The state of west Bengal is really going through one of the worst times may be worse than the 37 years of the rule of CPIM. The ruling political system and the Chief Minister doesn’t understand that if the law of an state is not proper then there would be no investments and no corporate would be interested to walk into Eastern Region. Today west Bengal current condition is well know to any one from B.B.D Bag to Brazil since Bengalis are present all over the world. Media have also played a vital role in provoking political war within the state. News channels in Bengali have proved well about this matter. The CM being an very intelligent women has become too much frustrated in handling the administration which is well reflected within her words within the last 6 months. Well it seems that West Bengal is being handled by one man army since majority of the members of the ruling party in west Bengal are mixed bag of fruits collected over several years.

The state has lost all its sheen and good names. Rapes and murders are being compared with other states with an smile on face of being low in number in west Bengal. Does that mean that west Bengal is trying to become No.1 in these activities? Well this is what it means and gets reflected from the words of the ruling party members and their leaders. I don’t understand that how everyone is being tagged as a Maosit. Well this is the safest avenue for the ruling party to covers and hide its mistakes. They forget that west Bengal is competing with another 27 states of India.

Unemployment very is high in west Bengal well this is proved from the semi -educated hawkers roaming in the local trains. These same are being counted and treated as entrepreneurs by the ruling and non ruling political parties of west Bengal. Most of the hawkers margin of business stands between Rs0.50 to Rs.2 per sale. West Benagl ruling party is forgetting that if their legal system is not proper then their cannot be peace their cannot be prosperity. Women’s needs to be provided the highest rate if safety since if that is the weakest no capitalist will invest in West Bengal. One more thing the Mamata Banerjee should keep in mind and implement at the earliest that everyone is not allowed or should not be allowed to join the ruling party. Well every one cannot afford to go for foreign trips. It should be an limited offer period.