When I was writing this article I gave a hard thought regarding the name of the topic. For a moment I made up my mind that I will make the topic name exactly to the objective of the article. But I was compelled to take this Name of the topic.Whta made it so is follows at the end.
We are all well acquainted with the words named DEVELOPED and UNDER DEVELOPED. We can define the meaning of these two words from all corners from an economic condition of a country. But precisely saying developed means more economic growth, revenue generation, more motivations towards income formation and less focus towards education. In fact education for these developed countries stands out be an activity of leisure. In year of 1990 we all know where India was standing on the global foot map .If I use hard words then India could have been defined as a poor economy with no proper civilized guidelines of growth and development. We often used to be called as beggars on the global platform when we used to ask for loans for construction of infrastructure and even for the surviving of the climbing population of India.

After 20 years the picture is well clear. We the developing poor countries stand out to be leaders of the Drama of Exploitation. Well it is surprising to find out the sudden jump of new names. Yes exploitation of the resources. This what the developing countries have been doing under the name of Super economic income .Developing nations have been able to generate super economic growth due to extravagant exploitation of resources. Resources over here I mean the ones provided by nature. Incomes have the main focus of these developed nations. They never wanted to travel the path of growth. Since if they have travelled through the path of growth then it should have been sustainable and disciplined growth. They went for income. They exploited the natural resources like oil, coal even human capital.

They generated income through exploitation of the human capital and resources. They never gave a thought to growth. Otherwise they should have preserved it and should have developed alternative system of income generation. Developed countries made new technological advancements and made new discoveries. The more discoveries they did the more wings of the nature got scrapped. They developed new strategies of manufacturing generating superfluous income and not growth. Since their technology replaced human capital. The more automation they adopted more human capital became unemployed.

Now it raises the debate that does technological advancement leads to loss of human capital. No never. Technology is for the development of growth and not generating income. Developed countries discovered technology to generate income and not capital. If technological development was made with a mindset of growth then human capital should have never suffered. We explore huge quanatum of coal and oil for our livings. They are nature provide. Statistical figures and statisticians will never be able to dig out when these resources will meet their end. So we will not go with the figures. Did the developed countries ever in the past 40 years give a thought that these resources will come to an end. We all know the gold prices and the reasons behind their huge prices. Did we ever give a thought that once the gold mines across the world comes to an end then what we will leave for the next generation. We are eating up all the resources for the generating income. Does any of my readers can say is Gold bringing growth. Gold is only generating income. In the same way the developed countries have been exploiting the resources and generating income.

We are doing infrastructural developments and other activities to drive the growth. But we are using a small quantum of the resources provided by nature. We are not using the alternative resources which nature have provided abundantly. We are scratching our head over a small quantity of resources.

Each year we develop strategies for productivity improvisation, efficient use of resources like Six Sigma and Balance Score card. Does they bring growth or income. They bring exploitation and depletion of resources. No theory or strategies can bring growth until it is developed for generating growth and not income. Since growth grows slowly with consistency where as income remains a volatile through its life of generation.

We complain a lot about bureaucracy existing around all corners of the world. Do we ever gave a thought for the reasons for birth of this bureaucracy. We included all the income generating people in the system and not the ones who are focuses towards long term growth. Bureaucracy gave birth exploitation of resources and less inclination towards growth. The result stand out that we all today are running for income depending on the bureaucrats. Can any one explain me where Balance Score Card or Six Sigma will come into play.

Please keep in mind I am not criticizing the management principles but helping you out to find that what principles we are formulating and for whom. Is it for growth or income? We formulated the principles with the mind of income and not capital. Since capital remains an asset where as income depletes with time. What we need is to create policies and guideline to create and protecet wealth and not generate superflous profit.

Education also became a part of the drama of exploitation. What we read in newspaper or see in television regarding the education system. I don’t need to give further background introduction. In the year of 1990 we all can remember the educational system of India. Now at that stage we did not have so much developments and scope of higher education. But after 20 years we reached the higher levels of educational development and more advancement of education but what happened to the lower levels. Today lower education is business resulting income. The higher educational developments have become growth but the lower one became income resulting exploitation of parents’ resources. Donations: nothing more needs to be explained.

No GDP, no IIP, no consumer data was ever able to measure these faults and will never be able. We are all generating income and not growth. We are exploiting each other behind the image of growth. Its not the question of Developed or Developing countries.Its a question of future.What we are keeping for the coming generations.Only exploited fruits of income.The developing countries should not follow the path of developed countries.Since resource imbalance is creating a gap which remains threat for the coming decades.What we need is to keep the nature free from exploitation and use alternative resources. 

Now I return back to the place where I have started writing the article. I was thinking here what name should I give to the topic so that my readers are exploited. See you must also be thinking that I am also focusing towards income and not growth. Sorry to say by reading this article I did not generate income but growth of individual thoughtful minds.

In my next article I will depict the picture of how civilization come to an without education