The days of providing services are over, the days of providing solutions are over for the practicing fields. The changing technology followed with changes in client’s behaviors and requirements, selling solutions for the practicing firms have taken a radical change. Those who are in the fields of practicing are the ones who sell their expertise to the various companies and clients. Professionals like the practicing CMA are the ones who hold and immense expertise in cost management followed with business strategy. Well cost management alone cannot enable to win the game unless business strategy is being mingled up with the same.

Selling solutions by the consultants/practicing CMA are now turning out to be an old. Change in demand and extensive free knowledge being easily available on the internet has changed the solution providing old game. Well majority of the new comers in the segments are following the herd which has lead practicing to be less lucrative compared to service. Increasing competitors has changed the rules of the games which would survive one practicing fellow over the long ter.

Today those who are entering into the practicing filed should be well prepared that they are able to provide insights and not solutions. Insights are the ones which would create the long term value of a consumer which would create a premium for fighting the rising peer competitors. Developing insights would help the new practicing CMA’s to have an competitiveness over the peers in the long term.

The best way to identify and implement the insight selling practicing are:

• Evaluate prospects according to criteria different from those used by during the traditional practicing .Target agile organizations which are in a state of flux rather than those with a clear understanding of their needs. This would further increase the complexity and knowledge of managing the next higher level of changing dynamics in the business cycles.
• Seek out a very different set of stakeholders, preferring skeptical change agents over friendly informants. Skeptical stake holder’s outlook would give you the space to leverage and built the long term insights depending upon your skills.

• One of the most important parts would be to coach those change agents on how to move instead of quizzing them about their company’s movement process. Designing the process is much easier than following the process since in the latter one has nothing to explore and create.

One practicing fellow would develop these segments then selling insights would be much easier and lucrative rather than fighting within the traditional practicing areas. This is also one of the prime reason behind the decline and skeptical mind set behind coming into the field of practicing. The change we need to adopt is that not to sell effectively only but to sell differently.

Developing new challenges in the practicing filed and moreover having an clear vision to handle complex projects are the ideal roots of getting success from today’s practicing fields. In the process of my research while interacting with various professionals and organization I found the following players who are being categorized for the practicing fields. These are the new type of natures being built among the practicing fields that are classified by the organizations:

1. Go-Getters. Motivated by organizational improvement and constantly looking for good ideas, Go-Getters champion action around great insights wherever they find them.
2. Teachers. Passionate about sharing insights, Teachers are sought out by colleagues for their input. They’re especially good at persuading others to take a specific course of action.
3. Skeptics. Wary of large, complicated projects, Skeptics push back on almost everything. Even when championing a new idea, they counsel careful, measured implementation.
4. Guides. Willing to share the organization’s latest gossip, Guides furnish information that’s typically unavailable to outsiders
5. Friends. Just as nice as the name suggests, Friends are readily accessible and will happily help reps network with other stakeholders in the organization.
6. Climbers. Focused primarily on personal gain, Climbers back projects that will raise their own profiles, and they expect to be rewarded when those projects succeed.
Above 6 characters of the new practicing segment would create confusion for the new practicing CMA’s. They would be confused to adopt and implement the same characters which are being demanded by the organizations. Hence I have tried to give an flowchart of how to adopt and implement which character and where:

The area of practicing has taken a great revolutionary change which needs to be understood. The days of selling solutions are getting over. Selling Insights would help the practicing members to build long term competitiveness over the peers from all angles. Increasing competitions in the practicing filed is increasing the demand of insight selling from the service selling areas.