Menstruation a global thing which happens to women and men are not affected by the same hence not much discussion about the same and why to bother about it. Menstruation has no religion, no cast, no color of the skin of difference between black and white. Its natures call but treated in many countries as shit. Across the globe, it's being found that superstition and high level of closed mindset are spoiling and damaging the society. Women are suffering and the world is rejoicing with men dominated scriptures. Women have to live behind closed doors during Menstruation and live a life during those days just like animals. This is prevalent in the world. This article is the 1st step towards raising the voice of changeover and also how the economic loss could be avoided and subsequently a new frame of global business opportunity could be encashed for the development of the society.

It’s not restricted to humans. It happens to all living animals on earth. As almost every mammal on the planet operates on a cycle, from the tiniest fruit bat to the great blue whale herself.  On the other hand, one of the biggest threats of Menstruation to a girl is that she becomes property to men when her 1st cycles begin in her life. Yes, we live in a society where discuss Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and climate change but we hardly celebrate a day called women period day in a year.

Men’s can masturbate, in that case, it is being taken as nature call but what about the women when they get their nature call.  The economic effect of closed society restriction and mindset is huge and also there is opportunity across the globe to create exclusive women menstruation centric toilets, pads and disposable equipment.  We will get into the capitalist and economic loss due to menstruation later on as we need to open the eye of the society to have a deep understanding of the subject.

Every month, every date, every hour, every minute, a woman bleeds due to Menstruation across the globe.   The society of the world is divided and dominated by men social restrictions as well as women restriction on the menstruation cycles.  It has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude women from many aspects of socio-cultural life. In India, the topic has been a taboo until date. Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women's emotional state, mentality and lifestyle and most importantly, health.

We are ashamed to speak on the subject but that is the place from where life comes into the earth. It is a myth which keeps the subject at abeyance. Our society has converted this nature’s call into shame. The PADS are wrapped in papers and are sold so that no one sees them, Its nature calls and our society is so uneducated across the globe that we treat women as unsafe humans during the menstruation cycles.

Above all superstition has a big famous role to play during women Menstruation cycle. In many places women are not allowed to go near plants or trees and touch them as they might die, they are not allowed to attend wedding, one  should not touch pickles, one should not  keep her  hair open, Keeping iron materials close to body otherwise evil spirits will touch you, You are not allowed to enter the kitchen even you are dying in hunger, even you are not allowed to touch anything, no one will drink water from your hand and many more. This is the smart age and AI-based world we are going to live going ahead.

Hygiene factor and health factor of the women are often ignored and the outlook towards the menstruation cycle of the society is that it is one of the curses on the women.  The funniest part is that the same girl is being worshiped as a daughter, mother and when the cycles begin the are being cornered in one room. Yes, the pain of menstruation of each month is beyond breaking bones. Only a woman knows the pain and the biological effect of the same on the body of women.

One of the most surprising parts is that in many countries strange myths rule them about women menstruation cycles. During menstruation, in many countries, women avoid washing their vaginas because they are told it can lead to infertility.
A strip of cloth is being often used as sanitary napkins price is too high. Most of the women across the globe hold off on washing them until nightfall to keep it a secret. Well, condom price is less.   Menstruation cycles are kept secret but when pornography is such a huge business then why not live shows and direct demonstration of videos of menstruation cannot be shown.

We are talking about smart cities and developing AI-based cities but where is the proper infrastructure for disposing of sanitary napkins. These disposed of napkins lie on the road or end up in the waterways and dogs are eating them.  Solid waste management is big problem and threat to the society. In many countries menstrual blood is being treated as so dangerous it can cause diseases like cancer if it’s mixed in with other trash. They are forced to reuse the same pads every month.  Buying pads is another experience when it comes to men. Men’s can go and buy condom but not sanitary napkins. In a country like India, the situation is worst.
The challenge, of addressing the socio-cultural taboos and beliefs in menstruation, is further compounded by the low girls’ knowledge levels and understandings of puberty, menstruation, and reproductive health. Lack of knowledge and blockage of building confidence that it’s not holy shit but nature’s call. Girls often are plunged into the grief of menstruation cycles when it happens. Few of the grey areas being covered where lack of education and awareness amplifies problems further by the family people for their own girls and women:
•    No, awareness about it by the parents till you don’t get it.  They are ashamed to speak about the same to the girl.
•    People are ashamed to discuss in public or with each other about menstruation cycle
•    It’s a taboo to discuss openly especially in front of men’s
•    When you hit  puberty people behavior change
•   There myths where it says take shower immediately once your cycle starts as it is compulsory irrespective of your health condition and climate condition.
•    Do not Wash your hair on the first day  
•    Do not pray, Not allowed to enter into Temple etc.
•    You are not allowed to enter the kitchen even you are dying of hunger
•    They will make you sit in the corner of a room just like an idol and not supposed to touch anything within the room.
•    During the menstruations period, your utensils are different.
•    You are not supposed to exercise or do any physical activity
•    Unnecessary Diet restriction particularly when the flow of blood and wastage is more and the body needs immediate replenishment of the same.
•    Women’s are not allowed to wear new clothes at the same time

People fail to understand that shedding is a natural process and lack awareness about it. It is not impure. It a reproductory. Adult women may themselves not be aware of the biological facts or good hygienic practices, instead of passing on cultural taboos and restrictions to be observed. The society across the globe is blind. They worship women GOD but hate to discuss the problems and solve them accordingly Hygiene factor has a big role to play. But we are so much blinded by our introvert nature of living that we today failed to develop a quality sanitary system and providing solutions for the women in terms of the proper pad and other support.  We are not going to end here but we will share more suggestions insights about making the society to be aware of the same. We will share new insights about the new business opportunity from this huge women-centric problem.