US has started export of its crude and now by 2017 we will see US will replace the exporting courtiers of gas exporting. Yes US economy is aggressively working on pipelines to transport the natural gas to the developing countries and its going to start exporting of natural gases. The global market of energy consumption is going to change over the next 10 to 15 years or may be faster than that period, since coal consumption is being reduced aligning the Paris summit and also advance technology in production of crude and gases have resulted significant change in energy consumption pattern. Decreasing Canadian imports and increasing exports to Mexico would open the gates for US economy to get into export of natural gases. If we look at numbers we find that  in the first 10 months of 2015, U.S. gas production was up 35% over the same period in 2008. Over that same time, U.S. imports fell 31%, with imports into the  key U.S. north-east market accounting for  the  significant drop. Enbridge, Nexus and Spectra Energy are working hard to develop the pipelines for natural gas transfer.

 The developing or importing countries have understood very clearly about the benefit of low crude prices on their current account and on their fiscal conditions. This is going to be the key factor which will provoke many developing countries to adopt for alternative energy sources like wind or solar and natural gas leading to shift from crude dependency. Its something going to be like In-dependency from Energy Import. At the same time these importing countries have come to know that how much wealth and prosperity these exporting countries enjoy at the cost of developing countries crude import.

This is the space where opportunity for alternative energy sources gets birth and will replace the crude dominance over the next 10 to 15 years. The theory is clear not only save energy but also save money. Saving import bills improves the economic condition of an country is well read by everyone. But coming to India I find high levels of corruption and poor education of minister level candidates leads to slow development of alternative energy sources. Moreover we easily link export with our import which leads to decline of an economy. India might be later starter but it has learned the lesson of saving money through low crude prices.
US economy have learnt very well that crude export is going to create investments, gross capital formation and also employment which keeps the American consumption market alive. Hence Middle East will be replaced from the map of crude dominance and developing countries would find significant growth opportunities in their economic investments as they save funds. Now the question is how long the crude prices will remain low. Well forget about the betting game focus better on long term strategy of making the economy free from import and more dependent on own energy production.  Recessionary phases will continue and developing economies will have to tide over the same. Hence no point of getting into the myth that economic condition of the global economy is healthy and its going to remain in growth path over the next 50 years. Countries need to come with strategy where energy independence is achieved.  The world is really changing its pattern of energy consumption.

Today, air planes fly into For example in Australia gas-derived jet fuel is being used, Germans pump gas-born diesel from Qatar. Shipping firms plan LNG fuelling stations on the Great Lakes, Brazil buys chilled gas from Norway and Tesla auto mobiles purr along American highways charged from power stations that once burned coal. The growing networks of pipelines are going to replace crude and also current Research and Development in engineering is going towards the path of crude independence.  So invest in alternative energy and also invest on pipelines as they will bring in more profits in the long run to reduce the transportation cost which will lead to more money savings for the importing countries.