How I should develop Strategy in my Organization? How I will be able to predict the future? How I do I connect internal and external customers?  How do I create disruption? These are the most difficult questions being faced by the CEO and MD of an organization. Identification of the pole star has become one of the critical aspects for the survival of this organization.

Data analytics are being used to identify the patterns for internal business growth. Well, the same data analytics can be used for creating Collaboration. I would rather term it as collaborative analytics. Yes, collaborative analytics helps an organization to solve the critical question raised within the minds of the top management. Collaborative analytics based on data analytics. Collaborative analytics can help to reduce cost and also improve efficiency in resource management within an organization. Data analytics are being deployed to create a solution. The same solution can be achieved through collaboration within every corner of an organization.

Collaboration is often and most commonly applied for selling of products or reaching out with the product to the people. Well, I am not discussing the same collaboration over here. Collaborative analytics can be deployed to redefine an organization. Product development done in isolation cannot help an organization to remain sustainable over the long term.  Collaborative analytics is connecting with social capital, creating a network internally and externally not for sale of products but for all.

Innovation can be created through collaboration. Collaborative analytics would help an organization to identify future trends. The same, when applied within an organization, increase the cross-department solutions. These cross department solutions improve the organization output from the internal perspective. Internal COLLOBORATION breaks silos within an organization. Collaboration helps to create innovative products and solutions.

Every organization has huge pool of talent but divided in terms of geography or divided in terms of P&L. Internal collaborative analytics helps to create synergy at a higher level.  This collaborative analytics leads to a huge pool of experience and solutions creating to exponential growth for the organization and makes the organization strong enough in terms of solution. This new redefined strength enables an organization to take up complex projects and drive solution.  Collaboration in innovation helps to come out of the fear of gaps of future.  General Electric took the collaboration analytics to bridge the gaps of internal part of the organization where they created collaborative talent pool to provide innovative solution to its process, products and consumer.

Collaborative networks leads to concept development which further leads to engagement and creating disruption for an industry.  The answerer to any disruption is through collaborative analytics. The biggest boon of collaboration is that it creates momentum of winning within an organization structure as well as the organization skills in every corner increases to new level.

When an organization does face the risk or threat of falling down? When an organization becomes silos it faces the nightmare of falling down and getting out of competition.  This is a hardcore fact which often is ignored. Collaborative analytics helps to stay abreast of future developments.
Collaborative analytics have a direct impact on the bottom line of an organization that too on a sustainable basis.

But what makes this collaborative analytics so powerful. Well, when we outsource a particular segment or work under JV we develop a connection with social capital. This social capital is of a mass weapon which helps an organization to scale into new heights.

General Motors developed collaborative analytics where is acquired many startups, hired resources and created product and solutions to business.   There are plenty of examples where collaborative analytics have helped organization to face tough situations.  Isolated approach kills the organizational growth.

Social capital based collaboration leads an organization to execution focused operational element to a network of connection that links the entrepreneurial part of product and service innovation. At the same time the organization internal and external collaborative efforts raise the scale of the organization.

Collaboration leads to economies scale and business growth. It’s no longer time to focus only on collaborate sales. The collaborative analytics is the only path to survive in the long term.