Change in Process.
Sales process has changed over the years across the globe across the every market segment. In my recent study I find that not only banking sector which has lead to a strategic change in its business process through online transaction but the same theory has already spread across other industries. Sales and Brand use to move in parallel ways but now with the innovation of technology sales have found a new identity beyond brands. Technology has only accelerated the payment mechanism married with brilliant virtual presentation tactics. The changing digital age is well found within the retail segment of the market.

In the coming decade the more industries adds to the organized market segment we will find more virtual business modules coming up. Innovation is a never ending game hence more brilliant and quality virtual sales process is about to come in coming decades. More importantly the technology innovation in sales process has pushed up the number of unorganized players to shift towards organized market segments. Today the competition is not of getting more number of sales but to get the online segment of commercial business to grow parallel or beyond the traditional mode of sales.

Where we shop now?
Today we have Flipkarft,, and many more has changed the culture of shopping as well as for the companies to have all their products under one platform without having a fixed cost component like a shop where one has to bear rents in all periods. Business process needs to identify the changes in the virtual consumer market and rightly align strategies accordingly. Reading and mapping data days are now about to get over. One needs to have a deep understanding of behaviors of the virtual consumers since consumer change brands according to their easiness. Days are gone when the brand change used to happen due to product prices, now consumers change products and brands which act as a small glitch to them in the process of buying the same.

According to ‘India Online Retail Market Forecast & Opportunities 2016’, India will witness changing shopping trends in the next few years. India is set to become the third largest nation of internet users in the next two years itself. The online retail market in India is expected to grow immensely, given the rising middle class in India, with growing disposable income in hands and lesser availability of time to spend the same. ‘India Online Retail Market Forecast & Opportunities 2016’ discusses the following aspects related to online retail market in India:

- Global Online Retail Market Size & Forecast

- India Online Retail Market Size & Forecast

- Online Retail Market: Segment Wise Forecast

- Distribution Structure & Sales Channel

- Market Trends & Developments

- Competitive Landscape.

Indian Financial markets are yet to explore the M-commerce. Mobile trading options have been opened up but for the payment segment we are still flocking around the internet system. M-commerce has not yet taken up the broking and financial business market. Recently Reliance Mutual fund came up with M-commerce platform for investments in mutual funds. Indian markets over the next 5 years will make a stupendous turn around.

M-Commerce the Game Changer

Innovation is now an integral part of M-commerce. Ecommerce has changed the virtual presentation style buy M-commerce will change the payment process. Smart phone is not a luxury for all of us hence we find consumers prefer easy ways or handy steps of payment. In most of the world particularly in the developed economies that are struggling to meet their inflation and GDP growth are shifting their business in virtual format since cross trade business models are on the verge of collapse since trade practices might be imposed in coming days. The days of PayPal through internet are about fade about since a smart phone has opened up the gates of Mobile payments. PayPal has also changed it business process with its introduction of Pay Pal mobile app which is being now replacing the internet age. Smart phones are coming up with PayPal software so that M-Commerce takes a new giant step towards the consumer market. Its similar like the E commerce, when it came into the system the market of retail took a giant step similarly M-commerce is all set to change the consumer payment system.

Invest in M-commerce
In European economy we find that businesses of leasing properties are being done exclusively through E-commerce and rents are being remitted primarily through M-commerce. Smart phone has changed the business process of M-commerce. Private equity finds the business to be very lucrative in coming decades which has resulted increased demand of M-commerce investments projects. Indian banks needs to spend more resources towards M-commerce. Internet has changed their business process now M-commerce is all set to change the payment process of the banking system. I find the risk management segment of the banking space needs to be stronger since any failure of the system will hit back the Indian banking and retail market. Big giants of the consumer market needs to understand in detail about the various grades of risk and threat which might later on kill their M-commerce business strategies linked with sales and revenues.

Well the market size of online retail industry in India is likely to touch Rs 7,000 crore by 2015 due to increasing internet penetration across the country, according to a survey. Currently, the online retail market stands at Rs 2,000 crore and is growing at an annual rate of 35 per cent according to industry chamber Assocham. Hence a long way is yet too travelled and the journey might just have started.