Globalization has changed the landscape of employee recruitment and business operation. In my research I find that there is an extensive requirement of companies who can bridge the gap of cultural differences and brings uniformity within the organization despite of having diverse geographical presence. It has been found that companies with wide geographical presence face the heat of cross cultural issues. Human resource is another key area for success of an organization when it is having an globalized presence. Abiding the companies principles and regulation is an key aspect for the employees. Cultural differences are the first hurdles which comes as a barrier for the growth of an organization. A simple matter like payroll mechanism could become a significant challenge for an organization.

Different taxation, employee benefit schemes creates a ripple effect on the management. In my internal audit I have found that these issues are one of the prime bottle necks for the organization to grow and achieve the sustainable growth for the organization. Business polices are framed based upon the product team and sales team decisions. But the successful outcome from those strategies depends much upon the cultural aspect of the socio-economic factors. Business process principles varies from one country to another hence a common platform, based system is required for developing the barriers to entry. A particular model of company should be formed which will deal with these complexities. 

That company would bridge the communication and socio-economic factors and would take care about the employee aspect of the client company. This includes the payroll structure as well as training and grooming aspect of the employees.

In my research I find that entrepreneurs have a wide scope to develop this type of systems where they can help the companies to develop and bridge the gaps. The light of globalization is being thrown on new countries like Africa, Vietnam and many more where we need these types of companies to bridge the gap. Entrepreneurs need to come up with innovative business models where they excel to develop the globalization gaps and resolve the cross country business model process. Being in the financial industry while managing the sales team I find that even in India where there are so many states and places I find that there are differences between business operating and the process of getting the operation or sales to continue.

The differences are cultural primarily which creates differences in business operation. This is one of the key aspects behind success of business models in different part of India. The process of one’s business might be successful in West Bengal but may not be in Maharashtra.

 Hence we need companies which would help to bridge the gaps and helps the organization to grow in the long term with a consistency. Employees also need to be treated in the same way. Managing the human resources is a key responsibility for the organization since success of the business depends upon that key area.