Well today’s research area might not be acceptable neither consumable for any researcher or economist. In continuation to my previous articles on income-inequality I find that high levels of income in-equality are driving stupendous socials crimes, burden and cost.  In relation to this I find that prostitution and porn industry has significantly grown due to the income inequality. We are currently all focusing on Greece bailout and this will spook the global equity markets for the short term and will make the equity markets happy days again. But are we aware that high unemployment, low wages and higher debts either in the form of education loan or any other asset class creates pressure on the household segment.  No we are not bothered to know about the behavioral changes and the affect on the society and on the generations of people living there. Further for a family getting into natural calamities and also sudden health cost increase creates major disorders for the social aspect of a family. We ignore these aspects which creates skeptical and conservative behavioral changes over the generation on consumption pattern and on more focus towards savings.

I know all my friends won’t believe me and would rather imagine that I am getting lunatic. Well the thought of this type of research strike me while I was digging into the social aspects of income in-equality. According to National Center for Social Research, the number of people selling sex has surged 150% in the last two years in Greece alone. With unemployment rate high of 60% women are offering bodies for few bucks. “Five euros only, just 5 euros they earn. Many prostitutes have been selling their services for as little as 10 to 15 euros, a price that has shrunk along with the income of clients afflicted by the crisis. Many more prostitutes are taking greater health risks by having unprotected sex, which sells for a premium. Some of them have also communicated to media sources that I sleep with five men a day just to eat. The whole capital markets ignores and also the media hardly comes into the accentuating these segments as they are detrimental to the politics. Let’s get into another county where with high unemployment and an unstable economy, some Zimbabwean women turn to prostitution to make a living for themselves and their families. The below video is an example of the same.

Global slowdown has spooked household prostitution business to grow. Student’s sex has also  grown as high levels of Debt and no jobs has spooked them to join these streets. University of Birmingham in England, reports on the increasing number of undergraduate students who are turning to prostitution to make money. Further in the research it has been found that medical students stay in school longer to complete their education and rack up more than five times as much debt as undergraduates do. Students allegedly using prostitution in order to fund their studies and reduce the debt burden. In the United Kingdom around 70% of women in prostitution are single mothers who do not receive social benefits.Welfare cuts and the poverty they generate has a particular affect on women, who see their career options narrowing and forcing many of them to resort to sex work to cover basic costs for them and their family.
Lest get heard a story of one of fellow which will give us more clear insights: I had a university education, but no particular skills and no viable career options. My brother and I were raised in a turbulent home with parents who were working poor. We were the first generation to go to university, but a degree in sociology by itself doesn’t get you very far.
I got into prostitution based on the recommendation of a friend. She said the money was fast and easy. I suppose I could have furthered my education instead, but that was a long-term solution and my needs were immediate and considerable. A barista job at Starbucks wasn’t going to get those student loans paid.
So I placed an ad in the back of one of those alternative magazines, soon realizing I was one of hundreds of women with similar ads. They weren’t cheap, either – there is more overhead to being a hooker than you might realize, from sexy clothes and makeup to a good selection of quality condoms.
Income inequality is devastating the society and also the generation with more fear and less trust on political giants and their promises. The world needs serious attention to resolve these issues so that before national devastation break out.   The world is dreaming that these countries are going to be consumer markets where as the real picture that these economies are now the poorest. This is the result of exploitation of resources and excessive capitalism which is killing not only this generation but also the upcoming generation. 
I find that THE SLOW DOWN FOR Euro-zone-is hard to be measured in terms of years. It will take decade or may be more than that to find growth. Shifting jobs, cutting down business are the key reasons for the slow growth .High unemployment and poor education for the next generation due to financial constraints are going to have a vicious affect on the global economy in the long term. Precisely if we look In we find that the world is no longer ready for any other financial crisis. Dow Jones , FTSE might jump 100% YoY basis but that will not bring sustainable growth for the economy. We need to plan strategies where people are relived from the burden. Rather bailing out the Banks and 20% of the rich of the society we need to bailout every individual.  Since they are our consumers and our future for the economy. Do you ever think that WHAT LEGACY we will be keeping for our next generation? I am more worried about the long term which is over the next decade. Just imagine that education is now being exchanged with prostitution.