Global economy is no doubts is very much in doldrums and it high time for the CEO’s to think over and plan for 2017 in terms of market penetration, exploring new opportunities ,introduction of new products and developing sales and business strategy. But wait I find the current thought of lines are getting changed as most of the focus of the CEO’s are towards geo-political tensions and war fares, declining export market, imposition of business and trade practices and upcoming elections and their outcomes just like Brexit. Cost management is less of a thought and more focus is towards driving the business growth in the snail pace of growth. Cutting down cost and reducing fixed overhead days are over. Technology and virtual business operation have already eliminated the same, we are here to find what problems lies ahead.

Penetration into new markets is always a dream opportunity but the ongoing war tension and threat of blast and reduced the appetite for the same. The basic securities of employees are at stake which also intensifies the labour law related liabilities arising out of the same. Data protection is another big threat and tension for the CEO’s and management across the globe. Business losses arising from the same is hardly bearable.  Companies have failed brilliantly in terms of management of risk and data protection.  Intricate products data leakage have resulted barriers for further new business opportunities.   Political elections have always being an threat for business as new industries gets created and old industries comes to an dead end. But current political threat creates massive changeover of business as well as of cash flow generation across the industry. The current and also the long term business planning are under intense threat which also triggers the thought line of changing place of operation but huge inflow into existing business is a great burden in terms of pulling out.

Banks have become stringent and inflow of capital for business growth is now under intense pressure as banks are simply refusing. Procurement of capital has become expensive and particularly cumbersome for the SME segment. Terrorist attacks have become a nightmare for smooth functioning of an organization. Employees are scared and insurance burden is just paddling the wheel cumulative growth. Brexit and Syrian refugee have both been a prominent problem for the companies has social imbalances gets into the system.
Climate change and rules regarding the same have become more expensive proposition for business planning as huge investments needs to be executed over  a period of time to reduce carbon emission. This is a quite herculean task based upon the current economic problems and financial crisis. Whether the business revenues climb or not one has to invest in reducing carbon emission.  This is a going to be a big problem as many companies might have to cut down on various areas of growth investments into the just abiding the rules and regulations of climate change.

CEO’s are finding tough time to find growth driven markets as everyone is conscious about savings rather than spending. This has lead to an extensive data mining and data related product designing but what I find is that beyond product designing its more towards how consumers will behave when they economy is in cautious mode. Yes this is key factor which is hard to derive, but the key to growth and survival. Upcoming days for the markets are tough and it reduces the strengthen and courage of making any bold action in these times of global economic slowdown.