Majority of the educated people from the city of Kolkata have exited due to the weak and poor condition of the state. The city of Kolkata and rest of the part of west Bengal is being dwelled by Bihari, UP and other provinces. The city is already under the National headlines of the media due to the increasing number of rapes and crimes.  The city of joy is longer the city of joy, rather it’s a goon training state now. I hope you will remember that once upon a time Bihar used to be one of the highest crime related cases. Today west Bengal has become the same, in the recent couple of years Auto-rickshaw drivers are behaving dangerously with the citizens of Kolkata. In Kolkata we will find less number of public transports and more numbers of Auto –rickshaw. Who needs to be blamed for this is another debatable topic.

Late Mr. Subhas Chakravorty the Ex Transport Minister of CPIM developed this massive Auto-Rickshaw network. He created this to employ the uneducated political goons for some earning.   Massive number of people took out Auto-Rickshaw and earned their bread and butter.  But 90% of the Auto-Rickshaw was unregistered. There are around 110000 Auto- Rickshaws and out of this around 90% are unregistered.  These auto drivers are non- other than goons of CPIM now doing TMC. Recently their have been number of cases where the common people are being mishandled by these drivers and they are badly injured. The Auto Rickshaw drivers will flout all rules, beat passengers up and if they are punished, they won't hesitate to manhandle the cops. In January alone, there have been three attacks on passengers and another three major accidents involving autos. The list grew longer in the last of couple of days with the city witnessing two more accidents. In one, a nine-year-old kid was left with a fractured skull and in the other; a passenger had to sacrifice a thumb. On a day transport minister Mr.Madan Mitra of West Bengal hit the road to rein in rogue auto-operators, an auto driver grabbed a lady commuter by the neck. In another incident an auto-rickshaw driver punched a 25-year-old woman executive on a busy Kolkata street.  A group of auto-rickshaw drivers assaulted a young couple at a south Calcutta crossing before driving off with the wife to a lane where she was again attacked for daring to question one of them who had scraped their car.  A young newspaper reporter was allegedly thrashed and attacked with a razor by an auto driver in Dum Dum when the scribe protested his misbehavior with a lady passenger. On another day a gang of rogue auto drivers allegedly slashed two passengers with a blade in the Park Circus on Monday after a quarrel over small change
 Well the lists of above incidents are enough to reveal that the state government is very weak in its law and order and needs stringent measures to improve the same. In my last article I wrote that if the law and order of the state don’t improve then how the citizens of the state would feel secured. Just focusing on the industrial development without proper security to the people is like falling knife. What CPIM created needs to stop? I have heard that these cases are being created to defame the present government of West Bengal. Well this cannot be the excuse to let the things make a long list of happenings. If this type of law and order system continues in Kolkata and West Bengal  then a time will come that when the educated people would turn out to be an goon and behave  equally same with these type of incidents.   In most of the cases the police of West Bengal is reluctant to file FIR against these cases. These cases are only taken into legal perspective only when the Media channels are contacted. Can anyone explain what type of law and order is this prevailing in West Bengal?

 Like other states the west Bengal Government can ask these Auto-rickshaws to get registered and run based on meter system.This will also reduce the differences between unfair fair practices. If the law is designed then the Minister don't have to come down on the street.

Moreover the state government should get the drivers registered for the Auto-Rickshaw segment and should make them wear mandatory specified dress followed with a batch number and name engraved on a plate. This will allow the drivers to be tracked easily and would also make the FIR more strong. This also helps the West Bengal government to have greater control and governance over the drivers. In Delhi Auto-Rickshaws GPRS have been mandatory installed so as to track them.

Well at the end the name of the CITY of Kolkata is again defamed and now this is getting spread across the world. From Chennai to Delhi, From Kolkata to Mumbai CITY OF JOY IS DEFAMED.