Rural healthcare facility is one of the weakest part across the globe. In my recent research I have found that among the BRIC nations there is stupendous opportunity for the SME and budding new entrepreneurs to come together to form innovative healthcare facilities. Today I will be discussing about how Brazil and India can come together in health care facilities to improvise the rural healthcare structure.

 I don’t want to accentuate on the problems but rather I would focus on the dramatic change that can be introduced by the budding entrepreneurs where control of diseases and better health care facility can be provided. We are all aware about the better health care facility but how does disease control can be done. Well both the above objective can be implemented with negligible cost. Rural people have low education about healthcare and also have fear of approaching the doctor. Now if we both the countries develop a system where the doctor comes to know of your diseases and comes before hand. That’s game changing health care facility which I will be discussing.

A drop of blood is used to test about all complexity of diseases comprising form diabetes to even a heart block stage. Blood test centers are very few or might be at long distance form the patient’s vicinity. Often diseases happen and spread like viral before the health team reaches with its instruments to diagnosis the diseases and its birth. Before the health care facilities come into picture thousands have already died.
Now the place where India and Brazil can come together in catching up the gap of time of measuring the decease is working jointly on Information technology platform. Everyone has Smart phone which connects the global economy and its respective citizens. Social apps and business app connect the globe and significant trade and business opportunities happen which is quite difficult to measures accurately. The larger picture is that the volume of business is still growing and is infinite. Now, if we jointly develop an app and phone this can be used as measurement process of the blood samples. Now through that app when the drop of blood is measured on a strip connected to the phone and via the app the details of all blood test gets into report and the same is being circulated to the research institutes as well as to the nearby health care facilities. WIFI facilities are mostly getting free and hence the same can be used judiciously to improvise health care facilities.
Just imagine a disease like ebola can easily be detected and a early alarm of spreading of the same can be informed then governments of both countries could easily take necessary steps to control the spread of the same. This system works like earthquake alarm measure where Tsunami alerts come before hand. Now in most rural areas electricity is a problem. Now if these smart phones come up with solar technology based battery system then power related problems get resolved. Government expenditure on health care facilities gets new shape and process where unnecessary cost is eliminated and key emergency wards are created for treatment.
Through the above smart phone based blood test both Brazil and India can get stupendous benefits as well as SME and Entrepreneurs both would find significant opportunities for growth:

  •  Low cost of accessing diseases.
  • Early detection and control saves government revenues and also insurance company’s loss.
  • Without incurring cost diagnostic centers where providing remote access is problem.
  • SME’s could easily come up with mobile health care facilities.
  • Research Institutes gets early information about break of deadly diseases.
  • Direct auto SMS facility of the blood test results quick flow of information to the government doctors and improvises the health care delay cost and loss related to the same.
  • Routine doctor visit charges also get reduced and people also feel less fear to consult a doctor.
  • Reduces cost of the patients for unnecessary huge tests and etc which is also one of the key reason to avoid doctors and clinical support.
It has been found that poor knowledge of health care results to significant life and property damage. Information technology can help to reduce the same. When a child takes birth then the hospital authorities should use the personal data of the patient and synchronise the same with health care facilities where diseases like polio and other infant diseases. Connected health has the potential to profoundly reshape the healthcare and life sciences industries, creating many new opportunities. SMS Text about HIV spreading etc also improvises the health care awareness.

 India and Brazil both can use these data of healthcare to create improvised health care medicines which can be utilized by the manufactures of drugs. The research and development cost of the pharma companies gets more accurate measurement of the upcoming diseases. Both the countries should come together to explore  the creation of mobile medical devices that collect data and can take the place of, or complement, equipment now used in hospitals, doctors’ offices and laboratories.  Remember we are focusing on two key areas of health care 1) Control and 2) Early Detection. Indian and Brazil SME and entrepreneurs should come together to create these type of models where data sharing leads significant improvement in health care.