Well my article might be an old topic but has serious issue and has stupendous dangerous affect on the society in coming days. I am not going to provide an extensive statistical numbers since the matter is beyond numbers. The matter is of more understanding rather than just copying the statistical numbers. Internet has created vast opportunity for the easy information access from any corner of the world. The same has created ripple effect on various societies like India also. With the increase of internet users the negative aspect of the internet has started grappling the society into one of the darkest journey. Now days I find pornography being explicitly used as an advertisements besides every website. I find that even in education sites the advertisements of the pornography is being shown. This reveals that today sex is now an entertainment and the same is being used as a business sources in online segment too. A question immediately comes into my mind is that are we promoting rapes and nudity to be part of our social culture. With the number of rapes getting up and the level of vulgarity getting increased reveals the change in mindset of the society.

Recently a couple of day’s back I read that some lady got into a date with a face book friend and got raped after she met the face book friend. In online shopping websites I find nudity advertisement are being given openly and the same is being promoted at a high level in every website. I don’t understand that why in social sites and other websites such advertisements are being given. In order to increase the traffic of the website nudity, pornography and sex offers (Prostitution supply) is being promoted. In 2010, out of the million most popular (most trafficked) websites in the world, 42,337 were sex-related sites. That’s about 4% of sites. The world's biggest adult website receives an estimated 4.4billion 'hits' each month. There are many pay sites which usually charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per month for access. It seems like that drugs which use to destroy the young generation slowly over the years, pornography advertisements are working faster compared to drugs. The young generation of India is highly getting crumbled under the pornography and we are not formulating attractive legal system for these type of advertisements.

Even there are dozens of software’s for downloading the pornography segment which are also being used in the advertisement segment on the websites. It has been found that internet providers are declining the offer of not promoting pornography. They are extensively using it into their system to promote and increase their revenue from high traffic and from the same website of pornography. Curiosity within every human being is the tool which is being tempted to increase the viewership and also convert the society culture of a country. India is the very strong victim of such thing. Young teenager children’s are becoming quickly victims to theses pornography websites. Delhi gang rape is the one of the biggest proof. Smart phones on the other side have created a stupendous jump in the pornography websites.

Teenagers are the biggest suffers since they don’t understand sex completely and curiosity makes them more obsessed. Even it has been found that these website advertisements even promote prostitution business and there is a substantial growth of viewers and users. Nearly 1 in 5 searches made from mobile devices are for pornography. Furthermore, 24% of smart phone owners have porn on their handset, and of these. Teens and young adults in particular use smart phones, and are therefore at a higher risk of Internet misuse on their mobile devices. One study found that 51% of 18-34-year-olds own smart phones. Meanwhile, 49% of teens use the Internet on a mobile device. Then just calculate the number of increase in pornography. After the recession of 2008 this industry segment has grown into billions from millions. High unemployment, social problems of life has been the key ingredient behind increasing the number of the pornography business. In Indian extensive internet users and temptation full advertisements are converting and affecting the society. The society of India is on the verge of death.