Development of India is not possible unless individual states come over form the traditional thought process of politics and focuses on state development. If India dream to achieve 10% GDP growth then individual states needs to be part of the same. Well today I will be discussing about the opportunities of Infrastructure developments in India.We focus on overseas migration of Indians for search of quality job, education and better life style. But did we ever focus on migration of interstate within India which reflects the story of poor state developments in India. Quality of Education, Better job prospects and healthy living style has created stupendous migration of people within states.

The below chart depicts the picture of interstate migration of people. Now an argument might open up that rural people have shifted to Urban which has leaded this increase. Well that migration is also included within states.

This shift clearly states that growth of population in individual states reflects the slow growth and poor development of other states. The states were highest migration has happened has been due to better job prospects, efficient infrastructure development and efficient business process which has pushed people to get into these states.   The data itself speaks that Southern part of India’s development in terms of IT and Manufacturing and services has spooked the growth. States where we find good numbers of migration reflects the business opportunities were also very supportive as compared to their states. The best examples are Bangalore, Hyderabad and Surat-the land of Diamond Merchants.

This data gives immense opportunity for those states where migrations are low to grow and develop. Further we must understand that overcrowded position of the high migration states are facing stupendous problem for infrastructure shortages. Mumbai is one of them where daily commuters on Train are more than 70 lakh people travel each day in train. So just imagine the pressure it has to take on the infrastructure. This itself gives birth to the opportunity on both sides of the Indian economy where infrastructure development is required is where migration is high and where migration is low.
We are not running a balanced economy and that’s why economic growth is volatile in an any economic situation. We cannot blame the central government for every failure of infrastructure development. If we take the case of Kolkata we find that East –West Metro is still pending despite of starting the project in the last 5 years. There will be reasons but we need to overcome the same. Migration of inter-states is a serious matter which reflects the false promises of the state political candidates/ministers. High migration is further pushing down the education level, job quality and entrepreneurship infrastructure in the weak states as demand is coming down.

There are several questions in mind about how to resolve and get a balanced growth. Well I leave the answere to my readers to think.