Pornography followed with sex discussion are the now the most demanding phenomena to join in any group particularly within the range of 12 to 50. My readers might not agree with the age bracket but when we travel in bus or train, we all witness this is the most common way of gestures. Smart phones have opened the doors of nudity to new heights as videos of pornography are often travelling in openly.  In my recent observation its being found that discussing about sex and sharing videos of pornography are the growing culture of the society. Media has also played a dignified role while displaying nudity in Television and Indian cinema’s.   Well it’s very easy to copy different cultures but very hard to paste the same in the Indian closed society system.

The time has come where its being proved that our political candidates and our social hero’s needs to be well educated and understand that today’s population is not under educated and smart phone has expedited the shape of media awareness.  Then recent historic growth of rape in India and across the globe makes it very clear that “No place on earth is safe for women”. But the rates at which the rapes and murders are happening women of this decade and in the coming decade’s women are going to carry weapons in their bags while travelling. When government and police is not able to provide security and Indian legal system is not structured enough for the speedy process of the punishment about rape-in that case women have to carry weapons.  As its being found that after rape no clue or no proper culprit identification is not possible are criminals are smart enough hence women would also become smart enough when they will shoot or kill someone who will try to rape or behave in such manner and no clues will be left by them. The government is forgetting that once common man picks up law in their hand and become animals like the ones who does rape then the expectation from government about proper justice would not be required any more. Before one does rape he is either shot or is being stabbed by the women.   The government inactions and words of the politicians are asking indirectly that women save yourself of your won.

In the recent incidents in West Bengal and in UP we find that both ministers are trying to compete for rape or either making statement that being big state rape is too small. Do his words want to convey that every house in UP one must have a rape victim?

Statistics says many things and will also speak in the future but are we listening. I am not giving any statistical presentation on rapes in different states and making a comparison regarding the same. I am only showing the growth of vulgarism against women. Further it shows that government of individual states is still sleeping like the CM of Karnataka.

·  Uttar Pradesh has recorded a steep rise in the number of rape cases in 2013 as compared to the previous year.
·    As per data tabled in the Rajya Sabha by Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju, while answering a question by Ramdas Athawale, as many as 3,050 cases of rape were reported in Uttar Pradesh in 2013 as against 1,963 in 2012, an increase of above 55 per cent. In 2011, the number stood at 2,042.
·        National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), every day 93 women are being raped in the country.
·       According to NCRB data, there is a gradual increase in the number of rapes reported in India - from 24,923 in 2012 to 33,707 in 2013.
·      The number of rapes in Delhi has almost doubled from 585 in 2012 to 1,441 in 2013. Delhi is followed by Mumbai (391), Jaipur (192) and Pune (171) among the top unsafe cities in the country.
·         It is also revealed that most victims are aged between 18 and 30 years (15,556) and 14 and 18 years (8,877).

Well every state has rapes and no state is bothered to make a clean environment for the same.
The recent words of Trinamool Congress MP Mr. Tapas Pal, where he clearly said that he will send his TMC party members to go into each house and do rape. Please find the video of the same where he openly promotes rape. In another video you will find  comparison of rape number growth  by UP Ex-CM and Currently His son is the CM of the State.

 If these are our political choices then obviously we should not expect them to understand the pains of rape and the values of women. It’s not about who said what but it about the thought process of these politicians and their lookout towards the rape. We seek justice from these people. Do we really get justice.

The question is not about how many rapes are happening in India and across the world and giving an elaborate statistical comparison. The point is that if India could fight for 90 years to get independence then why not stop rape and form stringent legal punishment against rapists. Why can’t we control the pornography?  Why can’t West Bengal or UP don’t become rape free states. Or the state governments is satisfying and promoting rape for their party workers so that get boosted up and do all illegal works which will help these political candidates to win their position back again.

Well all I see is that politician are busy to satisfy the sexual demand of their party members through rape. But they are forgetting that a time will come when their own fruits will be consumed by themselves. Women rise and protect you.