Skill India syllabus should be based upon the Industries requirement and the same course should be decided by companies like Reliance, TATA, and Mahindra etc. The prime reason behind such an act of development should be that technology and geopolitical structures are changing the business model and hence education quality should also change. Gone are days of traditional studies. Every year so many new technological innovations create complex business education which hardly comes into the text books.

Course or Syllabus designed by the industry heads will create faster job opportunities, faster career enhancement and also a well trained human power for the Indian economy. The Young generation is restless today, they don’t want to settle for less. Further if India wants a GDP growth of 9%+ in that case a skilled manpower with enhanced education of the industry is the only way to succeed.  When industry heads get well trained educated manpower then they don’t have to spend much time on training, will be a win-win proposition for the company as well as for the candidates.

Skill India success can be multiplied when Private Equity investors and angel investors come forward with their expertise of technical know-how and to develop skills in rural Indian which is treasure of growth for the Indian economy.

Quality of education will be best growth strategy for an economy to develop much faster. If an economy is having poor quality of manpower then investments will not grow since Return on Investments comes from human capital/manpower.

Indian young generation doesn’t needs text books and traditional education for earning bread and butter. They need expert education which will make the industry grow from day 1 of their joining. The faster we educate them with appropriate knowledge of operating an industry or segment the faster will be the Indian industries competitive position enhancement.

Now days video tutorial have changed the landscape of the education. Many foreign educational videos related to skill development can be converted into Hindi or mother language to train and uplift the skill of the manpower in the semi and rural India. Technology based skill development will be boon as its will promote entrepreneurial mindset among the people. Today the agriculture sector is struggling as there is no link between framers and end user and hence they are not getting proper prices for their production. Now many small domestic e-commerce platforms can start their ventures having knowledge about e-commerce business model.

We need active skill development activities so that migration of employees towards Urban area is controlled and reduced so that there is no imbalance on the equality of living life.

In this perspective I would suggest that financial management knowledge and business management know-how should be shared with the skill development syllabus so that they understand that how their skill and training will enhance the industries revenue and growth and finally the growth of the Indian economy.

By inviting industries heads to design and suggest the syllabus we will create huge talent pool which will get easily absorbed by the industry before they finish their course. This skill development will be great tool for improving the quality of life and filling up the income in-equality which have been ruling for so many years in India.

Income in-equality has been massive destruction for the society and hence skill development can only narrow down the gaps of the income in-equality. Development of the society and law and order cannot be improvised unless initiatives’ like skill India broadens the Indian human capital. India has huge potential of energy which is in the form of human capital which one needs to exploit towards knowledge driven well educated economy.

Industry heads plays pivotal role behind human capital improvisation and skill India linked up with industry related education can be a game changer for the economy.