is not limited to motherhood or sister. Even a girlfriend needs to be respected. Breaking heart is easy, breaking trust is easy, breaking a relationship is easy but maintaining all of them makes a complete man.

If tomorrow women become emotionless then the whole society would go for a toss. Men’s always play with women emotion for centuries and that’s why we have created today new generation women who are turning out to be emotionless. Love is in the air. Respect women and love them emotionally will get your dreams come true. Catch your lover's hand and say I love you placing the hand on heart is the best emotion of the world.

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