If this matter have happened in Jadavpur University then should have been in lime light. Educational system has taken set back now in many states. West Bengal used to be one of the land of genius which is still their but the glory and shine has disappeared from the same. Yesterday it was quite shocking to witness that how students behaved towards the Calcutta University Vice-Chancellor Sugata Marjit who was pushed and shoved during an agitation by the students of the Vivekananda Women's College in the southern part of the city. Their demand was that as they have failed to qualify is their test exams they should still be allowed to sit for the 1st year exams. This is the result of removing the pas fail mechanisms in the education field. Don’t you think that we are becoming less competitive in the global world since the next couple generations will face he problem.  Forget about pass and fail just think the level of arrogance they have towards the seniors of the education system.  They have failed to qualify their test and that why they are not allowed to sit for exam. They are demanding that despite of pass or fail we should be allowed.  Now these places where you need to draw the correlation of the beginning of the pain of the pas fail abolition.  The problem is not with West Bengal alone, its present in every state.  

The UPA 1 & 2 removed the same and result is that students who were taught to become competitive have lost the grip of the same from lower levels. Indian education system promotes private tuition as schools are more focused towards syllabus and extra curriculum activities. State board exams are the worst since we have witnessed very clearly those way students get Phd in Plagiarism. This has become an open architecture and state governments in many places have failed to improvise on this area. This is also one of the key reasons behind generation of low skilled and unskilled manpower since education has been taken on a lighter note in their life. We always gets highlighted that proper education is big thing which reduces the GDP growth of a country. Well improper and reluctantly among students also pushes the GDP growth down only.

Now coming to West Bengal if these students were beaten and moved away by the police then should this matter have been treated at par with the incident of Jadavpur University of 2014. Are you ashamed or are you happy about the transformation of the society into a agitated island. Are you happy with this incident and you demand this type of protest to be increased more so that education system becomes island of activist.  The irony of life is that what you have taught them to behave with these senior people they are going to repeat the same in coming years at home too. We don’t find agitation of lack of research scope in education system. We don’t find agitation for getting more poor family children to be included in education system. We don’t find many things. We all know Jadavpur university matter was not perfect but was the yesterday incident was perfect.