In continuation to my previous series of China is not the Problem… we find strings of green shoot of growth for the economy within its own circle of operation. Many companies will be making billions from the Chinese economy where the rest of the 99% will be busy with its slow down stories. Yes china have being focusing aggressively on its consumption driven economy from the old attire of Manufacturing based economy or export driven economy.  Unlike my previous version where I told very clearly that china is no longer the dumping ground of goods. China is focusing towards its consumption and its well proved when we dig inside of the same.
  • ·    Apple’s China sales increased 99% year over year last quarter, to $12.5 billion.
  • ·         Nike’s shoe sales are growing faster in China than anywhere else.
  • ·         Honeywell is supplying plane parts to meet boom times in Chinese consumer travel;
  • ·         The Number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad is projected to rise from 116 million in 2014 to 242 million in 2024, says researcher CEIC Data.
 When a economy shifts from manufacturing to service based and consumption based economy it means that it’s going to strengthen   its own core business empires. A best example is semiconductors where China consumes 40% of worldwide chips . Well its now spending $20 billion a year to build its own industry. Like this Chinese government is asking its private investments in healthcare segment to grow and take up the huge pile of responsibility from state owned enterprises to their own end. This leads to growth of investments and creation of jobs and consumption of better quality health services. Service- and consumer-oriented sectors make up half of China’s GDP, compared with 80% in the U.S. Recently we heard that Chinese economy is struggling with real estate. Well their might not be big boom but small bangs are their. Chinese residential sales jumped in 2015, driving prices higher and inventories lower across 35 cities.

Then why the world is crying over the Chinese slowdown economy and signing the song of significant GDP growth decline. Well many researcher across the globe will point to an data to show that US has less stake in Chinese markets. It accounts for only 2% of S&P 500 revenue in Chinese markets but their some big giants who will loose significant position in the near term. American producers of copper, aluminum, iron ore, and steel are very badly stroked followed with China’s focus on home grown technology could hurt big suppliers to business like Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM.

As I shared earlier that china economy is going to get billions for few companies here are few of them Disney is opening a theme park in Shanghai in 2016, whereas Sun-Power is building Chinese solar plants for Apple. And General Motors’ profitable trucks and SUVs are becoming big sellers in China. Chinese companies are printing money as brands are becoming global like Alibaba, Xiaomi smartphone. There is no slowdown in china it’s a just a shift power from one hand to another. The growth remains the same. Fools are those who expect a continuous growth in the salary by 50% each year.