The role of the chief marketing officer are quickly getting dissolved with each day moving ahead. Chief Customer officer is the new position demanded and required by every companies. As organisations are becoming more customer driven and csutomer orineted the role of CMO position being replaced with CCO. Big data analysis and poistioning the product within the customer and recahing to the customer has been replaced with social websites like Facebook,Linkdin and other social sites to reach to clinets. We already see that there is tremendous linking being dveloped through social webistes to spook the sales and promotion aspect of products and services.

 Traditional strategies are no longer being used to get the customer around your door. CCO are more focused towards creating value proposition and extendes beyond branding and PR, marketing’s. Now is the time when consumer insights are easily available and hence develping the customer centric bond is the key startegy to beta acompeteion through judicious use of technology.In my rsearch I find that measure return on marketing invsrments (ROMI) is the key factor which is being taken into account. CMO often focuses on CMO—to meet the signifi cant challenges of the new era of marketing and increase revenue but not on the customer centric segments. I know many CMO wont agree to this point but that is the prime reason behind the birth of CMO. There is an outrageous proliferation of data, and part of what we have to do as marketers is to use data not to analyse the past, but to be more predictive about what people are interested in doing next.

E-mail and corporate website   would soon be replaced with social webistes where data sharing and data capturing and multiple sales would be the new trend. Markets like india and china are going to the fastest part of this segment of the media. An increasing emphasis on digital marketing requires a broader combination of quantitative and qualitative skills across the entire marketing organisation which can only be added through CCO channles only. Upcoming decade is going to be the land on line salesr which has already replaced the fixed cost component of shops and establishments. Only transportation and efficinet payment gateways and social media gatherings arrnaged through sale of online products are going to be game changers Hence more one thinks about customer and customer cnetric issues the more gain the compnay would achieve in the long term. Chief marketing officers roles ahev been replaced with social media hence now is the time when customer data analystics needs to be implemented.

 In my research I came across some market players according to him Customer insight, data-driven analytical capabilities and social media expertise are among the CMO skills are becoming increasingly important. Chief customer officer would focus extensively on the big data analysis where product designing and product positioning would take a new step. The rise of web, social and mobile channels has increased the complexity of customer engagement. The chief marketing officer is going to be key player for the upcoming customer centric growth.