You voted you made him win and now its time to get out of the country. This is the 1st step of de-globalization and told long back that this will happen. In my last article I wrote it’s time for other countries to come together and create new trade agreements and enough fooling has been made by US to get every country fight against each other. This is one of the easiest ways to kill jobs for the immigrants and create jobs for US citizens. I find this being used as tool to get investments  and get hold of natural resources in these countries from where immigration restrictions have been imposed.
We know that Iran, Libya and Iraq needs huge investments for its crude oil production. Now US will get a bagful of opportunity at very low price to invest simply through this restriction policy. These are all the strategy for making the profits double and also negotiate at dearth cheap price for the US companies. Natural resources is all what US have ruled ,demanded and dream.

Trade war and currency war will come up and I am confident enough that if Trumppolicynomics goes on like this then very soon we will witness that those countries who hold Dollar as Treasury and reserves will start  dumping dollar and very soon will replace that currency from an international trade currency. SWF will find redemption pressure due to this US policies.  

Well that seems catastrophic for the global economy but that should be ideal strategy to fight against these Trumppolicynomics. Other countries will be Banning the export and sales of goods through online way can create pressure on the US economics. Trump has forgotten that even jobs and manufacturing base is created in US who will buy them since after a certain level US consumers will stop buying the same goods according to the theory of the Marginal Economic Policy.

The joke of the century is that 1st US created the war with in these countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Surprisingly that he did not ban immigrants and refugees from countries like  Afghanistan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Oman, Tunisia and Turkey were Muslim-majority. US created many wars , devasted the citizens life and suddenly imposed a restriction. There was no requirement of creating several wars in the last 3 decades in the Muslim countries. Just to control the natural resources they created devastation. Its time for all the countries across the globe to understand and come united to create new trade policies excluding US economy.

In Libya we all know that after the war suddenly the crude production went up by 40% which was mainly driven by US companies. U.S. companies had historically played a major role in Libya's oil development. The Oasis Group — a consortium of ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil and Hess — and Occidental Petroleum were particularly prominent. Exxon, Chevron and Italy's state-run Eni were also major players. 

Those he is calling as immigrants and refugees, these citizens have created by US only over the last 3 decades or more. US created war and created devastation made these people and families to leave their own country and now suddenly he asks all of them to get out.

Indians be prepared since a similar calling might come up as US is more focused towards creating jobs an hence well know that INDIANS are more capable and more cheap to their labour cost hence we are at stake. Its well clear that Truppolicynomics  will create more disruption for other countries.

We will witness restrictions on trade and operations and hence this will create repulsive actions across the segments. A flood of green card holders will come back to other countries which will create pressure on the domestic economies and hence it will be a terrible problem. Remember that when these families comes back to their own country or any other place it will create a sudden spike in social cost and economic imbalances in the long run.