The type of compliance requirement and the depth of the work of GST lead to a significant demand of young professionals to come up much faster to fill up the vacancy. There is huge demand which is going to increase for people to work in finance and account division across nay industry.  Now companies will not be able to absorb multiple CA and ICWAI fellows into their system for GST work as salary related cost is significant. Hence companies will get into hiring of and college graduates as low cost and train them accordingly for the GST related.

GST education is very important and it seems that the Institute has a weapon in hand where it can provide certification of GST and also relevant costing subjects within a very short time frame. Yes short time of frame is the demand keeping the next 3 to 6 months in hands. The Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT) can be easily used to get into limelight and get the same subject into GST dominated subject educating and training the students like who are and just graduate passed. Our Institute is established under the Act of the Parliament and hence we have beyond 100% validation of our certification. A crash course of CAT can be designed to benefit the industry demand, society as well as brand building for the Institute.

The most important aspect is that for this segment there are no costing rules and records limitations and hence SME’s who need good qualified professionals as low cost, CAT can provide the same to them. We can get a healthy employment generation through CAT for the SME industry across any turnover limit.

The institute can include a live training session of 20 hours computer course for the in hand experience of GST. The institute can design crash course of 3 months exclusively with accounting, costing and GST related syllabus so that we can generate qualified professionals for the Indian economy based on the current demand of GST professionals. Just calculate how many families will come out of the poor dark backgrounds into a very lucrative and positive living life.

This course can be designed to uplift the poor economic background driven students from the society into a well educated, knowledge driven society. In today’s society the easiest way to get rid of poverty is to get into some education and get an instant job. We find millions of hoax advertisements where student are duped by proving baseless and useless education to the students by tempting them with job opportunities. This course certification will revamp the brand building of the Institute as well as grand success for the CAT course which is somehow neglected compared to the main course.

Costing profession has always been a boon to the society whether in terms of socio-cost identification or making Indian economy to be cost competitive. We need CAT syllabus to be changed and make it more prune to the industry demand oriented syllabus, getting away from traditional syllabus.

Skill India has been a boon for the Indian economy. The entire syllabuses have been revamped to fit exactly like the industry requirements. Keeping the CAT course in similar lines GST certification course can be included along with CAT to make a grand promotion of the course of CAT and uplifting the society with educated, well trained manpower.

I have found that many individuals have now come up with GST certification course. It’s the responsibility of our profession to make the society aware of such non valid certification and simultaneously promote our CAT course as GST certification included as we are set up under the Act of The Indian Parliament. As a profession we should use CAT for GST certification to save the society from these duping devils who are playing with the dreams of the students for a better living life.