India took 90 years to fight for the Independence of India since at that point of time Internet, Smart Phones, Twitter, Google, Facebook and many others social websites did not existed at that time. Technology has helped to increase the awareness and removes the bottle necks of knowledge updating. We Journalist have been able to create revolution among the societies across the globe. Today in a country like India where corruption rules the market is under vigilance of the common people created through media and technology. We journalist and Technology have created revolution into the society which is very clearly evident across the Globe. If today Africa is being treated as an hot investment destination since Journalist and Technology have bridged the Gap of ignorance.

But I am more concerned about the future independency of the Journalism and Technology growth. The recent case of ban being imposed by Turkey on Twitter and even on google raises the voices that government is under severe threat of the independency of the Journalism and Technology growth. It also reveals that our profession and Technology is so powerful that even the governments are scared of its activities.  Earlier this week, Turkey's prime minister promised to "eradicate" the popular service with the help of a court order. "I don't care what the international community says," Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said at a campaign rally. We all know the reason why it has been banned. This means that we Journalist and Technology need to create secret codes for distribution and circulation of information. The Vietnamese government also framed law relating to the sharing of news online. It effectively bans social sharing of news links on sites like Facebook and other news aggregation platforms.

We have to develop this so that neither the prospective Journalist neither the Technology could be used to track the source of the information flow. It clearly revels that individual countries where corruption is high dictatorship would come into play to control the flow of information. I am more scared that a time very soon will come where even if these sources are being kept alive but at the back end information’s which will keep the image of the government free from any corruption would be circulated. In one word Intranet concept of information dispersal would come into play. If tomorrow any country or government does Genocides then due to ban on information supply formats the world would never come to know the same. In India also we are also under severe threat since in many places Journalist are being treated badly particularly when this election phase is going on. We are yet to come under the threat of banning social sites but this will bring the RTI act under huge demand. Citizens have right to information and if that is being cooked and processed accordingly and provided then where the society would head is question of trillion dollar. We are taking the steps towards Intranet. The responsibilities of the Journalist would be under severe threat once these Intranet societies comes into play. We have to move to the next level of the dispersal of information where coded names will be used and technology would be restricted to access the point of source. These sources will be created exclusively for the Journalist communities so that they remain protected. Well don’t forget we are under cover agents of the society working for the benefit of them.