Did we ever think what we vote and whom we vote and for what purpose we give our vote.  We have been voting over the last 60 years and what we got from every elected 5 years terms of new governments over the last 60 years. Well this is the first time I am covering something on the Indian elections and before I start on I would like to communicate that I am not an master in this subject But as a common man I find my heart to speak few things for the same. The Delhi Assembly is dissolved and now we are in the laps of uncertain times where again a new election might happen and the tax payers money will be spend. At the same time currently with the growth of the Indian media and technological growth where information is freely available has lead to stupendous growth in the analysis level. At the same time the population of India is in the bracket of 30’s which is quite young. We are quite in the level where we are well capable to take the decision of who will rule the Indian economy. Hence we know that whoever wins election corruption would be a part of the system since over the last 60 years we have only created huge gap by making rich more rich and poorer more poor. Rich become super rich has leaded every people to follow unfair trade practices which has lead to increase of corruption. The corruption began from government services end and spread to every corner. The government sectors travelled into the path of corruption since the salary of the government employees were too low and the value of Rupee was increasing slowly. Low salary provoked people to take bribe and also the delay in the system of execution of work at the government end was another provoking tool to accept bribe.

Now standing in 2014 we find that corruption has come to such an level that without which we cannot inhale fresh air. Every time we get into the trap of the Temptations and this time we are in the temptation of getting a higher GDP where the Indian economy would find some growth and our salaries increases. But we forget that we will do the hard work, the farmer would do the farming and we will pay the taxes as we paid over the last 60 years and the economy will run as it was running. Free information and media have exposed the true potentiality of the Indian economy.  The irony of life is that we will vote people and again many scams will take birth just like science discoveries being made.

Can an one explain what is the benefit of giving vote when we know well in advance that there will be many scams. Many of my reads might have gone to hear the promises made by various political parties for the upcoming elections. But did you hear that there will be no scam in the new government who every comes and if there is anything then the entire assembly would be dissolved.  Recently we are watching a advertisement in the media where over the last 10 years development of the Indian economy through infrastructures, telecommunications, banking and other segments. Well it took 10 years to get this small development to happen where the global world has moved into new shapes of growth. We got growth but at the cost of tax payers money. We got growth at the cost of scams and corruptions. In earlier elections  we used to forget what has happened with us since 5 years terms is a big thing where billions of incidents happens in every life and hence we forget from where we started. But a great thanks to media and today’s technological improvisation where we all have the access of every past incidents and this has eased our pressure on our memory. We all know how the past was and from that we  can now derive the shape of tomorrow.

Did you every thought, that over the last 5 years we failed to bring changes in our traditional Tax structure. We failed to introduce Goods and Service tax since this new taxation system would provide relief to the tax payers of India. Since every government is more focused to fill up his own pockets and least bothered about the multiple taxation burden on the common people. We discuss,debate and fight over inflation.But did any government felt to come over this real problem.Inflation would never come down if taxes are not being removed. Once the taxes are removed more transparency would come into the price and cost of the goods.  

Did you ever think that what we pay is nothing but Taxes. We never pay any price but we pay only taxes. What is the utility of casting vote and getting no justice in case of rapes being happening in our society? Did any of you made any calculation about the growth of crimes and rapes over the last 60 years despite of our voting. Did any elected government was able to control and reduce the crimes. Was it able to protect the women of the society. Find out the reason why you want to vote and for whom and whom you will vote. No government would be able to reduce inflation and neither  cost of living. World population has increased but the supply and production have not increased. Please use your technology to decide what you want to do.


Rakesh Rathod said…
Too extreme a view..but will stopping to vote a solution.I think solution is not avoiding the vote but change some lawa which make politicians accountavle just like we are in our jobs.Govt should report to a team of Public nominees who can be professionals like a CEO and politicians being employees who will be appraised.I think if one wants to dream something then start imagining.
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