The EASTERN REGION COUNCIL of ICWAI 84 HARISH MUKHERJEE ROAD, will  remain a special place behind making this historic moment for the Cost Accountancy Profession undergoing through its name change into ICMAI from ICAI/ICWAI. This recognition did not come so easily. There are stories and key people who fought for the same just like the ones who started the fire of India’s Independence in 1857.

 Today I will share one of the historic stories of few fighters for the profession who started this name change and recognition of Management Accountant.

Before I begin a big thanks to the Youngest President of the Institute Mr. Sanjay Gupta for his contribution to the profession. The journey started long but the real shape of the fire came for the small room on the 3rd floor of the Eastern Region of ICWAI next to the library (It’s no longer now as it has been dismantled) used to be the ammunition room for the fighting for the rights of the profession and it’s for its recognition. Finally after decade fight the institute got the recognition of the Management Accountant  - ICMAI. I was fortunate to be a  part of the research wing carried out by Eastern Region and worked under the guidance of Mr. Siddhratha Sen the Ex Director of ICWAI Research wing.I have written many research insights and articles favoring the recognition as Management Accountant.

 The small room on the third floor of the Eastern Region of ICWAI ( 84 Harish Mukherjee Road)  was the room which carried out many initiatives to get the recognition of the profession as Management Accountant.  Under the Guidance of the Chairman Mr. Kali Kinkar Sarkar I don’t remember the year 1st time region came up with forming a Research Wing for the professional development of ICWAI. It was not an easy task to form that wing since rivals within the house never wanted the profession to grow. The EX Senior Director of Research of ICWAI Mr. Siddhartha Sen was appointed as the key person to carry out the research and  to continue his fight which he carried out which he was doing  under the Key Position as a Director of Research of ICWAI.  Mr. Siddhartha Sen Just retired in 2008 and was appointed immediately by the Eastern Region to carry out the research initiatives. I was fortunate to work under him for more than 2 years before the curtains came down.

Mr. Siddhartha Sen ,Mr. KaliKinkar Sarkar  , Dr. Sanjiban Bandopadhya, Mr. Shomnath Mukherjee, Mr. Mritunjay Acharjee  and few more whom I don’t recollect their names currently,  carried out extensive fight for the getting the recognition for Management Accountant for the profession. These people wrote many articles and many research insights to prove the society, government, various Ministries of the government about the core values and importance of the profession and its role behind social development.  The fought for getting the recognition of Management Accountant. When the name of the Institute was changed we still fought for the management accountant name inclusion. These people did not look after their families as they traveled extensively to various ministries to give representation of our rights and prove about our abilities. The brainstormed, developed new insights and kept the government aware of the same. 

 Thousands of Hours and Thousands of memos, research insights, and representation have been made by various council members for getting this recognition. But the key person who started the fight should not be forgotten India’s independence journey began from 1857 which should not forgotten in the history of Indian economy. In similar fashion all these people should not be forgotten for starting the journey and passing the baton to the current council members.

 Mr. Siddhartha Sen is no more, many of the council members of that time are in  longer in the council of today but their hard work, their fights, their presentation and deep love for the profession finally got the Institute name to be recognized as  ICMAI. All these said members played pivotal role for getting the various Ministries understand the key role of the profession and how its helps Indian economy to grow in the long run.

 None of these people were on the Dias on 16thand 17th March 2018 to hear the same in live but all these warriors needs great felicitation for the fight on getting this recognition as Management Accountants.  

That research wing got closed up but the fire of recognition was kept alive by all these council members past as well as presents to get this name change and recognition finally being achieved. I am thankful that I was a part of the research wing carried out by Eastern Region and worked under the guidance of Mr. Siddhratha Sen the Ex Director of ICWAI Research wing. His acumen and his depth of knowledge is hard to be challenged even after his death. 

All those members whose name I mentioned above are equally knowledgeable and capable in old bones to fight for the rights of the profession. Time may change but history remains unchanged as once its written it cannot be erased. Many new members will be try to take the credit of the same but we need to give credit to the Freedom Fighters of India who started the fire in 1857. In similar fashion we need to give credit and recognition to these council members who started the fight during that time.