This time the organizers of Kolkata Durga Puja is going to face many hurdles this year since majority of the advertisements or the sponsors were used to coming from the cheat fund segment. Yes this shocking truth would make many of friends afraid to hear. The shopping market festive of Durga Puja in west Bengal is going to take a major hit since majority of the buyers were directly or indirectly connected with the Cheat Fund Companies.  Over the past 37 years west bengal has created a semi-qualified manpower and high level of poor educated labour force. All for the sake of political parties. For these people Durga Puja is one of the prime source of income through the organising community of the Durga Puja. Now the middle aged people of west bengal are the prime players and earners of the Durga Puja festivals. Traditional values and other aspects remains at its own place but money priniting process has taken a substantial jump through this Durga Puja.

Many of my friends would accept that for the last couple of years we have found many people of west Bengal accept higher to higher prices of goods and services during Durga Puja festive season. Well one may not find a very high level of peculiarity or a strange type of activity but the fact is still witnessed and would be agreed. The black money or the easy money has made the festive season of west Bengal to be a highly attractive profit making business. From the organizers of the PUJA to the shopkeepers of the west Bengal, both have made tremendous money which got floated from the Chit Fund organizations. At the same time its quite difficult to figure out how much money used to come from these cheat funds into the Durga Puja organisers pocket since the accounts are never disclosed in original terms to the public.

West Bengal Puja has been a profit making process which is clearly disguised under the blanket of inflation and high level of cost of materials and food items. The below chart will depict a part of the huge incremental jump of cost of Puja in west Bengal. Well this is just a small part and in total there are around 1000 pujas in west Bengal. The figure would be high if not less. Durga Puja this year would be interesting to watch. I can already bet that this year we would find a substantial drop in the market sells in the Durga Puja.

The cheat fund associates and also the people who lost their funds are now going to add fuel to the sagging market of Durga Puja in this year 2013. West Bengal is already under tremendous pressure and with this recent insolvency of the people of west Bengal due to the cheat funds would create a major drawback. Black money makers are going to face the heat. Well atleast other middle class society people of west Bengal would find some peace with prices coming down since their will be few takers of the high Prices.