Every profession is backed by its members and strength within its members. But In the case of ICAI(Institute of Cost Accountants of India) we have very less number of members as compared to industry demand. This has been the tradition of the institute over the last several years. We know from the time that when 14A and 14AA were taken away from ICAI that member’s strength is a big factor. Chartered Accountants have around 1.5 lacs members and their strength is growing whereas Company secretariats have taken the recent initiatives of making more members. Well more members are made by increasing the passing of student in various levels.

The institute needs to focus aggressively for increasing the members by increasing the passing percentage in Intermediate and Finals. This will increase the member’s strength and numbers which would be beneficial of the Indian economy and for the industry. This will also increase the prospects of practicing and would be able to match the demand of the Industry. One should think that every where ICAI or we cost accountants are losing the place since we have less members. I know many of my friends would say that if the institute increases the number of students passing percentage then the quality of the pass out candidates would be at risk. Well the course of the Institute is sufficient enough to equip a candidate to become successful Cost Accountants. Hence there is no requirement of raising the matter about quality and other such things building it as an obstacle for not generating more pass out. From 2009 if we  have taken the steps of increasing the members by increasing the intermediate and final passing percentage then today we should have generated sufficient number of members.

More final pass out, more intermediate pass out would create multiple promotion and would help the institute to generate more members to serve the Indian economy and the industries. We ignore the simple and small strength of the students but we forget that they are our future members of the institute. We should not forget that in the future also we will find many hurdles like this and challenges but we need members to face those challenges.  Strength of the members would help the institute to grow in the long term. We need more passing percentage so that members strengthen and students are converted fast into members.

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