Lights were switched off so that no one can see how the police were kicking and insulting the students. Do you know how girls were assaulted by the male Police of Kolkata then read that their internal body parts were dragged pulled and squeezed and lights were kept off so that no one can view. Just imagine the level of assault which cant be explained in words It seems that it was like Hitler's operation against Nazis. Dresses of the girls were torn and they were standing half naked on the streets of Kolkata at 2 AM Midnight when we all were sleeping.This incident happened as we raised a voice against the level of inaction by the JU authorities against the incidents of 28th August 2014 at Jadavpur Campus.

The read the Incident Below:
On the night of 28th August, during the ongoing festival, a second year student from the Department of History, Jadavpur University, was allegedly molested by a group of people from the hostel inside campus premises, and her male friend (a non-JU member) was beaten up. According to the victim, she had gone near the hostel to relieve herself given the unavailability of bathrooms at the time, accompanied by her friend. On their way back, a group of hostel boys allegedly passed snide remarks which led to a scuffle, and then escalated to something bigger. While her friend was allegedly dragged away and beaten up, she was dragged into the hostel, where the victim claimed she was molested. False hopes of action were slapped.The victim was not even informed of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell, an autonomous body that does not work under the VC’s supervision. Faced with such apathy, she was forced to lodge an FIR at the Jadavpur Police Station on 1st September.In the FIR that was lodged, the victim had already identified one of the accused. In any case under the IPC, the police can make prima facie arrests based on the identification made by the victim. But nothing happened. The same day saw two representatives of the University authorities paying the victim an unauthorised visit. They refused to present identification and questioned the victim’s clothing and sobriety on the night of 28th August – a clear violation of the Vishakha Guidelines that assert that there should be no external pressure either on the victim or the accused during the investigating procedure. The victim, quite traumatised with the entire incident, lodged a general diary on the same day at the Bidhan Nagar Police Station. Still No actions.


The Police Commissioner said that they had information’s about arms and ammunition being present at Jadavpur campus that’s the very reason behind doing such an barbaric act of kicking women’s and students. When they went on that DAY why did not they get any such thing.The Police of Kolkata is now busy in marking and preparing a report of convincing that outsiders were present on the JU campus on that day.

We are not only students but common man protesting against all these activities. Well today the mass protest and all students coming down on the streets clearly depicts that we the young generation will not accept the old traditional politics of West Bengal.

The students were kicked and even Male police worked on their bodies to enter the campus. There was no female police and even if it was their they came at the last when all the assaults were over.Is this what we get from the government who has been voted and elected by us. Just imagine that if any student died on that day who should have taken the responsibility of same. Will Mamata Bannerjee or the CP of Kolkata would be able to replenish the loss of life.  In continuation to my previous article on the torture and barbarism of the West Bengal Government on the Jadavpur University students on 17th September it was highly required to show the government and India that what is the power of the young generation. The present government of West Bengal must understand and accept that these young generations are way ahead of the traditional vote banks of West Bengal. Time has taught the young generation to raise voice giant’s corruption and any wrong practices. Miss Mamata Bannerjee must understand that today her won teaching of protest against crime and corruption has been duly accepted and learnt and practiced by this young generation. Today not only West Bengal but the capital of India Delhi has also come on the streets against the protest of the 17thSeptember incident.  Mumbai has also participated and raised its voice silently against this barbaric activity on JU students on 19th September 2014. Below are the snaps of the same.

The snaps have been provided by Shourjya Deb, 2nd year, social work, Tiss, ex union president 2012-13, Arts Faculty Students Union, Jadavpur University.

Snaps of DELHI-


Why did not the CP of Kolkata and partha Chattopadhya did not took any action currently about the incident which happened with the Female Student on 28th August 2014.

There have been several cases in the past where series of rape incidents, followed with auto Rickshaw drivers kicking and insulting women and last but not the least one of MP (Mr. Tapash Pal) giving open threat of getting females to be raped by his party workers.

Miss Mamta Bannerjee is forgetting that the change in West Bengal government have been introduced through this young generation voters and Mr. Partha Chattopadhya is also forgetting that after next 2 years he will be begging for vote in front of these students whom he has criticized  on his speech on 18th September 2014.  You will come to these young voters to get vote and get elected again.

Its high time that West Bengal government must understand that we students as well as Bengalis are connected across the globe. Enough destruction of the state has been done in the last 4 decades and now its time to stop. We will raise our voice in the same tune Mamata Bannerjee taught us over the last 10 years or more than that. These students are the future of Indian economy and they have been treated like criminals. Can Mamata Bannerjee say that what type of lessons and learning’s she will leave as legacy for the next generation. We are inviting FDI investments in West Bengal and at home we are behaving like these barbaric animals.

Today social networking sites have connected the entire India on this barbaric activity of the West Bengal Police and government on Jadvapur students.The present government of West Bengal is forgetting that if these mass students walk out of the state then what will be condition of economic development of her state. We’ll Miss Mamta Bannerjee needs to understand that change has happened and vote bank based politics needs to be ruled out.  This matter is not restricted to JU it might happen to IIM Joka or any premium university in West Bengal.

Government of West Bengal and Partha Chattopadhya needs to understand that only pointing fingers at others won’t solve the problem. If he puts his own head in a bush and thinks the world is dark and no one watching I leave the choice of his comparison to my readers? He has failed as an industrial minister and now failed as an education minister.  These people are simply wiping out the name and fame of the West Bengal and also of the Trinumul Congress. As they belong from the traditional CPIM times, he thinks that today’s young generation and students are as same as they used to be 20 years earlier.  Well time has changed and voices too.