18th September 2014 is being eagerly awaited by the world economy to witness one of the historic events of Scotland being getting independent.

Before I begin with the larger picture behind the YES vote of Scotland I would accentuate and reduce thirst about what will be the affect of the Scotland independence. The currency and financial affects of Scotland independence on the global economy it being found that Pension Funds, Insurances and Mortgages would be under Sevier pressure. More than that Scotland independence would attract the minds of other Euro-zone nations which would lead to a substantial volatility for the Euro-currency followed with global currency. Indian currency would also be under pressure as dollar valuations would be volatile. Moving ahead the currency of Euro would keep the global current restless and Euro-zone might break further. In between the biggest advantage would go to U.K. equities which might actually benefit from stronger foreign sales if a Yes vote leads to weaker currency, as close to 75% of sales/revenue for U.K.-listed companies comes from abroad. Those who think that Indian rupee will be free from the Scotland independence well its not going to be so. Don’t forget we are living in a world of intricate business, trade and reserves followed with currency transactions.

Further Scotland could cut corporation tax to attract more investment from the kind of companies who have been relocating to Ireland for tax purposes. A lower tax rate might make companies do a double Scotch rather than Irish.

Well I am not aware about the views of renowned leaders across the globe but according to me it’s going to be winning proposition of the Scotland and the beginning of the end of European and USA political game play. The euro has been used to fight war and it has been an easy play for the US to support as well as get it entangled and be a part of every war despite of Europe’s interest or conflict affecting the same.

One of the strongest reasons behind the voter’s bank for voting for Scotland to be independent is that the current number of labor voters has increased from the level of Tony Blair to 35% from 13% this has been supplemented by300,000 voters added to the register. Hence slowdown of the economy being associated with euro would create prolonged death for the Scotland and hence they cannot afford the same. Now coming to the rationales behind the independence of Scotland its being found that independence will no longer need to get the country involved in illegal and gratuitous wars at the behest of the United States. If gets independence, then its tax payers money will not be used to drop bombs on other countries and fund war.
Earlier in Scotland the Westminster government wanted to build Nuclear Power Plant namely a fast breeder reactor, to manufacture plutonium for its thermonuclear bombs officials. The story doesn’t end here. Historically it has been found that an estimated hundreds of thousands of irradiated fuel particles were left on the seabed and the beach - which has been closed since 1983 because of the danger. The last reactor was closed down in 1994 a robot had to be used to work on the decommissioning as it was so dangerous. Twenty years later, a large workforce is still being used in the attempt to make the site safe. The plan is to complete the cleanup by 2022-25 and the total cost of cleanup is expected to be around £2.9 billion ($4.8 billion). Well again the tax payer’s funds will be used to carry on these activities.

My readers might say that nuclear power plants and the above story are fake as this one of common statement being attested to Nuclear power plants development. The only reason behind such creation Nuclear power plant creation is to solve the power problems of Scotland. Scotland is already is a net exporter of energy; exporting over 26 percent of generation. About one-third of the entire Scottish land mass area is an operating hydro scheme. By 2012, 40% of Scotland's energy came from renewable sources. So it clearly dilutes the rationales behind the Nuclear Power Plant setup and validates the above rationales.
The Westminster government wanted to create nuclear arsenals which were too parked at Clyde well across the border in Scotland. What a political game of Euro and its biggest friend that there are 192 states in the United Nations. Only nine of them have nuclear arsenals. Well as the later have more requirements of the same hence provoking others to develop the same.

Now coming back to Well the story still doesn’t end here. Creation of soldiers was another motive behind the current Scotland government. Well we all might remember that Mr.Cameron wanted to bomb Syria. Thankfully he was only stopped by the House of Commons, which perhaps had learned from its disastrous and tragic decision to participate in the invasion and destruction of Iraq. The Westminster government is spending around £100 billion on renewing its nuclear arsenal, £2.5 billion on new jet fighters, £6.2 billion in two new mega aircraft carriers, and £32.4 billion has been earmarked for "normal" military spending in 2015.  Well after independence these tax payers money will be saved and will be used for social and economic development where healthcare, education, and employment creation. The euro game players and supporters outside the economy are only trying to replicate their economic growth strategies in these economies like Scotland.  Well I hope my readers are clear about the meaning I wanted to communicate.

Now the food of thought in between all these is that do you think that if Scotland gets out of Euro then it will be harmful for the Scotland or for the Euro economy. The 5.2 million population of Scotland has the right to live freely and remain unbiased from any geo-political war fare. We all spend billions to times discussing about peace and prosperity and development of the human culture and society but are we applying the same. Scotland has emerged to vote for independence and show path to the tyrant players of Euro. Precious national assets are being eyed by corporations. Already parts of the National Health Service have been privatized.  These privatizations are happening just by joining the hands with Euro and keeping the valuations of the assets over stretched and carrying the burden of Euro EGO.

We must understand that financial linkages and banking transactions and asset valuations and deficit levels of Scotland are one part of the real reasons behind the independence move.