Being a Journalist I find its high time to let the world know about the Hospital Business being managed by Apollo Hospital.  In continuation to my previous article Apollohospital today killed a patient in Kolkata and made a 1 year child orphan. KOLKATA...SNATCHES LIFE AND ASK FOR FIXED DEPOSITS,JEWELLERY AND HOUSE AGREEMENT TO PAY BILLS AND FINALLY THE PATIENT DIES.The hospital has come down to such lower level of making profits that it stopped patient from getting shifted to another hospital and claimed Jewellery, bank Fixed Deposits and Agreement papers of the patient family to pay a bill of Rs 8lcas created wrongfully by the Apollo Hospital. Rana Das Gupta Chief Operating Officer  the CEO of the hospital and Rupali Basu  President and Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata threatenWest Bengal Government that they will close down Apollo Hospital in Kolkata.  They will kill patinets make their life ruined and will threaten after that so that Govt of West Bengal becomes silent.Well they are forgetting its competitive world and if they exit West Bengal a major percentage of their revenue will come down from the West Bengal. You can give your comments here too.

A patient Named Mr. Sanjay Rai  age 30 years who met with an accident on 16th February 2017 on street was admitted to Kolkata Apollo Hospital. The patient was kept in Ventilation where in the documents its was mentioned he is under CT Scan. Within six days the bill amount form Apollo hospital was Rs 7, 41,000. Due to this illogical bill amount the family of the patient took decision about shifting the patient to some other government hospital. They patient family begged for releasing the patient and promised to pay the amount but due to emergency treatment and escalating bill amount. The family begged for 4 hours but Apollo Hospital did not discharge the patient and finally the patient died. First of all he was kept under CT Scan but billed based on ventilator. He was given wrong treatment. Finally the patient died.

The family is now left with a 1 year old child and wife. Who will take care these? Who will take care of the Apollo hospital arrogance and such type of activity? That one year child will never come to know how was his father. Hospital will return will the money buy will they give back life to that father.

Apollo have done many such cases where patient family are being fooled and even baseless, wrong operations and treatments have been given where patients became paralyzed. One of my Friends 6 months daughter went with a urine infection diseases and then they did Brain Operation of the child and finally the child became paralyzed. This story belongs to 2008-2009.

They are threatening Mamta Banerjee that they will take out Apollo hospital from West Bengal. Moreover they are now returning the money back to the family but will they be able to return the Life of that 1 year old son’s father Mr. Sanjay Rai.

Private hospitals have now become money making process and one of the promising and compounding   way to make money since every person on this earth will jump to save their loved ones and hence they will spend everything. Now this is the catching point of making baseless meaningless bills and harassing patients family for paying hefty amounts. Now who else wants to die like this?  They will kill people and then they will threaten. They will charge wrong bills and will kill patients.

I request WHO and Indian Medical governing bodies to take action regarding these Hospitals and their administration.