Very Soon we will read that rape and molestation are now common but protest against the same has never been such painful as it happened in JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY-WEST BENGAL INDIA . On 17thAugust 2014 at Jadavpur University one of renowned  University of India and West Bengal has created the history of students being beaten like dogs and cats. These students are the future of the Indian economy and these students have been beaten for making a non-violence movement against the protest and justice of a girl student being teased and molested inside the campus.

This is an account of the events of last night in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, were students sitting in on a peaceful protest against university authorities inaction on a recent complaint of sexual harrassment. What followed (an attack from two fronts, by police and goons affiliated to the Trinamool Congress) brought back memories of the many times that students have been attacked mercilessly in JU. Currently, around 40 students have had to receive medical attention.

Recently the Chief Minister of West Bengal went to Singapore to get business and investments into West Bengal. Now if the state condition is like this where police and special combat force uses martial arts on Engineering Students against a protest where the respect of a women is at stake. Now tell me how much save are the investors of Singapore and other places.

The below pictures and footage are enough to depict the picture of the attitude of West Bengal government against its own citizens/people/society and students. The strangest thing is that all these student of the UNIVERSITY  are the future of India and West Bengal and they have been treated like this way. Its, matter of high concern that these engineering students who are the future of West Bengal and Indian economy over the next couple of decades are being treated merciless for a protest.

Recently one of the MP of Trinumul Congress the ruling Party of West Bengal said openly in public place that he will be promoting rape in West Bengal. Where are we living is the question of trillion dollars?JUST IMAGINE SINGAPORE COMES TO OPEN FACTORY AND HUMAN LABOR GETS TRANSFERRED HERE IN WEST BENGAL INDIA AND THEIR CHILDREN GET ADMITTED TO JU AND THEY ARE BEING TREATED LIKE THIS.THIS SHOWS THAT WEST BENGAL GOVERNMENT WANTS TO KILL VOICE AGAINST ANY PROTEST. 

It clearly shows about the current state of Affairs of West Bengal. Around 5 students are in hospital due to attack on them by these combat force special category police who kicked and used their techniques to kick out and throw out the non-violent students out of the campus. Girl’s dresses were torn and turned into half naked. Lights were put off so that no visibility is available. I am ashamed to tell about the type of molestation have been conducted by the police with the girls.