A father lost his son, A mother her son and a Wife Lost his all dreams. For a moment forget about the late SI Amitava Malik  who passed away. Many might think that people are trying to attract sympathy and create a sentimental revolution. I better get into asking few thoughts within the readers mind. According to Time of India The recoveries made by the police following the pre-dawn encounter at Bengal-Sikkim border on Friday and consequent raids across the Hills suggest that the Bimal Gurung brigade has stockpiled huge arms and explosives from the Northeast to challenge the state's might. If he is leader then why he has to use weapons. Who funded these weapons and who has given the money to buy the arms and huge weapons?

Those who are supporting particularly the NGO’s and University and college students do they know that their leader has purchased arms and ammunition to create war like situation where they might kill common people of Darjeeling. These are those people who came up on the streets of Darjeeling for demanding Gorkhland. Does Bimal Gurung needs Gorkhaland for creating a arm smuggling business for the adjoining countries and trying to create mass destruction within India. If he is leader did he really need arms and ammunitions? Did any historical leader for demand of land and separate state did assembly of arm and ammunition assembly   

Those who are instigated to support Bimal Gurung about the Gorkhaland demand should be aware about the quality of their leader they are supporting.

Further I heard that many people raised the point that Police went to catch them without wearing bullet proof jacket or neither having helmet.  Well Police did not have any idea that the Bimal Gurung is now having huge mass storage of arms and ammunition. The police might have thought that they have gone to catch a normal leader.

Gorkhaland demand was planned demand to create problem for the Present West Bengal Government. Well when BJP came up in several states it does not mean that every state before 2014 was under doldrums. The act of BJP in instigating several matters in West Bengal in the last 8 months reveals many stories. The Hindu Muslim Riot in Bashirhat was planned game of them. Finally the father had to die for saving his son who shared the FB post. Now this Gorkhaland demand was a planned strategy of getting West  Bengal defamed. Bimal Gurung has been victim who has been planted to access the depth of the present Government of West Bengal’s strength.  

Among all these incidents noble Police officer passed away since they did not might have the information that Bimal Gurung is now next stage of Terrorist. Well Terrorist only store mass weapons for destruction. The opposition parties must understand that each state is not like Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. The honorable chief minister has fought at huge extent to build west Bengal. Opposition parties are no doubt jealous not only about the West Bengal growth but more about the visionary of growth.  
pposition parties are no doubt jealous not only about the West Bengal growth but more about the visionary of growth.