Women education plays a pivotal role in the society. Numerous historians and current writers have depicted the picture of girl child education. But what we are lagging is that after the basic education is over girl Child are married at an early age. The age hovers around 19 to 20.  Well in most of cases its being made around 17-18 age before the child completes the class 12 education. Girls are still considered to be a burden and when I search these life stories I don’t have to go further away into remote places but even in our modern urban life we find these stories.

Formal education have being taken has just having basic literacy and not an in-dependency of the girl from the clutches of the male dominated society. Parents still are under the blanket of thought that providing basic education for heck of getting married is the only dead end of girl’s education. Education is being used as qualification to get married where the Bride groom don’t marry an uneducated girl at the same time not an over educated too. Parents want their girl child to married by the age of 17-21 and the family is relieved of its responsibility.

 Parents themselves have a limited future outlook of their married daughter’s life.  For example daughters who get married at the age of 19 and gets converted to mother by 21 and suddenly through an accident she become widow. Their no one to feed the daughter and her child. At this point of time what will be the only option for the women who become widow at the age of 21. Now the either she goes for house maid and by doing that its quite difficult to live life at today’s expenses. Hence prostitution is the only option left. This is how the limited vision driven parents who started the journey of providing basic education to the girl child did not dream of getting their daughter qualified beyond the basic education.

The society have convinced that girl child education is very important but higher education and getting them independent is also equivalently important which is very highly ignored. We don’t need to go into villages to find this type of stories. We can find plenty of them in the urban modern society.
Getting girl’s only basic education would not be enough in the coming decades. The society needs to understand that girls have to do make stable enough to face any sort of future problems. Education and qualification helps to uplift the society from getting into poverty and prostitution etc.

Before the girls gets education it’s important to make the adversities of life to be understandable to the parents so that they should avoid getting them girls getting married within the age of 17-21.  The age of 19-21 for girls   is for providing them education. In many cases its being found that parents are under the fear that getting their girls highly educated will lead to non availability of grooms for getting married. These parents should understand that they are promoting illiterate society.  They must understand that education has no limitation and the more the wings are spread its more beneficial for the family and the future society. Where narrow mind set prevail it’s better to either to upgrade or not to associate with the same.

Getting girls at early stage of marriage leads to numerous problems which needs no discussion but we need to stop this mindset.