Anup Jalota has become the new session of the Indian stardom where he is at both ends of controversy as well as inspiration for the who are underestimated after the age of 50 or 60. The concept of being treated as old haggard after the age of 50 needs relook now. I have been hearing everywhere that Anup Jalota used to be a father like a figure and how a person like him who used to sing Bhajans can have a life like this and with lots of funny jokes in WhatsApp and Facebook and other social networking places. Well, don't have to find father within Anup Jalota or anyone else, better take care of  your old age father who is kept like an old furniture in your home or neighbors house.

 Thanks to all of them that they have revived and increased the TRP of the programme and also of Anup Jalota. I am a little worried about how the whole of India has been reacting to the same. I find  Anup Jalota passing a lesson to all those who are being taken as old haggard as Gold Mines. The beginning of life has no age. We Indians are always half western and half primitive. The problem is that we are nowhere 100% committed to any lifestyle. Does anyone think about others who are left alone in life after a certain age? If old age home is the place for them then it's better to begin life again.
My 1st point is that after this disclosure will everyone stop listening Anup Jalota Bhajans. Well, how Many of us have real time to listen to Bhajan. Prior to coming in front of Public with this type of lifestyle how many people have thought about Anup Jalota. How many teenagers and new generation people knew about Anup Jalota. Well we know that we have very short memory at the same time we hardly remember these type of people like Anup Jalota. We hear numerous times songs of Arijit, Atif Aslam etc but do we ever remember or respect to these singers who have raised the bar of Bhajan to such an attitude which cannot be touched by anyone.   

Anup Jalota has a personal life of him. Singing is his profession and he masters in singing Bhajan. Hence kindly don’t mingle his personal and professional life.  If you say that both the life have a relationship then please stop casting vote against all those MP’s who are corrupt and have a criminal background.  You cannot have a cake and eat it two.  Every person at whatever age he is has some life of how own. This message is well clear and ice breaking lesson for those who think life is over.  Duties and responsibilities are at their place and once they are over every person is free.  The freedom does not come with age but with a sense of the dynamics of life pattern.

What is troubling the people who are throwing pots and pans to Anup Jalota for his current lifestyle? Do these people have loved that this old veteran famous Bhajan singer was starving to death? Would it have been fine for these people that Anup Jalota was begging on street and all of you are taking selfie with him and sharing his current begging status on FB and whats app?   Do you all want to share his poor begging life story as masala with your morning cup of tea? Well all those who are throwing pots and pans on him need to check in how they have kept their won parents. I have seen in many families that at the 60 or 65 these families keep their parents just a old furniture.  I don’t need to accentuate on these aspects since you all know your neighbors very well.  

You are all surprised and now feeling jealous that life can begin at any point in time. There are ups and downs in life and one has to fight back to get that position in life.

Anup Jalota life is just a part of this new budding generation. Wait by generation I am not marking only the ones who are within the age bracket of 16 to 30. Well, who told these age people that this modern world only belongs to them and only they can have shorts and Bermuda with red shoes and dangling jacket.  This new generation belongs to everyone.  As you have rights to wear and behave and live as per the modern world rules why not a 50 to 65 aged person.

 We easily adapt to western culture not only with a dress but with living style and even replacing marriage with living in relationship. Well, a person aged 50 to 65 can even get into live a relationship. It's his choice and his way of thinking just like the way of thinking you have not got into marriage and just have a relationship. We love western foods, we love western lifestyle, we love western products then why it's being restricted or ignored or not appropriate for a person of 65 years.
In foreign countries or you so-called western life, there is no such age bar of not having any relationship. A relationship is a decision between two appropriate matured people. Where the whole world does come in between them.

I a country like India parents are neglected and the situation becomes more painful when one of the partners passes away and the other one is left at the mercy of God. This so-called young generation does not have time for family and hence they take their parents as a burden.

Well, a relationship has its own importance varying from person to person hence better not to argue on that part with a limited capacity of understating the depth of the subject. I am not able to understand where the people are having a problem with the current status of Anup Jalota. Many pundits of the society who are white-haired would say that this is against the laws of the society and they will drive the society towards the ill path.

Well for them I have few things to ask and I can challenge none of them will have the strength in the balls to say revert on the same. These white-haired pandits of the society – are you all able to stop rape. Does the society of white-haired people have developed the courage of accepting raped girl? Does this society is able to stop child marriage and dowry? Well is these people are able to bring down the brothels where human trafficking live examples are pointed out clearly.

We don’t know about the life background of Anup Jalota except what we read as gossips in print media. We don’t have any rights to criticize the person for his current status. He is a part of the modern world which is half western and half primitive. Yes, primitive we are since there are many things in society which have been developed for the benefit of certain people of the society and not on the large scale.

I remember a story where I went for an event in a school for a financial planning course and I was explaining to them what is the difference between asset and liability. After the programme came to an end one of the class boys came and asked me is my grandfather is a liability or an asset. Do you still think that all aged person between 50 to 65 should pray for death as their own one ’s have forgotten them and have left them at the mercy.