It’s a welcome approach by the new West Bengal government to bring a sea change in the state education system after stained marks of exam paper leak out and it quality of education of West Bengal during the era of the old government. After a long time the West Bengal is making radical changes in its education system. Its new policies of educational development brought in the state will be acting as a boost to the youth of West Bengal. But their have been couple of places where the new policy seems to be failing while making a comparison with regard to quality.

I have some couple of reading which will depict that the state students will become less competitive in coming years when compared with other states.

Lottery system of admission is not at all a good initiative. Students should be asked to sit for an preliminary exam to so that the students don’t face any problem while catching up with the education at his own class. If all the students get admission on the basis of lottery then many good quality students may not get the chance of admission in quality schools. West Bengal government should schedule marks to which every school will have to admit students based upon the merit of the students. If say a student fails to get admission due to marks schedule then he will get chance from another school. Moreover if the a common exam system is being made then if a student say Mr. A gets admission test in School XYZ and fails to get admission in that school the same candidate can use the same exam mark sheet for other school. Hence making a uniform exam system for the students. Over here I am not raising any matter related to cast, political party or any such issue. Now the examination being taken by School XYZ will be same and at a fixed duration and at a fixed question (same question just like Common test).This will result that students will not have to read and prepare for multiple schools. One exam and one result & acceptance by any school depending upon the marks schedule. The marks schedule will be provided and graded by the West Bengal Education system. This modification of the policy is only for the quality of education.

Another place where the West Bengal Education new policy will fail in terms of quality is No pass No fail. Where it seems good but if students fail to achieve a certain threshold marks limit then education will be of no use and we will block the future of West Bengal. This will result to less competitiveness of students compared to other states. Students will face tough situations since they will take this for granted that even if I Fail I will get promoted to next class.

Conversion of marking system from grade to marks is another place where I find students will face tough times. In fact I can for see that students suicide rates will pick up in West Bengal through its new policy initiatives. We find students committing suicide in many states due to pressure of marks and intensive pressure of competitiveness in marks. Hence conversion of marks system of West Bengal from Grade to marks will spook problems for the West Bengal.

I find the above area needs to have a relook since we are not going to make frequent changes in the West Bengal Education system in coming days. West Bengal should focus for education with quality and as well as for every one. What the new policy suggests is lack of quality generation in coming days resulting students from West Bengal to be less competitive. The ministers of West Bengal and Shri.Mamta Banerjee needs to have re-look towards the ‘New Education’ policy of West Bengal. Policies should be designed keep the most worst to happen in future in mind.

Quality of Syllabus should be focused so that the students become more competitive from the initial days. Now quality doesn’t means here too much syllabus and too many books. Education has turned to be a business and also a tough challenge for the students. Shri.Mamta Banerjee should keep in mind that every policy should lead to quality improvement and not just a revolution.

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